MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — William Cameron, expected to be among of the top running back prospects in North Carolina next season, became the third commitment for West Virginia’s 2015 recruiting class on Monday.

The 5-foot-10, 175-pound junior at Southern Durham (N.C.) High School has been recruited by WVU running backs coach JaJuan Seider and wide receivers coach Lonnie Galloway. Teams such as Florida State, Missouri, Tennessee and Arizona have expressed interest in Cameron.

“Cameron is an explosive athlete who has plenty of speed and wiggle,” said Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of “He’s a guy that could play a number of positions but you will most likely see him at either running back or inside wide receiver when he arrives on campus.”

West Virginia previously received commitments from Miami-Jackson receiver Jovon Durante and Morgantown tight end Stone Wolfley for the 2015 class.

“This is a great start for the Mountaineers, with three players who all figure to be highly recruited,” Cummings said. “It’s always difficult to ensure that any school can hold onto pledges more than a year away from signing day, but having them on the commitment list is much better than the alternative.

“I don’t think it’s an issue of West Virginia pushing for (early) commitments, but more just the situations have fallen in favor of the Mountaineers, who will have more scholarships to play with in the class of 2015.”

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  • 1olewvufan

    I look for either William Crest or Skyler Howard to be the Starting QB for WVU in 2013. Crest is a 4-Star QB and a high school Sr, and Howard is a JUCO QB who was and is supposed to be very talented. I seriously doubt if Millard, Childres or Trickett will see much playing time at QB 2014. Also, WVU currently has 6 OL recruits and is currently looking for number 7 for 2014. In 2014, we can look to see a new OL, with no more Eger, Spain, Feigt, and Kinder. I look to see Underwood, Orlosky, Pankey, and others on the Starting OL.

    On Defense look to see Darrien Howard to become the new Star whether it is at DL or LB.

    In 2014, I look for Holgorsen to finally keep his promise and we will see Cody Clay with many more touches of the ball, and this will happen primarly due to the emergence of Elijah Wellman. Holgorsen will use more TE play in 2014.

    Also expect changes at Corner Back.

    • Mitch

      Spain is a Jr. and will be back next year.

  • Allan

    I can't get too excited over running backs and receivers when we don't even have a QB or a offensive line to support them.

  • WVWho

    Yo A.T., why did you pull my HUDL vid of this kid from my comment? I'm just helping your article out!

  • tw eagle

    because of tavon austins success at WVU , the Mountaineers should have an edge
    recruiting these smallish tweener guys . . .
    they all dream of the pros , and will go where
    they think they have the best opportunity
    to show their talents . . .everyone needs
    dreams (goals) , not everyone has the
    ability or the fortitude to work to achieve
    these goals . . .
    if you are coming to WVU , it is with the
    acceptance and purpose to become a Mountaineer , not just a footballer transitioning from high school to the pros . . .

  • Truthteller

    Glad to hear that not all students are about brand name schools. If all you do is sit on the bench at
    that name brand school then your athletic talent is
    going to waste. Welcome aboard!!!

  • jwg66

    Owen Schmitt did not have alot of offers.... Maryland wouldn't even allow him to walk on... There are alot of players that contribute or even excel at the college level that don' have alot of stars/offers. If the coaches think they can play, I'm ok with it.

  • WVU82MD

    Jason....the education that UNC offers....really. My son went to grad school there....he equated the difference between UNC and WVU this way. At WVU the hung over girls go to class in sweat UNC they go in wrinkled sun dresses. Obviously you've not attended either.

    • Jay

      I attended both, and I work in academia. UNC obviously has the better academic reputation, and some of its programs far outshine WVU's. However, WVU has UNC outranked in other areas. My experiences were similar at both schools. For the record, I saw hungover GRAD SCHOOL girls in sweatpants at UNC. The difference in academic quality is there, but let's not make it out to be Harvard versus a third rate community college. The better academic institution (and the one with more money) is certainly UNC, but WVU students can be and do anything they want by taking advantage of their opportunities in Morgantown.

      • zipper

        I lived in WV all my life until 5 years ago and graduated from WVU and currrently work in the medical field at UNC. Coeds at UNC do not wear sun dresses to class and football players do not go to class but major in African Studies. The women at WVU and MU are prettier than the women at UNC.

      • tw eagle

        UNC should have its academic accreditation REVOKED ! all its graduates from 1988 on should have their degrees rescinded and put under review till the they have been audited
        to see if any of their credits have been
        awarded in the bogus African American
        studies program . . .for allowing this program to exist so long , the Board of Regents and all the Presidents of the institution had to have knowledge of its
        lack of true academic purpose in its entirety . . .BURN UNC DOWN TO THE GROUND . . .

        • Jay

          Kind of like the athletic coaching major at WVU?!? I'm a WVU alumnus and as big of a WVU fan as you'll find, but that major is pure BS and everyone knows it. Be careful casting stones in glass houses.

  • Mister Man

    Welcome aboard young man.

  • GoEers

    Nice Pickup! Congrats to the coaching staff for being proactive on this prospect.

  • eersfan5

    Switzer's stats are far better than that. 4 punt returns for td's and had 2 td receptions this past Saturday along with a punt return for a td. We let this one slip away too easy.

    • Doug

      UNC.........A basketball school right?

    • rtdeco

      who gives a whoop about his stats...he's not at wvu and he wasn't a mentioned in the brought him up...if you have a man crush on him..this may not be the forum....try to to stay on point if possible.

  • WVcoal

    Too funny -- we send our best HS prospect last year -- Ryan Switzer-- to UNC where he has become a star. What are the odds of this NC kid becoming as big a hit at WVU as Switzer has been at UNC?

    • RCS

      Please look at the teams in which switzer got his stats against. Pitt and a D2 school, before those two games he had 1 Rec TD and 1 PR TD.
      Shorts at WVU is the better WR. Even the UNC coach said that Switzer was ok as a WR but his true skill is a Punt Ret.
      He will get better I don't doubt that, but don't act like WVU coaches were so horrible for not kiss this kids butt...
      Shorts is a better WR and will get even better.

    • Chuck Farley

      WVU is fortunate that kids from other states will leave their states in order to come to WVU and Marshall thus we should not be hypocrites, right?

    • Kevin F.

      I don't think WVU "sent" anyone anywhere. The kid had an offer from WVU but went to UNC. It's not like we could have twisted his arm and made him choose WVU. You make it sound like we had a choice.........

      • Eddie

        I'll tell you the FACTS.

        Ryan wanted to go to WVU and always has. Dana didn't recruit Ryan until very late beause Dana didn't want him. Dana was forced in to recruiting him due to in state pressure. Even then, the recruiting was half-a@@ed. Ryan didn't feel he would get a fair shake at WVU.

        Now, you can argue all you want that he could have gone to WVU anyway and the creme would rise to the top. But you have schools EXTREMELY interested in you and one that acts like it doesn't want you and isn't sincere in it's recruiting.

        Which one are YOU going to. Which one are YOU going to advise YOUR SON to go play for?

        Don't blame Ryan. The ENTIRE blame lies with Dana.

    • Stan

      I looked up Switzer's stats at UNC and it looks like he has about 250 total yards for the entire season so far. That's not exactly what I would consider star stats, I hope Cameron is more productive than that.

      • Wirerowe

        Ryan switzer has caught 24 passes for 265 yards and 3 tds. He has thrown one pass for 57 yards and a touchdown. He has returned 20 punts for 440 yards and 4 tds. Plus he had a punt return td against Virginia tech called back because of a penalty. As a freshman he owns the school game and season record for punt return tds.

        • Stan

          Yeah, I missed those punt return stats. Those are pretty impressive. I admit I was wrong. Somebody could say that those stats were earned against lesser competition then B12 competition, but I won't say that. It's still impressive regardless of the competition.

          • Jason

            Only people who would say that would be people ignorant of college football or biased. Look at the rankings, there isn't much difference between the ACC and the Big XII right now. Theoretically, if he were playing for, let's say, a SEC team, then he would also have SEC caliber blockers blocking for him, so it is all relative. The kid can play. If he keeps progressing at this rate and stats healthy, he may get a shot to play on Sundays. Or worst case scenario, he gets a free UNC degree.

      • Jason

        I think the education UNC offers had an influence. He has made some big plays as a freshman.

        • Greg

          I think the NCAA might disagree with you about that UNC-Chapel Hill education. UNC-Chapel Hill just went through the biggest academic scandal in the history of collegiate athletics. Student athletes at UNC-Pembroke probably get a better education than their counterparts at that other more well known branch of the UNC system.

          However, I tailgate at the Panthers games with some Tar Hole, I mean Tar Heel, season ticket holders and they really enjoy watching him play. Glad to see he's having some success. Folks were also complimenting Pierra Henry on Charlotte sports radio today for his good play at UNC-Charlotte. Especially with his play in their upset of Michigan yesterday. Not to add fuel to the fire but there really are some good players in WV.

  • Red Dwarf

    I lived in that area for many years. Those Durham kids are tough kids.

  • squad

    I looked him up on rivals..he's 5' 10"

  • pghmountaineer

    Is he really 5ft. tall?

    • WVWho

      5'10" and WVU is the only "official" offer according to rivals.

      • PB and J

        I wonder why those "interest" schools never made an offer??

        • stevewvu

          why do you care P B and always make negative comments about WVU....why don't you go post on articles of whatever team you like because it certainly isn't WVU

          • PB and J

            Read again. I posted a legit question, not a negative comment. After 28 years of being a WVU fan, I've earned that right to post negative comments on a sub-par team .....Sir

            Maybe Big Larry was right all along.....

        • AKrumpRivals

          It's very early in his recruiting cycle and some of the bigger schools are going hard after the highly ranked prospects that had great sophomore seasons and summer camps. Your just now seeing kids get offers based off their junior season and someone like Cameron will get lots of attention, especially if/when he starts to hit the camp circuit this late winter.

          • Jasper

            Yep. Then he will de-commit.

        • Charles

          Because he is just a jr!!!!!!

        • Patrick

          Because it's very early