Last week following the loss to Kansas, a season low for the Mountaineers, I wrote that the program was regressing, not rebuilding.  It’s evident from the comments on talk shows and websites that many Mountaineer fans feel the same way, and some are even calling for Coach Dana Holgorsen to be fired.

That’s rash. Holgorsen may indeed be at a low point, and he may be incapable of fulfilling the substantial expectations created when Athletic Director Oliver Luck hired him, but we don’t know yet.

He should, in fact he must, be given more time.

Holgorsen was hired under the confounding circumstance of head-coach-in-waiting, an ill-conceived concept that led to Bill Stewart’s firing and Holgorsen being thrust into the top spot a year earlier than expected.

2011 turned out to be Holgorsen’s best season so far, including the historic Orange Bowl win over Clemson, but he still did not have the time or freedom to hire his own staff or adjust to his first head coaching job.

Whether it’s coaching, recruiting or a combination of circumstances, the WVU football program has been hurt by attrition.

According to Greg Hunter of the Blue and Gold News, of the 97 players signed in the 2009-2012 recruiting classes, only 47 are still on the team.  Eight players from the 2009 class—including Geno Smith, Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey—have graduated, but the number still explains why WVU has a dearth of depth and talent.

Hunter reports that, while it’s still early, the 2013 recruiting class looks more promising; 25 of the 26 players signed are still with the program.

Holgorsen has also been hurt by coaching attrition.  Five of the nine assistant coaches currently with the team are new this season (although Lonnie Galloway, Tony Gibson and Ja’Juan Seider are all on their second stint at WVU).

Only Shannon Dawson has been with Holgorsen at WVU since the beginning, and he’s at a different position.  He started as wide receivers coach and now is the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach. The offensive line has had three different coaches in four seasons.

Holgorsen believes, at least he hopes, that the staff has finally settled in for awhile.

These days, schools are much quicker to dump coaches.  UConn fired Paul Pasqualoni after 2 1/3 seasons.  Skip Holtz was let go at South Florida after three years.  Jon Embree got just two seasons at Colorado. USC gave Lane Kiffin 3 1/2 seasons.

Those may have been justifiable fires, but schools that pull the trigger too quickly run the risk of starting a revolving door of coaches. Schools like Tennessee and Pitt have yet to recover from a series of hiring mistakes.

And there is the financial reason for keeping Holgorsen.  It’s unfathomable that WVU would sign such a one-sided deal that requires the University to pay the entire amount remaining on the contract if he’s fired.  Today, that’s $11.3 million; it’ll be $8.6 million after next year.

But that’s the deal. Let’s just call it an “investment.’’  Like most investments, you don’t want to dump the stock when it’s tanking unless you absolutely have to.   Given more time, Holgorsen may end up paying dividends.

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  • DWM

    It would be stupid to fire Holgerson now. The fact is this is his first head coaching stint and we don't know if he can do the job yet. I think he should have at a minimum two years to prove his worth.

    The team is young and more talent has graduated in the last three years than I can remember in decades. All you've got to do is turn on the tv on Sundays to see the truth in that.

    Given that the smartest man in the room hired him and the smartest man in the room is still here, Holgerson isn't going anywhere.

    • Youngandsuccessful

      Here is what you old farts are missing, DH isn't the hottest thing on the block anymore. The recruits that these coaches are going after are young, they want flash and more importantly they come from the instant gratification generation (What have you done for me lately?). There was a time when the best quarterbacks in the class wanted to be part of the Leach, Holgs, etc offense. With those QBs came the best WR because that's where the stats are. Now, thanks in part to Manziel, those quarterbacks want to go to A&M or Texas Tech under Manziel's old QB coach Kliff Kingsbury. They are part of the same coaching tree but DH has been passed by. Mark my words, the order in the Big XII will be OU, Texas, Texas Tech OR Texas, OU, Texas Tech with WVU stuck middle of the pack with KSU and OSU. Sadly, this is not what WVU's administration, fellow donors, or anyone at the university expects. WVU is a school and a program on the rise, this should be reflected in our standing with the conference.

      Now, unless William Crest comes in as a four year top level quarterback (Its Possible) ... WVU really isn't any better than a 6-6 or 7-6 team next year. Everyone talks about waiting this magical "one more year," and that is fine, but all of our apples are in the William Crest basket.

      Additionally, everyone talks about the large buyout. You have to realize that lost revenue on another terrible year is almost as much. Without any major changes to the program over this offseason, I can tell you already that season ticket sales and donations are going to be pulling teeth, especially after the large hike in donation levels and ticket prices. With the increase in cost comes higher expectations. Perhaps nothing is more telling of this than the trouble the MAC is having raising a measly $5 million dollars for new meeting rooms. WVU has donors that wipe their A-- with that kind of money in the morning.

      The only bright spot in all of this is that all it takes is one to make Holgs relevant again. One star quarterback, one Heisman contender, one great season, one whatever but the odds are stacked against him and sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get from zero to one.

      • Woody

        I can not disagree with much of your post - except that Texas Tech will not be a fixture at 3rd in the Big 12. Kingsbury will not be there long is he is a really good coach. The B12 will be OU/Tex, Followed by OSU, TT, WVU and KSU as long as Snyder is coach. That is exactly what I expected when we joined the conference.

    • Phfloydispink

      If you are referring to Oliver Luck as the smartest man in the room, remember it was his "good judgement" to hire Holgorsen in the first place and also his "good judgement" to give him an extension and that $11 million sweet deal.

  • thornton

    So, how does one clearly separate opinions expressed on talk shows and websites into the categories that would provide value in finding an honest consensus re the present coach...or football team?

    There would be the comments of the true fans of the university's sports; the Marshall folks ever hopeful to step up by stepping on whatever is opportune at the moment; the folks still angered over the leaving of Coach Stewart; the holdouts imagining that there did exist some character within RichRod...somewhere; the subtle shades of comments going both ways and influenced by Tier 3 rights conflicts; and, probably a few other groups seeking to share the voice that the modern day backseat coaching easily provides.

    At this time of Thanksgiving, rather than whine and kick at a can well dented on the road, why not be thankful for the spirit that allows WVU football to, at it's heart, be something of pride. Perhaps, heart from the coaches to players to fans is what has been missing in the high expectations and low realizations...perhaps heart needs to be more than just an assumption on the road ahead.

  • Harpers Ferry

    2010: "Bill Stewart has been given 3 years and done nothing! We ONLY won 9 games this year! He MUST be fired because our program is falling off a cliff!"

    2013: "Yeah, yeah, so we lost to Kansas. Who cares? It's okay that we can't even win 6 games to go to a terrible bowl. Next year will be better. 3 years is not enough time! We MUST give Holgerson more time and more MONEY!

    • farm kid

      stewart lost three QB'S tri Johnson, barry brunette, tajh boyd saw his offence and said see ya. took a wide out with him. stewart left the pantry empty. this is the first year D H can red shirt players. once the red shirt conveying machine kicks in along with great recruiting the victories and good bowl games will happen. take a page from the steelers it took about six years for nole then the super bowls happened. D H is recruiting jucos and red shirting them that is three years of college football under their belt. I would enjoy playing a 21 year old than a 18 year old out high school.

    • wacodude

      You will be paying more money whether you give him more time or not. It's that simple.

    • Lulu

      Nine wins in the Big East....really? Quit comparing apples and oranges...And let's not forget Bill Stewart was fifth in the Big East in recruiting his last year...Tavon stated that he came here because of Steve Slaton, not Bill Stewart.

      • Guardian

        Then you ought to talk to Tavon. Who sat in his living room and reminded him of Slaton? Who so impressed Tavon and his folks that he chose WVU?

        Before you assume something, talk Tavon himself - I did.

        • Lulu

          And I'm sure he said. "I can't wait to play in Billy's offense!!!"

          • susanf1218

            How about you stop ass-uming you know what he said?? Obviously he and his family respected and appreciated the fact that Coach Stewart was a gentleman who cared about his team, both on and off the field. He was a first class coach, something that Holgorsen will never be.

          • Guardian

            No, he and his folks said that man was who he wanted to play for. I know you know what I meant, but you can't concede that Bill Stewart engended that type of feelings among his players. This feedback is straight from Tavon's own mouth - take it for what its worth.

    • ron "from morgantown"

      It sounds like you have an issue with Mr. Luck and your taking it out on Mr. Holgorsen . That doesn't make sense . Why do fans constantly make this mistake when evaluating Mr. Holgorsen ?

      • Phfloydispink

        Seems to me the right thing to do would be to take it out on both Mr. Luck AND Mr. Holgorsen. And while we're on the subject, how about Mr. DeForest?

        • Tired of it

          Deforest will be gone at the end of the season.

    • wildandwonderfulmom

      Good point!! VERY good point.

    • Romulus Augustus

      WVU did win enough games last year to go to a terrible bowl and play a terrible team and judging from that--- It probably best WVU didn't get to go to another terrible bowl and play a terrible team again this year.. Agree?

      • Dean Miller

        Very good point, WVU is luckiest not to be going to a bowl and another loss. Maybe this is best and the Dana disease can be cured before the next bowl selection, winter '14. Maybe, just maybe, the school will learn by mid season next year that Dana has to go, if he can't go this year because of $ that Ollie screwed up and made so high he is stuck with a looser.

        • OKANYDAY

          I agree with your points; and speaking of Holgorsen losing assistant coaches; Jimbo Fisher at FSU replaced 6 assistants this year and his program is number 2 in the nation right now. I don't believe Coach Holgorsen is head coaching material; but time will tell.

          • MarkD95

            FSU has been picked in the preseason top ten for the past four years, yet this is their first year of really good results. It takes time. 12 scholarship seniors on the WVU team this year and not many more Jr's. 60% of the starters now are 1st or 2nd year players. Stewart left WVU with a sinking program. It will take another year or two for Holgerson to turn this around.

  • W in FL

    I'm not a Holgs fan at all, but this firing business is a fool's game. We're a nation of people who've watched a few too many Donald Trump episodes.

    It makes for a good reality show but lousy business.

  • Rick S.

    Hoppy, I have to take exception to your comment about not wanting to dump a stock when it is tanking unless you absolutely have to. When a stock is tanking and no longer appears to have the potential to fulfill its investment objectives, it is wise to sell that stock and buy another one that has more potential -- the key is to properly analyze the underlying fundamentals of the investment and its long-term potential.

    It is often emotionally difficult (pride) to admit that something has not worked out as planned and to take a financial loss, but there is an old, wise saying cautioning about throwing good money after bad. I have found that it is usually better to abandon a sinking ship too early than too late. That is today's investing advice from an accountant and stock market investor.

    • Shadow

      When you sell a stock that is tanking, you do get present value out of it. Who is going to give you 8 mil for Holgorsen on today's market? Hoppy is right, you almost have to wait the time out or WVU is further in debt.

    • susanf1218

      Agree with you. But, unfortunately, Luck is too arrogant and egotistical to admit that he made a mistake. So, we are stuck w/him and w/Holgorsen.

      • J the C

        glad we're not stuck with you, susan. You nothing of football and less of business, both of which Luck knows well.

        • susanf1218

          Well, let's see - I know enough about business to know that if an employee isn't performing up to expectations, then you should take action accordingly, namely FIRING him!! Obviously you don't understand business as well as you think.

  • Romulus Augustus

    I've seen this show before. Amazing how easily the masses are distracted.

  • Jim N Charleston


    Dude, you're out of your element. I know ya got to generate net hits, but leave sports to the experts at metronews. Oh that's right, there aren't any....

    Let a genius namely yours truly give ya the 411.

    WVU isn't playing in a 3rd rate conference anymore. To go Dan Hawkins, "ITS DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL! IT'S THE BIG XII!"

    As I tried to tell ya one time before this Big XII Conference is tougher than a conference with a directional Florida, 4 schools named after dying rust belt cities represented nationally by mayors, & 2 Land Grant Schools where women's basketball is the most successful sport on campus. Ya see instead of a RI based basketball first and football is promoted like it's the plague, this is a REAL CONFERENCE. Don't ya get that?

    Ya see TX & OK play for keeps and T Boone Pickens State is pretty good too. Add in Bill Snyder State and you get the guy who is the king of doing more with less. Hes a HOFer if there ever was one. Baylor is the surprise team which tells me Art Bryles is really good. Oh and then ya got TX Tech as the next step down.

    Now if ya still haven't figured it out, and I'm betting ya haven't. Ask yourself is Gary Patterson still a questionable hire? I ask cause his and Holgorsen have the same conference record. It could be the competition is a LOT tougher.

    Ya see ya got to bring your A game every week in the Big XII. A little tougher when there is 4 or 5 big games a year as opposed to 1 in the big Least. That takes depth and depth takes time.

    All I need to say
    I'm Jim N a tree stand & it's cold

    • Ron

      Don't you guys get it? Being in the Big 12 has nothing to do with the losses, it's all about talent and coaching. Holgorsen is a horrible play caller. He's an accident waiting to happen. Luck is no Holgorsen 11m guaranteed is absolutely foolish. Also, look at the other so-called "coaches" on this team..........weak, weak and weak! No offense, no a team!!! These outsiders have destroyed our program!!!

      • Mike smith

        Anyone who says that being in the Big 12 has nothing to do with WVU struggles has no clue what they are talking about.

      • wacodude

        No offense. No defense. No talent players.

      • Cardinal

        Amen! Bring in people who are true West Virginia Mountaineers and know to wear the school colors of gold and blue. We need to wear the same style of uniforms that Don Nehlen established in 1980. We need one home uniform and one away uniform. Bring in more players from West Virginia who understand what Mountaineer prided is all about. And finally get us out of the Big 12 and into the ACC with all of our former opponents.

        • farm kid

          I attended a football game in wva. Saturday there was not one player that could play on a class A team in the Pittsburgh area. the best football is AAAA were they dress almost 100 kids.

        • J the C

          Wow Cardinal, your ignorance is appalling! Keep trying to turn back the hands of time and let me know how that works out. The ACC? You're joking, right. If you can come up with a way to compel the ACC to let us join, let us all know, 'cause that would great...but they don't want us. If you're not on something, you should be.

        • Jim

          Yeah, Maybe but there's no overflowing pool of talent spilling from the A, AA, and AAA High Schools of West By God Virginia. Two years ago there was a home grown product, Dustin Brown who set and still holds the state's single year scoring and rushing titles. Never played a single game. The kid's blazing fast but that in itself may not be what it takes to compete at the Division I level. This is just my assumption, because I never played at that level either. Just my two cents worth. There have been more WV kids on the roster lately than in the Don Nehlan and Rich Rod years. But to truly compete in the Big 12 we must have out of state talent. I give DH a pass on his year 1. He had no role in that recruiting class or coaches on board. 2014 will be year 3. This is HIS child now. Built from the bottom up. It's now or never (2014). I like what DH brings to the table, but there hasn't been any depth for a while. Two second stringers and a rookie for QB? I hope after this season Paul and Clint come into their own. Both have shown promise, but no consistency. That last part goes out to the whole team.

    • AlternFan


    • AlternFan

      Holgerson reminds me of the great Kenny Powers, likes to party and relies on his god given talent. Some people just dont have it...

    • JL

      You are out of your element. Get out of the tree and get your nose up Ollie's --- where it belongs.

    • timbo g

      You belong in a tree alright; with a tail swinging tree to tree. Why be offensive to someone who gives you a forum? I also bet "Ya" really speak this way. Don't give up your day job; McDonalds will miss you dearly.

  • TD

    Have to give him two more years, unless next year is a complete disaster. If we had stopped Texas on the 4th and 9 with 30 seconds to go the feeling about this year would be completely different.

    Highlight of this year for me, Kansas's running back named Bourbon. Tony Caridi's call, "the hand off is to bourbon and bourbon goes down smoothly". That was terrific.

    • ron "from morgantown"

      Wild Turkey proves that call to be correct , I didn't hear him say that , but that's awesome .

  • Toolman

    So Ms. Susanf, you must have some coaching experience. And in what sport was that? So you think Stew had something to do with that? Wow! If I remember the game was actually coached by most of Rich's assistants. Then the downfall began. I was at the bowl in Orlando when NC State kicked our butts. Oh you probably don't remember that one. I am sorry to have to be that one to point out to you that our lack of experienced players is directly on the shoulders of your man Stew and his lack of recruiting ability. Don't get me wrong, Stew was a good Papaw, but was out of his league when it came to coaching D1 football. And if you remember it was he who was trying to dig up any and all dirt on Dana to save his job. We are lucky to have Dana. If we are patient we just might be able to keep him around long enough to turn the program around. I for one am willing to do that. And I will be in my seats Saturday cheering on my team.

    • susanf1218

      Let's be patient, you say - it sure is funny how impatient people were w/Coach Stewart - 3 years of respectable records and it wasn't good enough. Now, we have 3 years of less than mediocre, in fact downright awful records, and you people want to make excuses to keep Holgorsen?? I can't stand the hypocrisy and double standards! As for Coach Stewart "digging up dirt", No, he was legitimately concerned about the shenanigans that were going on and he was trying to do what he could to save the program that he dearly loved from the disaster it has become. You are nuts if you really think WVU is "lucky" to have Holgorsen!

      • Jeremy78

        Susan... I'm not knocking Bill Stewart. He brought a handful of players in during his tenure. Most of those players didn't start putting up amazing numbers until Dana took over the reigns. Outside of that handful of talent... talent that Holgerson molded into 1st round, NFL material... Stewart left the cupboard bare. 5th in the Big East in recruiting his last year?

        Here's what you need to understand... what type of success do you think Stewart (god rest his soul, I'll always love the man) would be having in the Big 12? I'm glad we got out of the Big Least, but I've said this to everyone since we first found out about the switch.... "The jump from the Big East to the Big 12 is a tremendous one - it's not going to be an overnight domination of that conference - it's going to take time." It's going to take time to get the talent level up to where we can consistently compete in the Big 12... and that would be for any new coach working with our roster.

      • Lulu

        Yeah, that's why he went to the Pittsburgh media, right? 'Nough said!

      • Fentanyl Bomb

        Breaking News: Monongalia County

        Prosecuting Attorney Marcia L. Ashdown has decided against Manslaughter charges against Oliver Luck in the death of William Stewart.

        Latest word is that she could not pursue "broken heart" as a cause of death.

        More details as they arise.

        • DW

          Not funny F- bomb

    • AlternFan

      Here is what to expect, deep ball, deep ball, deep ball, goes for it on 4th down but Millard over throws White on a deep ball... Same story, same outcome.

  • CaptainQ

    Hoppy, a quote that ESPN's Colin Cowherd often uses on his national radio program is appropriate here, "FAN is short for FANATIC." Lets face it, WVU fans are like fans from most other FBS schools in that they want their football teams to WIN. During Coach Dana's first year at the helm when the Mountaineers went 9-3 and blasted Clemson in the Sugar Bowl, fan expectations went sky high. Add to that AD Oliver Luck's statements about WVU competing for the National Championship and it all has led down to road to this current era of disappointment.

    Reality has set in. The Big 12 is not as easy to dominate as the old Big East. The challenges of recruiting higher quality players for a higher quality conference are quite real. Fans being fans want to immediately cast blame on someone for this losing season, two of the easiest targets are the Head Coach and the Athletic Director. But even if both of these individuals were terminated immediately, that wouldn't instantly solve the problem. Coaches coach, administrators administrate, but it's the student athletes who put on the gear and play the game on the gridiron. That's where the hulk of the current team's problems are. Finding quality recruits who want to come to Morgantown should be the key concern. If Coach Dana can't entice them to come, then perhaps someone else needs to be brought in for that purpose.

    One more thing to consider. Two years ago, even with a top flight QB (Geno Smith) with two NFL quality pass catchers, the Mountaineers could only manage a 7-6 record. It's fairly obvious that it'll take even MORE of that level of talent to win in the Big 12. The big question the heirarchy of the WVU football program needs to answer quickly is, where do you find and retain that higher level of player talent?

    • GregG

      I do agree Captain that recruiting is to some degree the issue at WVU. But recruiting is an issue we have had (and will continue to have) at WVU since before my time. I personally feel that a good program accepts the recruiting issue and shifts their focus on coaching the kids that do come to WVU. I understand we are not going to be in the top 5 year in year out, but Nehlen sure did a dang good job of turning BS into ice cream on more than one occasion. And he did it without $7.00 beer, multi-million dollar TV/Radio contracts and a salary less than what Holgorsen's assistants are paid. Granted we are not in the Big East anymore, but regardless of the conference we need to accept the fact that we are not, nor ever will be, an Alabama, Florida State or Auburn. So we best focus on getting a coach that has the ability to take what we get and coach them to the best of their ability. Is Holgorsen the man? I don't see it. But I could be wrong. Maybe Holgorsen and Luck can buy the entire city of Morgantown and keep building until we are #1 in recruiting and playing for a national championship every year. But until I see it, I'll stand firm on my belief that money isn't going to buy WVU a national championship. Actually, I think Luck's all about the $$ management philosophy will be our downfall. His greed has blinded him to the fact that West Virginia ISN'T TEXAS. Where we have a few millionaires to help support WVU, Texas has an abundance of billionaires to support several programs.

      • wacodude

        They don't sell beer at Floyd Casey Stadium. Home of the Baylor Bears. LOL.

      • Richard

        GregG, you are the man! You have just reinforced what I have been preaching for years.

        • Harvey Broderen

          Indeed, your definition the issues is most excellent.

      • wirerowe

        Greg excellent points about our limited ability to recruit and that any coach has to deal with that and make the best of it

  • Wirerowe

    Hoppy even without the buyout I would give coach Holgorsen another year. I think that there is reasonable doubt about whether he can be a consistent winning head coach at this level. But still he gets another year to see if this year was,an aberration or a trend. My biggest concerns are his ability to recruit, manage the entire program and get his kids to play with enthusiasm week in and week out.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    Coach Holgorsen stated on his weekly radio show last week ( on that other network) that when he arrived three years ago he had 65 players on scholarship .In other words -it would be like the NCAA penalizing WVU with a 20 scholarship reduction for the 2011 season . That is what Coach H faced to start his head coaching career . Yes , three of those on scholarship just happened to be named Smith , Austin and Bailey and that certainly helped. But as time went on it was obvious we were top heavy on talent . However things are beginning to stabilize and get better . As stated in the editorial 25 of 26 signers from a year ago remain committed to the program and more importantly 15 of them have been red shirted ( something that was impossible to do three years ago ) . So progress can be seen but it isn't on the field so fans get antsy to make a change . I find it humorous that the "fire Holgorsen " crowd blames him for the Pinstripe but won't credit him for the Orange . Or they remember Kansas while conveniently forgetting about Oklahoma State.

    • susanf1218

      Do you also find it "humorous" that Coach Stewart wasn't given credit for the bowl win after Rich Rodriguez left?? Seems pretty hypocritical to me how the Holgerson crowd keeps coming up with one excuse after another for not showing him the door when they had little tolerance for Coach Stewart's coaching performance. What's fair is fair - let's get another "coach in waiting", shall we?

      • wacodude

        Who? I have yet to see one reasonable recommendation for a coach to replace Dana. Who?

        • susanf1218

          Anyone else! I will never forget or forgive what they did to Coach Stewart. The only way to erase this black mark on WVU football is to clean house and start over w/a new coach and preferably a new AD.

      • Doug

        Stewart was the HC in that bowl game. But the play calling came from Calvin MgGee who came back to coach that game. Every knows that. MgGee is the brains behind Rodriguez. Stewart was a great man. But he was not a head coach.

        • Lulu

          Yep! I remember him saying he didn't even go to coaches meetings! And according to an insider, Stewart begged Rich to take him to Michigan.....So much for being a "true-blue" Mountaineer!

        • GregG

          In my opinion being a head coach would be a very hard job. I too thought that Coach Stew may have been a little soft in some areas, but all in all I think his character was a great asset to the program. He came off as a gentleman that cared about the sport, the players, the parents and the fans and that is something that is lacking today. Sure I may have cussed every time I watched Coach Stew pat a ref on the back and smile after a bad call against us, but that was Coach Stew. Maybe, just maybe if Luck would have left things alone, Coach Stew could have taught Holgorsen a thing or two that may have helped his transition into the role of head coach. Who knows, with Holgorsen's supposed offensive genius and Stew's people/player skills we might have been something great. But we shall never know. One thing I do know is.........$$ Man Luck so far has not impressed me.

        • susanf1218

          Well, then I guess we shouldn't give Holgerson any credit for the win over Clemson, then should we? Using your rationale, it must have been due to the others behind the scenes who called the plays, etc. You people just can't stand to give Coach Stewart ANY credit, can you? Again, I reiterate - hold them to the same standard - if Coach Stewart's record wasn't "good enough", then why is Holgerson's? And don't give me that same old tired line of "we're playing in the big leagues now" - it is a lame excuse, along w/all the rest.

          • Wayne M

            Susan - Are you Stewart's cousin or sister? Bill Stewart was a nice guy, but a Div I Football coach. I don't think so!!

          • Concerned

            Angry much? Geez. Just football. It's life. Not everything is fair. Wasn't a fan of Stews, and not a fan of Holgs either. But unless you've got 11 million to spare, I'd say he's going to be here.

        • Jrizzle

          Curious as to your thoughts:

          Is Dana a great man? Is Dana a head coach?

    • The bookman

      Right on Ron!!! Patience patience patience...same fickle group on Huggs last year, now singing his praises, waiting to lose a game against a quality opponent in a few weeks, will call for his ouster again! We are blessed to have talented minds at the top of our sports programs in general, and Luck is largely responsible for that...Goooo Eeeeerrrrrs!

  • leroy j gibbs

    Hope he learns from his mistakes.

    • MoMoney

      If that were the case, Holgorsen would be the Albert Einstein of college football.

  • Levelheaded

    I'm with you Hoppy. He's still young and we know he knows the game.

    • susanf1218

      This is the newest excuse - "he's young". Oh, please! And I see very little evidence that he "knows the game". He looks perpetually perplexed on the sidelines - that is, when he isn't scowling or screaming, tearing his hair out, or thowing his headphones. He's a REAL class act!

      • Hoosier_Mountaineer

        Susanf1218 please elaborate how Holgerson doesn't "know the game." I'd also like you to explain this in light of every other offense he's coached (OSU, TT, Houston, etc.). Please use stats and concrete examples proving your point.

        • susanf1218

          Funny how he hasn't stuck around for very long at the other places where he was offensive coordinator . . .

        • Rick S.

          susanf, here a few stats for you to provide:

          WVU is currently 75th (out of 123) in the FBS in total offense. WVU is 102nd in total defense.

          According to the Sagarin computer rankings, WVU is currently the 75th best football team in the country, one spot ahead of FCS Towson.

          WVU is currently tied for seventh place in the Big 12 (they are actually eighth after applying tiebreakers), one game ahead of being tied for last. This week's game against Iowa State has huge implications in the battle for the Big 12 basement.

          • susanf1218

            Now THAT's really something to be proud of, isn't it?? I guess those stats really do show Holgorsen's "body of work" and it ain't pretty!!

          • GregG

            Well Hoosier, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we are screwed. And this is coming from a donor and 20+ year season ticket holder. If you think that WVU will ever be able to recruit with the likes of Texas, TT, OU and OSU then you better bury yourself in "stats" because the real world would scare the hell out of you. I myself am more of a reality kind of guy, but since you like #'s, bless us with some. You can start with #'s such as where the % of our recruits come from. Were does the % of say a Florida or Texas schools recruits come from. I myself do not need a pie chart or slide rule to know that a Texas, Alabama or a Florida St. has higher ranked recruits sitting on the bench than WVU can put on the field. Just as I have over the years tried to explain to some of these Marshall fans........Marshall can't recruit with WVU no more than WVU can recruit with Alabama. Crunch all the #'s you want, it's your ink your wasting. We have to have a coach that accepts what we get, works with what we get and focuses on getting the best out of the kids we have. Are we seeing that?

          • Hoosier_Mountaineer

            My original request was to show the ignorance in making a statement that Holgerson doesn't "know the game". Just another typical WVU fair weather fan statement. Holgerson's body of work speaks for itself.

            The problems currently are not coaching, or schemes, or the's recruiting. If he can't fix that, then we can agree he needs to go. To make the claim a D1 football coach doesn't know the game is a little crazy.

        • Jrizzle

          Hoosier, what is this, "around the horn"?

          I notice that you didn't ask for stats and figures from anyone praising Dana. If you disagree with Susan, just say so. And if stats are important to you, use all of them you want.

          Last I checked, there were no rules as to feedback posted and what format is acceptable, or what is required to articulate one's point.

          So, if you disagree as to Susan's point, please, use some stats from this year to articulate that Dana wasn't in over his head. I'll be anxious to hear them......

        • susanf1218

          How about his stupid play calling - in EVERY game this season?? And poor clock management as well.

          • jeepster

            +1 !! especially on the poor clock management !!


    9 and 3!

    • steve

      ok , so lets give him one more year..I hope all of the optimistic fans are right...........I hope Im wrong but give me a reason to believe......