MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — In this season marked by a perpetual quarterback derby, West Virginia’s starter for the final game could remain a mystery until game time.

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Quarterback Clint Trickett suffered a first-quarter concussion against Texas on Nov. 9 , but has been cleared to practice.

Dana Holgorsen said Monday that Clint Trickett has been cleared to practice following a concussion suffered Nov. 9 against Texas. But the coach declined to name a starter for the Mountaineers’ season-ending matchup against Iowa State (2-9, 1-7) on Saturday.

WVU (4-7, 2-6 Big 12) has been eliminated from bowl contention and needs a win over the Cyclones or a loss by Kansas to avoid a last-place finish in the conference.

Trickett was knocked out in the first quarter against Texas and did not dress for West Virginia’s 31-19 loss at Kansas. His replacement, junior Paul Millard—who was benched earlier this season after starting WVU’s first two games—has committed six turnovers in the last seven-plus quarters.

Another option could be redshirt freshman Ford Childress, who hasn’t played since tearing a pectoral muscle during the Sept. 21 loss at Maryland but reportedly resumed throwing drills the past two weeks.

“We’ll see what their mood is, what their mentality is, and how they practice here in the next three, four days,” Holgorsen said.

Because of injuries or spotty performance, WVU’s starting quarterback has been a late-week or gametime revelation seven times this season.

The injury news Monday was nebulous on two veterans hoping to play in Saturday’s “Senior Day” finale. Holgorsen called safety Darwin Cook (groin) and right tackle Curtis Feigt (knee) questionable after both went down in the upset loss at Kansas.

Sophomore linebacker Isaiah Bruce and freshman cornerback Daryl Worley also were listed as questionable for Saturday.

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  • Mountaineer fanatic

    At first I was too upset to say anything here, however, all I am concerned with at the moment is that our team goes out playing hard. You have the ability to blow out Iowa State. Please play your best and win this one. LETS GOOOOOOO

  • Big Brother to Larry

    Considering the depth chart WVU could not have done much better than they did.... When you can barely go one and two deep on the depyh after five games into the season you are in trouble... That is where the problem lies... Need I say much more, makes people cry... Change their name on here to disguise what they say.... WVU don't have a coaching problem it's past recruiting...

  • big tom

    let's face it, we have three qb's but we really don't have one.

  • chad

    Does it really matter who starts at this point

  • Tim C

    Start Ford at QB. Millard is jr and still has issues...he is done. Trickett stays at backup QB....if Ford doesn't progress sufficiently then the new kid Crest will definitely get a chance next year.

  • Born to be mild

    Why is everyone down on Childress? They guy plays 2 games as a RS Freshman and everybody says we don't have a good QB. I have a feeling this guy turns into a good QB. Just really confused on why we don't have any D - 1 QBs, when we've only seen Ford play 2 games. Without an offensive line.

  • Jack

    Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher are the head coaches of Alabama and Florida State ranked 1 and 2 in the nation. Both are natives of West Virginia. It really doesn't matter how much money WVU would be willing to pay them, they would not consider coaching at WVU. The Big 12 has always been one of the premier conferences in the nation and we knew going in the competition was going to be elevated. The coaching staff has to establish themselves by good recruiting and developing depth at every position because injuries are inevitable. Give them another year or two.

  • MoMoney

    Where are all the "real Mountaineer fans" like Shawn, and JaneM, and the likes today with their 9-3 and 8-4 predictions? Things got ugly quick and they bailed just as quickly. They harshly criticized anyone who said that WVU football was going to be down AGAIN this year or criticized Holgorsen.
    Where, o' where are they now??? Licking their butts just to get the taste of this season out of their mouths.

    • big tom

      I have to agree,, some people wouldn't know reality if it hit them square in the face

      and for sure, we won't be any better next yr either...

      until we find us a qb , develop the off line and def. we'll just be pretenders.....

  • david goldsburg

    Ford Childress should be the starter he is the quarterback for the next 3 years and he should be given the job against the cyclones one of the other 2 will have to leave to make room for a freshmen to start learning behind Childress Trickett is happy to be at wvu it is his home and he is happy there and he can be a teacher for the freshman and he will give us a great option at quarterback if Childress goes down we will be very deep at quarterback next year and trickett will guild the ship from the middle

  • MoMoney

    "WVU (4-7, 2-6 Big 12) has been eliminated from bowl contention and needs a win over the Cyclones or a loss by Kansas to avoid a last-place finish in the conference."
    Nothing more need be said. Says it all. Playing for last place. Wow.
    Just as I predicted back in August, 4-8 or 5-7 at best.
    I thought Ollie brought the Idiot Holgorsen in "to win national championships." How is that working out in Morgantown?? The offensive guru cannot even win 6 games. He cannot even recruit a decent QB. Not many want to play for the Idiot. What a farce. What a croque of crap Ollie sold the fans in Holgorsen.
    FIRE HOLGORSEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mauldawg

      your about the biggest isiot on this board. How many college football games have you coached?

      • mauldawg


  • Ducks In A Row

    A solution to the current dire straits (not the band) would be to 1. Ban any mention of the current team, allowing only discussion about the good old days, or 2. Change our way of thinking. Remember, we are always as bad as we think we are, so, let's just start thinking we will be good next year, and perhaps..............................???????????

  • Mister Man

    Go Middle Tenn. State.

  • Mister Man

    Millard was pulled too soon.

  • Low Rider

    "WVU needs a win over the Cyclones or a loss by Kansas to avoid a last place finish in the conference". Wow…that says it all about this season. Hey, but look at the bright side, if we beat Iowa State, we climb to 8th!

    What a forgettable year. I've lived through several down years of WVU football, but nothing quite feels like this one. If the Mountaineers don't turn the corner and win at least 7 games next year…DH is gone.

  • WVU82MD

    Hey "Rock Solid"....since when are student athletes supposed to play for their coaches? They play for their team, their personal pride. Not one of these kids made it to the Division I level, let alone the collegiate level of athletics, playing for their coaches. None of these QB's will play on Sundays. How many schools really have one? Of the top ten college teams maybe two schools have quarterbacks that have even a remote chance of regular time in the NFL. Get with it happens. Pat White was our darling....he is "arm limited" but was a WVU sensation. Pat White, did however, have a high quality supporting cast. This is a thin but growing group of athletes.....we lost 8+ of our two deep defensive players for the season. we have about a dozen or less seniors. Go get a glass of cool aid dude.