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Eron Harris scored 19 points on 7-of-10 shooting as West Virginia defeated Old Dominion 78-60 in the Cancun Challenge.


Eron Harris scored 19 points and West Virginia continued its hot shooting to coast past Old Dominion on Tuesday night in the semifinals of the Cancun Challenge.

The Mountaineers shot 56 percent and built a 25-point second-half lead on their way to a 78-60 victory, setting up a Wednesday night showdown against No. 10 Wisconsin in the tournament championship.

After making 3-of-5 from 3-point range, Harris is now shooting 50 percent this season from deep.

Terry Henderson scored 14 points off the bench and Devin Williams enjoyed a 12-point, 10-rebound double-double as WVU (5-1) won its fourth consecutive game. Point guard Juwan Staten produced another solid outing with 13 points on 5-of-7 shooting, nine assists, three steals and only one turnover.

“Wannie was really good again tonight,” said coach Bob Huggins.

Staten also made his second 3-pointer in two games after going 44 games without one. West Virginia was 8-of-19 from 3-point range while Old Dominion (4-2) made only 5-of-19, including 2-of-8 by Aaron Bacote who finished with 21 points.

The Monarchs shot just 39 percent from the floor overall, though they out-rebounded WVU 35-28.

“Just think what we could do if we could get a defensive rebound,” Huggins said. “We keep giving up a dozen or more, and we’re not going to be able to keep doing that. We can’t keep doing that against good people.”

Old Dominion’s lone lead of the night came at 2-0 in the first minute, before WVU took control to lead 36-24 at the half, with Harris knocking down a 19-foot jumper from the wing shortly before the buzzer.

The Monarchs did themselves no favor by making only 9-of-22 free throws. West Virginia finished 14-of-22 at the line.

Wisconsin defeated Saint Louis 63-57 in Tuesday’s semifinal nightcap.

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  • richard

    rekterx is an idiot. you just want to act like you know what you are saying. you know nothing more than what an idiot would know. you look foolish saying what you do.

    • Barry

      richard, if you have a point then make it. Don't stoop to name calling, which is typical on this site, just because you don't agree with a legitimate point. Holton and Macon (especially Holton) are major concerns and a potential cancer to this program. We have seen it before, so why does making the point make anyone an "idiot".

      • GoEers

        why are you guys so concerned about Macon or Holt? Let me guess, WVU is playing a lot better than what some of you haters thought they would so now you try to find something negative to talk about.

        Typical behavior from haters and trolls.

        • J the C

          Amen, GoEers

    • rekterx

      Thanks for your insight richard.

      By the way ... you live up to your name. Well done.

  • Barrett

    "fixing" it will be a .500 season in the Big 12 and a NIT birth..................They blew a, what, 17 point lead to a Hokie team that lost their exhibition game...........Your either good or your not, there is no young teams in college sports any more. Those freshman for Kentucky, Duke and Kansas don't seem to be asking for a pass this year. Your a good team or not. This team 17 to 19 wins and NIT. It will be alot better season to watch.

    • Grant

      There are VERY few UK, Duke, KU, UNC, etc.. Most good college teams do have experienced players.

      • J the C

        but people like Barret expect us to be them, and if we're not, then Huggs is a loser

  • tw eagle

    st Louis looked and played like a Huggins team . . .if the Mountaineers don't lose their
    composure , forget their offensive scheme ,
    and make this tall Wisconsin team run and hustle , they have a good chance of beating them . . .to keep the perimeter open , you still have to penetrate these tall oaks and work for lay-ins . . .the new "inside rules" should help the Mounties compete against much
    bigger opponents . . .

  • Brandon

    If only we had a full roster with Macon and Holton. Rebounding and post play are our only weaknesses. Hopefully Holton will clear for January and conference play. Devin Williams needs help down low, but the freshman is impressive.
    And just think about next year...we lose NO ONE (except Noreen). Scary!

    • Dave

      Actually WV doesn't lose anyone at all. Kevin Noreen is a Junior.

  • Bill

    Having watched both games at Cancun, I have to like the way we match up against the #10 ranked Badgers. We are quicker than they. Wisconsin is more physical and has a deeper bench of any team we have faced. We have a shot at this game if our perimiter game continues hot. We can't compete inside with them, but look for an upset if WVU makes outside shots.

  • Wirerowe

    From one or two guys who could shoot 3s to 5 or 6 that can shoot 3s is a major improvement. Henderson loses concentration some. I hope they can keep shooting like they have been. If they do they will win a lot of games. What will be interesting to see is how they play when they don't shoot so well.

  • WVcoal

    Things are looking brighter for the men's squad -- the TEAM is improving, it seems, with each victory. It'll be a tough test tonight against Wisconsin. I watched them beat a game St.Louis team last night.
    Tonight's game vs. Wisc. will be televised beginning at 9:30 Eastern.
    Let's Gooooo Mountaineers! Kick some badger butt!

  • Jed

    Hey .... where did that William clown go? He and his alter egos "Big Larry", "Big Tom" = "Insane Clown's Brigade" don't have much vitriol to spew when we are winning, do they?
    Tell us again how Huggs needs to be fired because he wears a sweatsuit.
    I can't help but laugh at all of the bandwagon neophytes that have suddenly "seen the light".
    Told ya'll that "Huggs would fix it".
    So there ya go.

    • Greg

      Jed, "Diapers" WILLIAM and his band of merry numbskulls will be back in full force about midnight tonight if this young team is unfortunate enough to lose to a Top 10 team. So very sad to have to say that.

    • Gunga Din

      Did you know that folks who thump their chest telling the world "I told you so" are not well liked by others. Here's a tip Jed -- if you want to be thought an A-hole keep doing it. Otherwise -- knock it off. Don't bring us all down.

      • Big Larry

        Jed obviously forgot to take his meds this morning...nothing to be alarmed about.

        • Carl White

          What type of meds do giant douche bottles take little larry ?

    • rekterx

      As promising as this team appears to be let's not act like the last two years have not been an embarassment of sorts. Between player attrition, poor play on the court, and a Nike Coaching Clinic fiasco there has been more than enough to complain about.

      Further, you cannot convince me that the complaints haven't reached Bob Huggins' ears and that those complaints, as much as anything else, have motivated the man to get it together.

      There are still some high risk question marks (Macon/Holton) associated with this team.

      So far this team has been a real breath of fresh air after the last three seasons. It's amazing how good guard play (which has not been a hallmark of Huggs' recent teams) is so much fun to watch.

      • GoEers

        Player attrition is due to the fact he let several players determine whether or not they wanted to transfer to other schools as they were not going to get much playing time. It had nothing to do with academics or legal issues. Sometimes recruits don't pan out. It happens at every school. Don't make a big deal out of it.

      • jwg66

        rekterx - agree with most of what you say. But, I think people should get second chances and I think Macon/Holton could be worth the risk. It is when a large portion of the roster is risky that enough of the problems actually manifest themselves. Then the whole team gets pulled down. We won many games with shooters under Beilein. Hope this is where we are heading. It is much more fun to watch. I think we can do pretty good this year and even better next as everyone is returning.

        • rekterx

          These guys may make it and pan out. Or they may not make it and the problem with attrition due to risky recruiting continues.

          This is not hard to figure out.

          I'm sure the press hopes that things turn out well. They've pretty much proven they don't want to wade into the waters of questioning Bob Huggins.

          But if even they don't pan out Huggs appears as if he will have the nucleus of a good team returning next year. If he adds a couple of quality recruits who are eligible to pay who are not headcases then the team would be strengthened even in the absence of Macon and/or Holton.

          The big thing will be Huggs keeping his name away from negative reports and not losing any players from this years team. If he can do that and add a couple of good players to next years' team he will be on the right track.

          I would say there is a more than %50 chance he pulls it off.

          Oh wait .... don't listen to me. I'm an idiot.

          • squad

            dude you would have to be blind not to see the spirit of whats going on-on the court. this is the start of something really special here and I think they are close to getting to where nothing..-incld the mental vampires here.. will stop them. we may not win the b12 this year but this team is gonna make some noise and its going to be this year. next year we will win the big 12. mark it down now and put my name to it in blood red letters...

          • Barry

            rekterx, great comments. I totally agree. I am glad to see a realist and rational thinker comment on this site.

            This team has alot of potential. I hope Huggins can keep it going in the right direction, but I am very concerned about Holton and the influence it will have on this team.

      • Alum

        Paragraph 4 - agree
        Paragraph 3 - and neither have seen the court yet. Risk? At this point, no.
        Paragraphs 1 & 2 - you must have a big rear view mirror in your truck.

  • Big Larry

    It will be interesting to see how well they stack up against stiffer competition.

    The difference between this team and last years team is light years...and they are becoming fun to watch.

    Tonight will tell us a lot.

    • GoEers

      Big larry you are a Harshall fan. Don't start commenting on here like you are some type of fan. You spent an entire year bashing the coach and the players. It's time for you to go away.

    • Carl White

      Very good Larry........See how easy I am to get along with ?

      • The Wisetalker

        And you are who again???

        • Carl White.

          Whats it to you wisegabber ? I'm larrys nightmare son.Unless you are little larry too....hmmmmmm ?

  • JoeG

    Much improved team!

  • Ducks In A Row

    Yep. I think Hugg's has fixed it.

  • Duane from Morgantown

    Man....way less comments when we win!

  • Mike

    Wisconsin will be the test that will tell us how "fixed" the team really is. EERs have potential, just wish they had more board strength. Hoping for a good season and NCAA tourney bid!

    • J the C

      Are you saying we have to beat the number 10 team in the country to support the conclusion that things have been rectified?

  • Dave

    Huggs said he's gonna "fix it". Good start so far.. Good win Mountaineers. Good luck tomorrow night. Bring home the trophy.

  • Grant

    Let's Go Mountaineers!! After last season, this team is very refreshing to watch! They have good ball movement and can actually shoot! They are far from perfect, and they will suffer some head shaking losses this year, but they are much better than last season! The best part? They are very young, and I can see some very good things coming from this group in the next two-three seasons!

    • frank

      Ye Grant should be great next fews years,I kinda like this young team