CHARLESTON, W.Va. — There may be more traffic roundabouts in West Virginia’s future. State Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox recently said engineers are considering the options for two municipalities.

“In the town of Williamstown in Wood County and also in Glenville in Gilmer County,” Mattox said.

Roundabouts have been installed in recent years in Fairmont and earlier this year in Morgantown. They move traffic through a busy intersection without traffic signals.

“Traffic engineers say they function much better, usually, than a four-way stop or a stop light-type situation,” Secretary Mattox said.

Glenville could actually get two roundabouts.

“One maybe there near the entrance to Glenville State College and the other one near the intersection of (routes) 33 and 5,” Mattox said.

DOH engineers would hold community meetings before the plans are finalized.


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  • David

    My first experience with roundabouts was during a trip my late wife, our daughter, and I took to Ireland. Imagine, if you will, for the first time, driving a car with the steering wheel on the right side, driving on right side of the road, then coming upon a roundabout for the first time. Entering the roundabout from a clockwise direction... trying to figure out where other cars might be entering and how and where I was supposed to exit... I thought I was in Hell. :-)

  • William Phelps Eno

    Gentleman, Gentleman,

    The problems in the snarling traffic jams and delays of today aren't people being too old nor people with slow reflexes,, no, no, no!!

    Simply, people no longer know the "rules of the road" and today's law enforcement seem to act as if enforcing traffic laws are beneath them,,, unless of course it is accompanied with a sizable fine for their state or local municipalities..

  • Chris Squire

    Roundabout!! One of the great, great songs of all time.. Probably one of the greatest song writers and bands of all time...
    I know, I know, many of you will agree with Hoppy and go with Geddy Lee

    Wait, what were we talking about?

  • Brian

    Roundabouts are good intersections, but West Virginians are not smart enough to use them correctly. A lot of people seem to think it's a four-way stop sign, and some jackbacks get in the roundabout and stop for every car they see.

  • lifetimehunter

    I have no problem with roundabouts. I do however have a big problem with building these when we can't maintain the roads and intersections we have now.

  • Whatamoroon

    The only people who don't like roundabouts are older people with slowed reflexes who probably should not be driving anyway.

  • Alum

    Roundabouts are great. They are different and take a little getting used to but with these, change is good.

    Maybe the state should investigate putting one in Hedgesville at the intersection of 901 and 9. I suspect that the spacing there is a little too tight for one but it sure would alleviate one traffic headache. The Mileground roundabout in Morgantown has really helped traffic flow.

  • JJ

    The state loves it because it is a cheaper solution to an intersection issue than adding lights, etc.

    For the driver, a stressful nightmare. I'm not worried about my driving, it's the nut job merging in that scares me.

    WV citizens should demand NO roundabouts.

    • Pudge

      The driver that can't merge is the same driver that makes a right on red now even when traffic is coming the other way.

      The roundabouts work just fine and keep traffic flowing.

      • Joe

        These are the same drivers that can't merge into freeway traffic.

  • Tim C

    Another huge waste of money....

    • Wowbagger

      Not really, the new Morgantown roundabout has reduced a common trip that I make by at least 10 minutes. I am not alone as many folks who drive that way are experiencing the same travel time reductions. Idling in traffic can waste a lot of gas.

      I wasn't sold until I started using the roundabout, but the savings of time and money have convinced me.

      I would recommend watching the DOH video as a few Morgantown residents still have avoidable problems at the new roundabout.

      • Brian

        They should have widened the mileground and easton hill first. Sometimes traffic backs up all the way thru the roundabout because of insufficient capacity on that stretch, just as I predicted.

        • hillbilly

          Supposedly that is coming.. 5 lanes thru mileground and another roundabout at Airport Blvd..

          • Brian

            That is my understanding as well. I just think they started at the wrong end.

      • wv4evah

        wowbagger: absolutely right