CHARLESTON, W.Va. — It’s officially the holiday shopping season.  Hundreds of stores across West Virginia opened on Thanksgiving and many will stay open through the holiday weekend.

Just like in previous years, a large number of shoppers in West Virginia are expected to hit the stores on Black Friday, but those with the West Virginia Retailers Association are predicting those numbers to be higher.

“We are expecting a slight increase over last year,” said West Virginia Retailers Association Director Bridget Lambert.

The higher number of shoppers has Lambert and retailers excited about the annual event, but that isn’t the only thing.  She said some projections indicate shoppers will be spending more during the next month.

In reaction to the increased projections, retailers are making sure they have the best deals possible and stocking up on the necessary items.  They are also continuing with a new tradition by opening up earlier.

“Retailers started opening on Thursday last year and, because of the customer response, we are doing it again this year,” she said. “I think they are responding to consumer demand.”

Lambert said, for many people, hitting the stores after the turkey is a sport of sorts.

“The tradition for guys on Thanksgiving day is to kick back and watch football and it appears, for the females in the household, it’s let’s plan and go shopping,” she said.

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  • Harpers Ferry

    I agree 100% with you commenters, this retail business is ridiculous and unnecessary. We MUST put an end to all this and an end to capitalism! We shall become the Communist States of America because our government knows best and will keep us safe. Our Dear Leader Obama will take care of us.

  • Whatamoroon

    What a bunch of crybabies you people are. Just because you don't like Black Friday and Brown Thursday doesn't make you a majority in that belief. In fact, by the number of shoppers out spending big bucks I think you are a minority. Don't try to force your "Ba Humbug" attitude on everyone else by saying if it's not for me, then no one should be allowed to do it.

    • susanf1218

      Sure, let's just make it impossible for those in retail to have an opportunity to be w/their families on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve b/c YOU want to go shopping!

  • never again

    I went on black Friday 10 yrs ago , not fun, hungry animals are more polite than these people.

  • grif

    retail is getting way too commercial & people are getting way too greedy. but I stayed home. I don't believe in supporting the big retail greed

  • Matt

    I have managed retail for 12 years now and Black Thursday and Friday is where retailers make many of their third quarters. The events have become part of the holiday season. I don't especially enjoy working the holidays, but Retail management isn't for everyone. Regardless of the retail area, there will always be a Black Thursday and Black Friday demand. It isn't going anywhere, we had may as well embrace it and roll on. As we say in retail around this time of year...Bird is the Word, enjoy the turkey guys!

    • Oh Did Ya?

      November is in the 4th quarter.

    • Alum

      I wonder how Mr. Dickens would write his story today.

    • sunnycal

      Spoken like a true company man. You are right Matt retail management is not for everyone for that fact retail employment is not for everyone, working all weekends, changing shifts sometimes daily, evenings, working holidays and working with the public is always hard. Employees sacrifice a lot of family time for the sake of a paycheck so lets go ahead and take the last two holidays away from them and their families, who needs family time anyway? - The company will survive if no one shops on Thanksgiving day you and I both know that . Its the younger employees( who have no profit sharing or bonus checks like management) that will suffer the most. By the way I've worked retail for over 30 years now, the last 12 in management.

      • susanf1218

        Well said! The corporate greed and commercialism makes me sick! I hope the retail industry finds that black Thursday sales are WAY below what they hoped for; in fact, I hope the entire shopping season is below their greedy expectations. Time to dial it back! What happened to waiting until AFTER Thanksgiving before starting on the Christmas season?? Now, you see Christmas decorations in the stores shortly after Labor Day.


          Well said. It's all about corporate America's CEO's and their shareholders profits. Not sure where this will end.

  • Alum

    This is interesting. The retailers create this frenzy with sale pitches, limited quantities, and all the other marketing devices to convince people they have to get it now. Then these very retailers turn the tables and state because of the customer response "we are doing it again this year," justifying Thanksgiving Day sales by saying, “I think they are responding to consumer demand.” Give me a break Ms. Lambert, the consumers have been manipulated by business, plain and simple. Can the retailers association market Hell such that one can't wait to get there? Probably so.

    Now here's a straight forward question for you Ms. Lambert, did you work today, November 28, 2013, also known as Thanksgiving Day? Something in my crawl tells me you didn't.

    • susanf1218

      Very well said. And very true. Also very sad.

  • wvu999

    Unbelievable. Shopping on Thanksgiving. I hope you all have 4 flat tires on the way to commercialize Christmas even more. People make me sick.

    • susanf1218

      Agree with you 1000%!