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West Virginia’s Charles Sims scores on a 7-yard touchdown run in the first quarter.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Scoring drives from West Virginia’s season-ending game against Iowa State on Saturday at Mountaineer Field:

• Josh Lambert 50-yard field goal
Charles Sims ripped off a 17-yard run and Clint Trickett hooked up with Kevin White for 10 yards and Mario Alford for 7. But on third-and-2 at the ISU 32, Trickett’s pass for Cody Clay was batted up and nearly intercepted. That brought on Lambert for a booming kick.
(Drive recap: 7 plays, 38 yards in 2:27)
• Charles Sims 7-yard run (Lambert kick)
Nick Kwiatkoski picked off ISU’s Grant Rohach at the Cyclones 6. Two plays later, Sims hit a seam on the right side.
(Drive recap: 2 plays, 6 yards in 0:39)
• Karl Joseph 38-yard fumble return (Lambert kick)
Iowa State running back Aaron Wemberly was stripped by WVU freshman safety Jeremy Tyler and fellow safety Karl Joseph was on the spot for a 38-yard scoop-and-score. It was West Virginia’s second defensive touchdown of the season.
• Grant Rohach 54-yard run (Cole Netten kick)
After Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads successfully gambled on a fourth-and-1 at his own 44—with Jeff Woody diving for the first down—Rohach sprinted untouched on a quarterback keeper. The 54-yarder was a season-long for the Cyclones
(Drive recap: 6 plays, 81 yards in 2:33)


• Clint Trickett 17-yard pass to Kevin White
WVU started at its own 9 after an abysmal kick return by Wendell Smallwood, but Trickett got the Mountaineers moving with passes of 30 and 40 yards to Mario Alford. Then he found White crossing the middle, the junior receiver’s fifth TD of the season.
(Drive recap: 4 plays, 91 yards in 2:27)
• Sims 76-yard run (Lambert kick)
After Iowa State’s Cole Netten missed a 42-yard field goal off the uprigt, Sims gashed the Cyclones up the middle. The senior surpassed the 1,000-yard mark on the carry.
(Drive recap: 1 play, 76 yards in 0:12)
• Rohach 10-yard pass to Quenton Bundrage
Roahach was 3-of-4 on the drive for 57 yards, with the lone incompletion coming on a deep crossing route that Bundrage dropped. The sophomore receiver hung on to the one at the goal line, however.
(Drive recap: 5 plays, 64 yards in 1:37)


• Shontrelle Johnson 3-yard touchdown run (Netten kick)
The Cyclones marched 99 yards to keep the game close. Rohach was 3-for-4 for 55 yards on the drive. He had a 36-yard pass that featured tough running by tight end E.J. Bibbs.
(Drive recap: 12 plays, 99 yards in 4:25)
• Trickett 76-yard touchdown pass to Mario Alford (Lambert kick)
Alford beat man coverage off the line to run free over the middle. Trickett made a spot-on throw that made it easy for the junior college transfer to take it to the house.
(Drive recap: 1 play, 76 yards in 0:11)
• Rohach 62-yard pass to Bundrage (Netten kick)
Bundrage tied an Iowa State single-season record with his ninth touchdown catch.
(Drive recap: 7 plays, 72 yards in 3:57)
• Netten 31-yard field goal
After Rohach converted a fourth-and-7 to Justn Coleman for 21 yards to keep the drive alive, Netten put two misses behind him to make a key kick.
(Drive recap: 8 plays, 25 yards in 3:50)
• Rohach 19-yard pass to Justin Coleman (Netten kick)
Iowa State’s Jacques Washington ripped an interception away from Kevin White on the sideline, giving the Cyclones the ball at West Virginia’s 33. Two runs by Aaron Wemberly netted a first down before Coleman ran open on a crossing route.
(Drive recap: 5 plays, 33 yards in 1:46)
• Netten 40-yard field goal
Iowa State netted only 3 yards on three plays before Netten came on. He had missed from 42 and had a 38-yarder blocked, but this time he was true.
(Drive recap: 4 plays, 3 yards untimed)
• Lambert 41-yard field goal
On third-and-9 from the Iowa State 24, Trickett had Kevin White at the sticks, but the receiver couldn’t hang on while being hit by a defender.  On came Lambert for his second field goal of the day.
(Drive recap: 4 plays, 1 yard untimed)


• Lambert 26-yard field goal
Trickett hooked up with Alford on a 12-yarder for a first down, but three plays later they miscommunicated on an incompletion. That forced Lambert to come on for his third field goal.
(Drive recap: 5 plays, 16 yards untimed)
• Netten 26-yard field goal
Iowa State earned a first down on the legs of Shontrell Johnson but bogged down on third-and-3 inside the 10.
(Drive recap: 7 plays, 17 yards untimed)


• Rohach 25-yard pass to Coleman (Rohach 2-point pass to Bibbs)
Iowa State struck quickly with Coleman racing open across the middle. Then—under the triple-overtime mandate—the Cyclones went for the 2-point conversion and Rohach found Bibbs open deep in the end zone.
(Drive recap: 1 play, 25 yards untimed)
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  • CaptainQ

    Let me see. I watched this game on TV, would what happened today to the Mountaineers be called, in the terms young people use, as an 'epic fail'?

  • Cuttey

    Hey I got idea...we've all been brain storming this money thing down here in SC. Let's have Luck travel around the state and have every one stick a quarter in his nose. Two or three trips around the state and will crack that 30 million dollar nut. May have enough left over for a new Indoor Practice Facility.

  • J.R.

    Just a few points.......

    WVU CANNOT fire Dana Holgersen as there is NO buyout in his deal. They would have to pay him 11+ million and all his coaches then come up with a similar amount for the new coach and his staff as nobody decent would be cheap. We are looking at 30-35 million to replace coaching staffs so the new staff can start a NEW rebuilding program.

    Rich Rodriguez will NOT return to WVU. even if he would consider it the cost would be at least what they are paying Holgersen. Rich Rod is retired in Arizona, why would he leave? his team just routed Oregon and Rich is on top of the world out there.

    Doc Holiday is NOT coming to WVU anytime soon. He could still have interest in the WVU job as he was a player and coach here but the University snubbed in on several occasions and Marshall gave him a shot at his first head coaching gig. He is a head coach living in West Virginia, I would imagine he is happy and he is just starting to develop his Herd team to dominate the Conference USA for years to come.

    Unfortunately Coach Dana WILL be here next season. He may make some changes to his staff but he WILL be back. After next year it will cost a mere 8.5 million to pay him off and since he will not be offered another job anytime soon it may be at least TWO more seasons before anything can be done.

    As for leaving the Big 12, dam small chance of that happening since WVU had to sign away their first tier media rights to the Big 12 as all the schools have to prevent another exodus like when Nebraska and Colorado left and then Texas A&M and Missouri left.

    The Big 12 did claim that when they do expand back to 12 teams they would look at more natural rivals for WVU likw Cincinnati and Connecticut

    It is what it is and one can only hope for improvement. One thing coach Dana has done is set the bar Soooo low that 7-5 or even 6-6 with a "Fleabag" bowl game will seem like solid improvement.


    • Mike H

      We don't need anymore coaching changes right now. What we are going through is a result of all that. Be patient!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cuttey

    The harsh realty is you can't wait until next year. The change has to be made now...or the football program will NEVER recover.

    • Wow

      Really, NEVER? Step back from the ledge. We don't have the money and we will recover. Do you take any meds for your panic issues ?

      • Cuttey

        Wow are you 10 maybe 12 years old tops?
        I've read your comments and it's obvious you have not been around the program for any significant length of time. This program is incredible fragile. Right now it is rock bottom, no rah rah bullshit will save it. The money is always there when the need is great enough and someone will lead process. The buyout can be negotiated and paid over time....not a lump sum payment. Right now there is group willing to make the payment but with that kind of money there always a string attached.....Luck won't except deal.

  • ACJR

    I'm not going to call for Holgerson to be fired but I would really like to see him actually wear GOLD and BLUE during games. It gives the appearance that he isn't fully committed to WVU when he wears black, flying WV or not. I'm also not impressed with his sideline demeanor. He's either yelling or looks completely disinterested.

  • Big Larry

    It is a SAD SAD day to be a Mountaineer Football fan...

    >>>Wherever you may be!

  • brian nipps

    this program has been on a steady decline since rich rod left. Giving Dana one more year is only delaying the inevitable.

  • Jon

    Rich Rod a call away. Beat Oregon, if they beat AZ State it sure would be hard to to consider him

    • Jon

      Not to consider him that is

      • Old School

        Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer, but once a traitor, always a traitor. No, you had it right the first time, not only is it easy not to consider him, it would be the ultimate disgrace to do so. Go after Doc, someone new; as much as I loved him being our head coach, I can never trust him again... Let him pound sand in Arizona

  • tw eagle

    first half WVU threw short and ran the ball . . .
    WVU got the lead . . .second half WVU went
    conservative ( every time they've had 2nd half lead ) , run on 1st&2nd down and then try short pass . . .the players are getting better as the season progresses , why can't
    our genius coach catch on to the fact that his
    play calling SU**S . . .

  • richard

    HEY LUCK!!!!! HE HAS GOT TO GO!!!! NOT NEXT YEAR BUT THIS YEAR. YEA YEA, I KNOW ALL ABOUT THE MONEY THEY WOULD HAVE TO PAY HIM, BUT THEY FIND MONEY FOR EVERYTHING ELSE AND IT MAY COST THEM MORE IN THE LONG RUN IF THEY KEEP HIM. DANA HAS MADE THIS PROGRAM A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS. he is no head coach----period!!!!!! this coaching staff lost this game. there are ways of slowing a team down. yea, i know the players play the game, but the head coach is also the ignition switch. this isn't the first game this team has been up big and lost this year. leave leave leave leave!

    • Troll is back

      I for one am looking forward to seeing what Holgorsen can do next season I think he's on the verge of something good. While the players were executing today it was all good, when they quite exrcuting things went south. I think with added depth next season we will see a big difference.

      • Big Larry

        Go sell crazy somewhere else....Its time for a new coach!

        • Rock Solid

          Big Larry YOU are dumber than a box of rocks! It's a sad statement on your lot in life that you spend so much time on these sites. Go look in a mirror and feel sorry for those who have to know you on a daily basis.

    • Wow


  • Cardinal

    Get us out of the Big 12 and in the ACC with our old opponents. Bring in players and staff that wear the gold and blue and understand what it means to be a Mountaineer. This is terrible!

    • Troll is back

      Might as well beat a dead horse while your at it. Not going to happen don't know why you guys always bring that up or should have stayed in the big east, WVU has moved on and you need to also. Season over and it was bad so all we can do now is move on. These guys will hit the recruiting trail and suit them again next season and that my friends is all that is in the future do deal with it or move on. In the grand scheme of things though our season is no worse than Alabama's, Oregon 's or 123 others, remember there's only one champion and 126 losers. Loser is a loser don't matter how bad or what the record is, it's still losing.

      • wvu fan

        The move to the Big "12" was a good move, how they did it was not. Honestly, WVU should have honored the Big East's 27 month withdraw period, played last year and this year in the Big East, given themselves time to get some recruits knowing they were going into a new conference. Not say in October, we're jumping conferences next year. Honestly, this was hastily done because people thought with the talent we had last year we could be a national title contender. If we had stayed in the Big East in 2012, we could've played in another BCS Bowl, something I'm not sure WVU will see for quite a while, even this year, they would've gone to a bowl if they were in the AAC, yeah it might not have been a big bowl, but a bowl nonetheless. I do agree though we need regional rivals. Pressure the Big 12 to add Cincinnati and UConn or something, and make the Non-Conference Schedule Maryland, Pitt and Va Tech every year no excuses! And, yes, I think some coaching changes should be in order too...

  • Paul Rhodes

    Merry Christmas Olie

    I don't know which win in Morgantown I enjoyed more, today's game or the 2007 game while I was at Pitt. I'll think about it on the way back to Ames. I love playing in WV.

    • Teddy

      I am a wvu fan and I enjoyed watching us lose again. It MAY mean the necessary changes are made.

      • Big Larry

        Only when the deaf, dumb & Blind Mountaineer fans...


        will any changes be made.

  • Jason

    WVU screwed up...Doc is a great recruiter and a good coach.

  • Rick

    Never seen so many ways for a coach to lose a game. 17 points, 4th qtr, 3 OT...and the temper tantrums got to go.

  • Jima.

    Get rid of that bum coach.... what a joke & I am glad they lost because losing is the only way Luck is going to dump Dana! I love WVU but something's got to give!

    • Troll is back

      Interesting , when the defense made a couple plays in the first quarter and the offense executed in the first quarter all was fine. It's not coaching folks as bad as I hate to say it, it comes down to making plays and they couldn't do it. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond this staffs control (numerous injuries, lack of depth which they are working on) we have to play with what we have. Thanks to all staff and players and look forward to seeing you next year.

      • ron

        Who recruited these players? Holgerson did most of them. He sucks as a head coach and I am not to sure how good of a offensive co-ordinate. He brings the play in.

        • Troll is back

          If he brought most of them in then we must not have had any players when he got here. His first full class this year were sophomores, he did recruit a few players not many when he and Stewart were working together. Just because WVU had a bad year doesn't take away from his career achievements as on offence coordinator, his previous achievements are well noted within the college ranks and that is why Luck to a chance with him. Whether it works out or not will be determined in the next couple years , guess we will just have to wait and see.

          • JimJim

            He copied his former head coach's scheme. The magic is gone, he has nothing. I know all of his plays, just think what the opposing defensive coordinators see. Again, the magic is gone, he has nothing.