MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Live updates and analysis from the West Virginia-Iowa State season finale at Mountaineer Field:


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  • MyView

    Are there any questions now of why the ACC, SEC, did not want your university in their conference. Both commissioners saw that your program, Head Coach & AD Sucked

  • Mike H

    I think ,I know whose been pitching the trash cans down on the field

  • Troll is back

    Sure hope I don't have to get a job anytime soon I love this back and forth banter.

  • Troll is back

    I'm not trying to fool anyone I just think Holgorsen will end up getting the job done. Just because I'm not against him like some of you only means I have a different opinion that's all.

  • Dave

    By the way. Who do we open with next yr??? Lol

    • Troll is back

      An FBS school who lost today just as we did. Just have to wait and see what happens when the time gets here, speculation counts for nothing.

  • Dave

    We r stuck on 4-8 with wins over Georgia state and William and Mary.
    Who will qb next season. We lose our best offensive player (Simms ). Who will start at RB. NO HORSES IN THE STABLE OR IM SURE THEY WOULD HAVE ALREADY played

    • Troll is back

      The running back that left Pitt will be in the back field next year so that's not a problem, just need to recruit a couple db's and qb's. There's a lot of young talent that got valuable expirrence this season. Not near the doom and gloom some of you are projecting.

  • Fed Up

    Hey coach heard Red Bull Rep. called Ollie and said no more freebies for you..

  • Jimmy

    I am missing Coach Casteel and his 3 3 Stack real bad right now

  • WV Bud

    And no we don"t need Doc as a head coach.

    • Marcus

      Yes we do!! Get Doc Now!!

  • leroy j gibbs

    Let's set up a telethon to raise money to buy out holgersons contract.

  • Dennis

    Today we saw our next opponent (Alabama) beaten by another "team", to bad we just have a collection of "individuals" to line up against them next year.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Shepherd would have a good chance of beating this WVU team.

  • Tim C

    Games over...update your live are as pathetic as the football team

  • Harpers Ferry

    What will the excuse be this week? Maybe Dana thinks this year's team is better than the 1988 team after this game.

  • JL

    Oliver Luck is a change agent. Everyone gets that. He makes sweeping changes and builds a resume that looks great - especially if he gets out in time, ahead of the crash. He tried and thought he was out with the Texas job. What now? He hired a arrogant coach with no head coaching experience - NONE - and immediately over paid him. Then signed the most one-sided deal ever in favor of this untested coach. Now we see what happens when it catches up before Oliver can leave town. This is a disaster. Holgorsen might need to go - but Oliver needs to go as well!