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Saturday’s crowd of 33,735 was the third-smallest in the history of Mountaineer Field.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Let’s sample the superlatives from West Virginia’s 52-44 triple-overtime loss to Iowa State in Saturday’s season finale:

Worst draw: The 33,735 announced attendance was West Virginia’s lowest since 1992’s game against Louisiana Tech and the third-smallest crowd in the history of Mountaineer Field. (It also marked the third-worst attendance in the Big 12 this season edging only the 30,807 Kansas drew for WVU two weeks ago and the 32,264 Kansas drew for Baylor on Oct. 26.) Said coach Dana Holgorsen: “I appreciate the crowd that was there today. It’s tough when you don’t have the students and school isn’t in session.”

Best benchmark: Charles Sims needed 54 yards to reach 1,000 this season and he wound up with 149 yards on 24 carries. His season-long 76-yard touchdown in the third quarter pushed him over the line.

Worst absentee: Even after a bye week, Bandit safety Darwin Cook’s injured groin prevented him from playing on Senior Day. With WVU shuffling Daryl Worley to free safety and Karl Joseph to Cook’s spot, Iowa State freshman quarterback Grant Rohach capitalized in a huge way—331 yards passing and a career-best four touchdowns.

Best late-blooming receiver: West Virginia’s Mario Alford caught eight passes for 215 yards, both season highs. He made 20 of his 27 catches in the final four games.

Worst time to sacrifice 5 yards: WVU was at the 50-yard line with five seconds left and somehow was penalized for delay of game after Iowa State took back-to-back timeouts. That cost the Mountaineers a chance to throw a quick out and set up a Josh Lambert field-goal try. “I can’t explain the delay,” Holgorsen said. “You get a call in there and we just didn’t snap it quick enough. Can’t explain that … it’s on me.”

Best gamble: On fourth-and-17 from Iowa State’s 21 early in the fourth quarter, Paul Rhoads unleashed a fake punt and punter Kirby Van Der Kamp gashed WVU for 21 yards up the middle. The play sparked the Cyclones to a touchdown that cut the deficit to 38-28. “It was a fake all the way,” said ISU coach Paul Rhoads. “It was time. Our backs were against the wall a little bit. We pulled the trigger and Kirby Van Der Camp’s a man. He’s a man.”

Best play by punter NOT involving a fake: Nick O’Toole boomed a 68-yard punt in the first half and averaged 56 on three punts.

Worst overtime offense: WVU ranks next-to-last in the Big 12 in red-zone touchdown percentage, so the overtime format of starting at the opposing team’s 25 doesn’t figure to suit the Mountaineers. And in five overtime possessions this season, West Virginia didn’t score a single TD.

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  • jeepster

    I am done with this guy. But what is the answer? How do we get past the $11 million dollar buyout mess that Ollie "bad luck" created? If we could get rid of holgy,I think Doc Holliday would be a excellent replacement.

    • steverino Doc Holliday. Remember he is the one who reported WVU for a minor "practice pads" violation when he left because of sour grapes.

    • Jason

      As a Marshall fan, I hope Doc stays where he is...he is a good HC and a great recruiter (especially in FL). Money does talk at the end of the day. However, WVU did snub him and MU have him his shot as HC. If I remember correctly, Marshall put a specific clause in Docs contract regarding WVU. But, at the end of the day, money talks.

      • hj

        Any WVU fan that wants Doc Holiday is deemed an idiot... most Marshall fans are idiots and you fit that delusional mold. We don't want your Bill Stewart 2.0 sorry

  • Rick

    Unfortunately, our opinions don't matter. Luck does not care...maybe 33K in the stands will send a message...they said it was because the students were out...not 30K...supporters need to either be satisfied with a losing season as the norm or put their money to better use. You can get cheaper beer and better atmosphere by watching the games in your living room, at least there you can turn to a better game...

    • Sue

      Let's see how many beers 33k fans have to buy to generate ticket sales $$. On game days the place is a fiasco! And night games forget it.....! I'm sure done buying season tickets. We can do without the drunks and their foul mouths to watch a team with a coach just like them. My family will go on a nice vacation for the money spent.

      • Hal Varian

        Because Mountaineer Field never had drunks or foul language before Ollie and Dana showed up. Idiot.

        • richard

          Oh, so Hal, the logic is then if WVU is too lazy to crack down on the drunks and misbehavior, then we should just throw in the towel and sell them more beer to make the problem worse? Can't beat them - join them. Good logic because people can no longer take their kids to a game for fear of some STUPID drunk falling all over them, spilling beer on them, and cussing so loud it would make a sailor blush. We are people who have younger kids who only want our kids to experience game day the way we used to when our dads took us. It is stupid and inconsiderate of all you drunks out there to the rest of us. I don't mind a beer every once in a while, but why would someone want to spend all that money for a game where they only make fools of themselves and can't even remember who won because they were so STUPID falling down drunk. So you, sir Hal, are the idiot!

          • richard

            Passion has nothing to do with being a drunk stupid fool who is inconsiderate to everyone around them. And FYI, I've been to probably 90% of the home games since I was 10 years old and almost every bowl game. So don't tell me about passion when it comes to WV football, and I love to cheer for the Mountaineers. I just don't like you stupid dumbass drunks falling on me and my children while I'm doing it. You people are too drunk to know what's going on anyway. You'd cheer if a helicopter lands on University Hospital roof during a game.

          • richard

            tw eagle, you are a dumbass and make absolutely no sense. So , according to you, in order to cheer on your team and have a good time, you must be falling down, stupid drunk.? You're a dumbass. No other way to put it.

          • Mike

            Exactly, Richard, that is!

          • Mike


          • tw eagle

            Mountaineer Field has a section especially reserved for families , and if you don't like the location , buy a private box . . .yes Richard , you gotta be one of the "opera fans" too . . .they ring the bell on third down for guys like you , to wake you up to the fact that something is happening on the field - I'm surprised the announcer doesn't offer an apology for disturbing your social outing . . .unlike you soulless droids , many WVU exhibit the passion they have for the team , not sitting on their hands till the mountaineer fires his rifle to signal you to clap your hands , is it 2 or 3 claps ?

        • Sue

          Thx Hal........appreciate being called an idiot. What a gentleman. Guess we are all entitled to our opinion. The beer sales inside the stadium have certainly added to the issue and that was a decision made by Mr. Luck.

          • richard

            tw eagle, That is not passionate... that is being a total dumbass, and you sir, are a complete dumbass.

          • susanf1218

            Maybe they should design a section for drunks only. Obviously some of the commenters here would fit right in. I agree w/you - it is SO annoying to go to a game and to not even be able to see what is happening on the field b/c of rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious jerks who refuse to sit down, who are staggeringly drunk, loud and foul-mouthed.

          • Sue

            Don't you find it rather sad there had to be a designated family section since the rest of the seating is r rated? Please just use common sense in discussing this issue. Things have gone too far when your elderly fans no longer feel comfortable attending games. It's difficult enough for them to even get into the stadium then to contend with behavior worse than the student section is ridiculous. It's called respect. Incidentally it is possible to cheer from a seated position and without shouting f bombs and flipping off the visitors. Perhaps a little too mature....sorry.

          • Mike

            Sue, please excuse this Hal Varian thing, whatever that is.

          • tw eagle

            I'm one of the drunks that stopped going to the games because of you "opera fans" . . .
            got tired of hearing , " sit down and stop cheering " . . .sorry , i'll not interrupt your social outing anymore . . .you'll be giving up
            going to the games because it
            won't be "fashionable" anymore now that WVU isn't winning . . .if you can't stand fans who are passionate and show it , move to the family section or buy a private box . . .


    Time to clean house !

  • frank

    Dear oliver,
    How much beer can you sale to empty seats.
    Great move ---give a contract extension to a drunkin nobody coach.

  • Shadow

    ISU was the bad news. The good news is that Marshall is a Winner. Congrats to them.

    • jeepster

      anyone have Doc Holliday's phone number ??

  • james

    i always think that a coach should have 4 years to coach and build his system, not now i am done with dana as wvu coach. fire him now. i love wvu win or lose i be there and as a fan plus. wvu should 8-4 not 4-8 he not the coach for wvu.

  • BRZ

    Three straight 9-4 seasons looks pretty good right now...sad Stew didn't live long enough to see his vindication.

  • blugldmn

    Guarantee a bowl bid.... Are you 9 years old?

  • Mike H

    Thunder struck baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • El Supremo

    It ain't over till the end of the 2014 season. After looking at the first eight games of 2014, fans should expect a 2 win 6 loss record.

    Season ticket holders should require Mr. Luck guarantee a 2014 bowl game or money back.

    Thank god these students and men play on a football field so that we don't mistake them for Larry, Moe and Curly.

  • JHT

    Yes, thank goodness this mess is over. 17 point lead over a 2-9 team and lose by 8 points. The football program has truly hit rock bottom.

  • Yogi Wahoo


  • jeepster

    can't explain's on me. Even when he takes the blame,he's not really accepting the blame. don't care,go ahead and fire me....$$$

  • Big Larry

    "Saturday’s crowd of 33,735 was the third-smallest in the history of Mountaineer Field".

    If you want to see changes made...


  • Lo boy

    Thank goodness it's over.

    • wvwisdom

      It has just begun.
      Someday, years from now, we'll escape the Big !2 fiasco, give up $10-20 million in TV revenue, gain a few million $ in ticket sales and reduced travel costs, and play teams like Marshall, Pitt, PennSt.,VATech, JMU, MD, UVa, Louisville, Syracuse, Cincinnati. We'll recruit mainly from around here, not from FL or TX.
      If we go undefeated we still might not make the BCS championship, but we'll have our Mountaineer pride back and know that we're #1.

      • susanf1218

        Sounds good to me. Nothing wrong w/playing any of the teams you mentioned.

      • Vbins

        Actually do recruit in Florida. Still quite ridiculous. Scary how quickly we have fallen. Marshall would have cleaned our clock.