MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Watch the video to see how West Virginia built a big first-half lead, how Iowa State scored 24 fourth-quarter points to tie it and, finally, how the Cyclones stopped WVU at the 2-yard line to win 52-44 in triple-overtime.

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  • Truthteller

    What is going on with United Bank? The branch office in the town center mall is refusing to give out WVU basketball schedules unless you have an savings or checking account with the bank?

    When did that start? Does WVU athletic dept. know about this?

  • richard

    loose the game? lmbo

  • Billy

    Where is the all powerful luck, what is he thinking? Holgy was hired to take us to the next level. luck took the atitude that the ends would justify the means. He took a well liked coach with a respectable record and rolled the dice with this bozo. I wonder what means he will use to correct this freefall into the basement

  • pghmountaineer

    You do have to admit this. It's entertaining watching 2 bottom feeders play. Neither one wants to win so they try very hard to give the game away. WVU just did a better job than ISU. We did what we had to to loose the game.

  • Lee

    offensive problems:
    lack of blocking
    running backs set too deep for a line that cannot block, or cannot maintain blocks
    poor OB play - all three would not play at any other D1 school
    poor scheme - predictable
    Never recruit a QB who cannot run - 4.5 40, not 5.5.
    lack of execution

    bad scheme & poor recruiting - DB play too far off receivers;never challenge for the ball; get beat deep in obvious passing situations; poor tackling; too slow
    no pressure on QB. Blitz is almost always picked up; DE seldom pressure the QB

    bottom of the barrel in the in the big 12
    not likely to improve much next season
    unable to attract top recruits

  • 10rock

    Coach Dana is currently less popular than Obama. Both remain optimistic ...

    • Phfloydispink

      Seriously, it's his third year! Every year it gets worse. Our illustrious AD gives him a contract that really makes you wonder what possessed him. If the kid at McDonald's did 1/10 as poorly as Holgorsen, he'd get fired. Difference is Holgorsen isn't making McDonald's money and if he burns every burger, he still gets paid. He was hired as a first time, untested head coach! Who in their right mind does that? What was Luck on? Why are we paying Deforest half a million dollars? Why was he just "moved to an alternate position" after he proved his worth last year (and this year)? There are high school coaches out there who would do better!

  • 1olewvufan

    I am not sure as to being out coached? Defensively what I saw was players not maintaining their lanes - gap assignment. The LBs and DBs were often out of position. This goes back to what Coach Patterson talked about when he talked about being patient and letting the play develop in front of you. Over-reacting to plays caused the DBs and LBs to be out of position.

    Offensively, the OL lacked consistency in its play. The same can be said about the backs. The fumble on Iowa State's two yardline was a lack of ball security.

    While Trickett played a good game it was far from perfect. Too often his throws were late and/or behind the receiver.

    These aren't coaching mistakes. This is a team failing to execute. As a team WVU executed well in the 1st half, but failed at executing in the 2nd half.

    • Rock Solid

      @1olewvufan: Well said but one point sticks out to me that needs to be emphasized. You can have the best looking rifle in the whole hunting party, but if it doesn't have a trigger all you have is a pretty,gun metal blue 'CLUB'. Have you noticed how slight of a build Trickett has. I've seen cheerleaders in skirts with bigger "GUNS" than Clint. Pun intended! Just not blessed by his Dad in the gene pool to be fast or powerful, barely a division III calibre talent. Nice kid, but this is the best we can get? Yikes!

  • SamWvu304

    Mike H do you remember who the line coach was then? Hard to find players like that. but the coach and linemen like that is something that is feasible. Not sure..but isn't FSU qb running all over the same way WVU did?

  • Bob

    Out coached again!

    • b g king

      BOB hit the nail on the head.

  • Mike H

    I wish we could hit the reset button on Steve and Pat.