MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Governor Earl Ray Tomblin made a stop in Martinsburg Monday to check out the Macy’s fulfillment center.

The Berkeley County center has sharply exceeded expectations since opening in July 2012 and the company anticipates hiring around 2,100 seasonal workers this holiday season. The number is triple the initial projection.

When added to the center’s core workforce of about 1,100, the Martinsburg facility will employ more than 3,000 this holiday season.

Tomblin’s visit included a private briefing with national executives and a facility tour where he met with hundreds of workers.

“It’s wonderful to see firsthand the success this great American company is having here in the Eastern Panhandle,” Tomblin stated in a release. “This season, millions of people all over the eastern United States will open gifts that come from right here in Martinsburg.”

Tomblin continued by stating that the workers at the center “are exactly the kind of hardworking folks that make West Virginia a winning choice for leading companies from around the globe, something more and more employers are discovering.”

The 1.3 million-square-foot facility is the company’s largest Internet fulfillment center. It fulfills orders placed on and from Macy’s stores. The center contains 14 miles of conveyor belts and ships up to 250,000 packages on peak days.

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  • Woodchuck

    Someone tell me what type of wages these people make?

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    Christmas 2013, compliments of seasonal workers of West Virginia. Bah, humbug! Sounds like more of "Hey, we're going to build a half-billion dollar plant" or "Hey, we've got the cashola to finish Rt. 35" to me.

    How embarrassing.

    Why not more permanent West Virginia workers rather than seasonal, gov? How many of the hires are actually West Virginians?

    West Virginia: give us the Business.

  • epeer

    My son was one of he first hired there. 3 years later still no health insurance. He works full time, but is still called seasonal so Macy's doesn't have to offer him insurance. How wrong this is!!

    • Matt

      Name me a big company that doesn't do this. Quad Graphics, whom Macy's shares the industrial park with, hires nobody but part time workers. Why?? So they don't have to offer a benefits package to everyone. The only people there who have benefits are people who have been there forever.

  • BAC

    It is "hire," not "higher." Way too many typos on this site, especially for graduates of journalism schools!

  • Frank / Moundsville

    ...............and what % of these jobs are minimum wage with no benefits?

    • Matt

      Start at about $13 an hour but only work part time...well, on paper your part time. You might still work 30 hours a week.

  • jag

    be thankful they are there & employees are working. the extra staff for holidays aren't any different than walmart or lowes who hire seasonal workers.

  • D McKeever

    3,000 people hired. WOW!!! Too bad they will be let go after the holidays. Tomblin is an idiot!

    • Earl Ray

      You take that back, I am the best thing that ever happened to this state, even if am a two-first names lifetime politician from southern WV, who backed into the governors office due to the death of an extremely elderly senator, and may or may not dye my hair on a weekly basis.

  • Joe

    Congratultions! Great news!