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West Virginia cornerback Travis Bell (26) was arrested early Sunday morning.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia junior cornerback Travis Bell is facing DUI charges after he was arrested for the second time in 10 months early Sunday.The Dominion Post newspaper reports Bell, 22, was seen arguing with his girlfriend outside a vehicle that was parked at Creekside Condos in Morgantown at approximately 3 a.m. Sunday.

Bell failed all field sobriety tests, according to the newspaper, and was arrested for DUI and driving with a suspended or revoked license.

The Belle Glade, Fla., native was without his Florida drivers license after it was suspended for failure to pay traffic fines.
Bell was previously arrested in February.  He was charged, at that time, with domestic battery.  He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to home confinement.
Bell played in all 12 WVU games this year, starting nine. He recorded 45 tackles and one interception.
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  • Gilbert Gnarley

    This season was enough to drive a fan to drink. Imagine how the players feel.

    • jwg66

      Agree with you GG.... Woman troubles too. Not good.... I'd probably throw down a few too.

  • Greg

    3AM Sunday morning? I'm sure he was just early for church... probably disagreeing over scripture.

  • Jim

    Let the athletic dept. decide.

  • Jim4WVU

    I hope this doesn't keep him out of the bowl game.

  • chasmo

    GOOD BYE !!! Dana , for once , start CLEANING UP some of the thugs you have allowed to be a part of our team !!!!

  • Richard L.

    Like Father (Coach Holgerson), like son

    • Doug

      I guess Doc Holiday beats his wife then.

      • Hailey


  • Pa Pete

    Time to cut ties with Mr Bell!

  • steve

    Time to travis

  • Chris

    Dana has a program that is ripe for probation. His players and his lack of leadership will prove to be the death of a once proud program. Heck TB must be following Coach H's lead

    • chad

      I believe bell is a stew recruit

  • tim

    Not surprising. As a fan am sick of hearing the stories of stuff that goes on in downtown Morgantown in the early am and players being arrested.
    I seriously doubt anyone will miss TB. Bye!

  • DAVE

    some home confinement if he played in every game.....ARE THERE DOUBLE STANDARDS FOR SCREWY WVU FOOTBALL PLAYERS?

  • jag

    maybe wvu should get rid of players like this & keep the coach. Obviously this guy has no values off the field. Send his _ _ _ back to florida

  • Matt

    It didn't say he was driving? How do you get a DUI standing outside of your car?

    • Mike

      Dominion Post article stated he admitted to police he drove the vehicle.

      • Mark

        All in good, but you have the right to not incriminate yourself...the confession won't work as probable cause...Not defending this kid, but from what I've read I don't believe he'll ever be convicted for a DUI

        • Mike

          Yes, you do have the right not to incriminate yourself, but he appears to have voluntarily answered the question. It is admissible testimony in court by the arresting officer under W. Va. R. Evid. 801(d)2(A).

    • Rick S.

      Based on similar stories I have read and heard, the law apparently allows for someone to be "presumed" to have been driving based on the circumstances, particularly in regards to the location of the car. I am aware of a case in my town in which a man (who is now deceased) left a bar intoxicated, got into the driver's seat of his car, and went to sleep. The police found him there asleep during the night and charged him with DUI even though he had not driven the car since leaving the bar. I do not know what happened with the charges after the case went to court.

      • Mark

        Being a former WV police officer, the sitting in a running car asleep is an easy DUI because you have "control" of a running vehicle...standing outside of a vehicle...I don't see that as a DUI...Public Intoxication, yes. I don't see where there is any evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that he was driving. What to say that his girlfriend wasn't the driver that brought the car there? Seems shakey to me...

  • RJ


    • Say What?

      PRT doesn't run at that time. Besides, some above-the-law students are too good for public/student transportation.

    • Shawn

      Just use your legs and feet. It might be a little slower but it gets you there all the same.

      • Ragweed

        ... and it will be good conditioning for next season.

        • wvman75

          And then they would get him for public intoxication. If they want to get you, you're gotten.

  • tw eagle

    sounds like an angry young man . . .I hope he's not prototypical of the average Mountaineer on the football roster . . .

    • scott

      generalize much their bird brain?

    • Tommy Shaw

      Didn't Styx sing about him?

    • Dave

      It's not, or we'd head about this stuff all the time. We have a ton of good kids on the roster.

      • Mister Man

        You're dead on with your comment, Dave. The witless eagle was fishing for comments.

        • tw eagle

          I'm a hunter not a fisherman . . .and I seem to have trapped some type of vermin here . . . was hoping for a turkey , but all I caught was you . . .

      • Dave

        Or *hear* rather..