WHEELING, W.Va. — Garrett Cullen and Fred Persinger look at the three state championship football games set for this weekend.

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  • wvu1983

    year in year out game in game out Martinsburg football does there talking on the field not on paper or cheap talk sites.

  • Mhs90

    where is Huntington better then Martinsburg on every scale sir.

  • StarInWV

    speakit wrote: "Wheeling is like playing at home."

    Yeah, for Martinsburg.

  • speakit

    Huntingtons only disadvantage is they haven't played in Wheeling as some of Martinsburg players have. But on every other scale Huntington is better. If they come to play, Huntington will win. AA is a close matchup. But, it'll take a lot to beat Wayne. Wheeling is like playing at home.

    • Mburgfan

      Speakit - Everyone is always better on whatever scale "they"use to measure, until they face the Burg. I am thinking that the scales need recalibrating? The WVSSAC ranked these 2 teams and if you look at their scores you would note that the difference between the two were very small. Maxprep.com and USA Today are two of the better sites to look at comparisons and both rank Martinsburg above Huntington. I have never seen Huntington play (this year) and based on their record one has to believe they have an excellent team. On the other hand, Martinsburg lost one game - which they tendered to the other team because of injuries to Malique. Malique played injured with his shoulder hanging and he was still the best player on the field that night. I say all of that to say - it is the intangibles - those things you cannot calculate, those things that never show up on a stat sheet (guts, heart, drive, etc.). I am sure Huntington has some of the same qualities and I cannot wait to see who brings it to the Island on Saturday. Dress Warm and I will see you there (smile).

    • EP Power

      speakit: What "scales" are you referring to? Not flaming, just curious on your take.

      Strength of schedule?
      Special Teams?

      I would give MRB the advantage on SOS, Exp, and Offense. I give Huntington the advantage on defense with ST's being a toss up or slightly swayed to Huntington.

    • Larry

      Martinsburg will win by at least 2 td's.

  • WVfan304

    Huntington doesn't have the offense to keep up with martinsburg. Only one defense has held Martinsburg to less than 3 TDs, HD Woodson DC, the DC city champs, in the 1st game of the season which Martinsburg played without their "Best" player. HD Woodsons defense is better than Huntingtons, and they have 2 SEC commits and 5 D1 Defensive players.

    • Fall fan

      Hhs defense may be the best in this state. But I do agree, hhs probably cant put up enough points to win. I hope they do. Hhs has too much talent to rely on the offense that they run. I'd love to see them run what martinsburg does.... But... It's got them this far, but against a team as talented as martinsburg, i just dont think the grind will work.