HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Those who struggle to put food on the table everyday probably have financial struggles in other areas of their lives as well. That theory is the thinking behind an effort by Appalachian Power to distribute energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs to their customers via the Huntington Area Food Bank.

“If someone is struggling with food, they’re very likely struggling with other financial aspects of their life like their electricity bills,” said Appalachian Power Spokesman Phil Moye. “Using these energy efficient bulbs could help them reduce their energy costs.”

The bulbs are being made available through the food bank like all other food items on the pantry shelves. Moye said Appalachian Power is donating 11,000 4-packs of bulbs to the effort.

“That’s really the purpose of this donation,” Moye said. “To make sure we’re getting those energy efficient bulbs into the hands of those who are struggling with their electric bills probably more than most.”

The Huntington Area Food Bank serves the needy in a 12-county area of southern West Virginia lying in Appalachian Power’s service area. The distribution began Wednesday.

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  • Joe

    Their solution is to give people light bulbs?! Man!

    Bless you Mr. Scrooge.

    • Jason412

      Bu..bu...but there's 4 bulbs in each pack! These lucky souls can now save pennies a month, and by keeping those pennies in a piggy bank after 10 years they certainly shoukd be able to afford a Christmas ham.

      I wonder if the 11,000 4 packs cost them more than 10 grand

  • ricky

    Hey AEP, how about doing something that really matters. Like giving these people seriously reduced electricity, especially during the winter months.

    Nah, might actually cost you something, right?