WAYNE COUNTY, W.Va. — A Kentucky man has been found guilty of hitting and killing a little girl with his car earlier in the year.

Wayne County Magistrate Judge John Cavins Tuesday found Branden Cornette, 29, of Inez, Kentucky, guilty in the crime and sentenced him to one year in jail and a $100 fine.

Cornette had been charged with misdemeanor manslaughter-negligent homicide in connection with the accident that killed Isol Colleen Newsome, 6, back in July.

Investigators said Cornette hit and killed Newsome while driving along Route 52 in the area of Laura Fork Road near Fort Gay.

Witnesses told Wayne County deputies that Cornette was speeding and ran off the right side of the road before hitting the little girl.

Cornette originally told deputies Newsome stepped out into the road and he was unable to stop in time. However, deputies reported there being no tire marks consistent with Cornette trying to stop before hitting Newsome.

Cornette’s attorney says they plan to appeal the verdict. The sentence will not be imposed until that appeal is heard.

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  • ricky

    PT is right. Negligence isn't criminally punished unless it's extreme. I don't know the facts, but a year seems about right.

    This is a civil matter and the real payment will come in the way of a huge judgment against this guy. Of course, I doubt if he owes anything, but he will be working the rest of his life to pay for it.

  • Allan

    Is that all a six year old little girls life is worth, $100.00 and 1 year in jail…disgusting!

    • Cindy

      totally agreed.

    • PT

      It appears like it was an accident. Of course that little girl's life is worth more, but is there use in wasting tax dollars to keep someone locked up who probably isn't a harm to society? If he was drinking or did something on purpose, that's one thing. This appears to be a very tragic accident.