WASHINGTON, D.C. — First District Congressman David McKinley (R-WV) says the U.S. House calendar is deceiving.  “I think, unfortunately, too many people think that we’re not working,” said McKinley on Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

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First District Congressman David McKinley (R-WV)

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives returned to Washington, D.C. Monday, following the Thanksgiving break, and are tentatively scheduled to adjourn on Dec. 13 for the holiday recess.

It will be next Monday before members of the U.S. Senate are back on Capitol Hill, with an adjournment date for that chamber set for Dec. 20.

That means both chambers will be meeting concurrently, for the first time since mid-November, for only a few days next week, from Dec. 10 through Dec. 13.

“Most people don’t understand, when we’re not in session, we’re still working,” said McKinley.

Dec. 13 is the deadline for budget negotiators who have been working to set government spending levels for the rest of this federal fiscal year and the next federal fiscal year.

As of now, funding for the federal government is scheduled to expire on Jan. 15.  That means the government will be operating, with another shutdown deadline looming, when lawmakers return to Washington, D.C. during the week of Jan. 6.

There are other issues waiting on action including gun control, Republican proposals focused on fixes for the Affordable Care Act and immigration among others.

“A lot of it happens behind the scenes.  You don’t need to have 40 people in the room to have a meeting on the immigration bill,” said McKinley who promised a bill.  “It’s going to be, first, secure the border.  That’s on any immigration issue.  That, to me, is paramount to it.”

The close of 2013 for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House will mark the end of a year that saw the fewest laws enacted since at least 1947, the first government shutdown in almost two decades and record low approval ratings for Congress.

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  • vashti

    The problem with working behind the scenes to get something ready for committee and then the floor is that you actually have to talk, work togehter and compromise to get it out of committee. those are the tenets necessary to govern. our current group of legislators is more interested in grandstanding then actually governing.
    as for the government shutdown that was the ultimate grandstand ploy that back fired miserably. YOU DO NOT NEGOTIATE ON THE DEBT LIMIT. we pay our bills; to do otherwise is to RAISE the DEBT precipitously. this is not your household budget or even a corporate budget and should not be compared as such. if you think it is like your household or a corporate budget then you know very little about how government operates

  • Dave Miller

    Congress should be judged on how efficiently the government is run and not on how many bills they pass.

    Government shutdown was entirely Obama and Reid's desire not to negotiate on govt. overspending and waste.

    Obama's lies and deceit have proven the govt. shutdown was a political ploy planned by democrat strategy to avoid discussion of their failures.
    Mckinley's position to fight govt. (EPA)overreach has been valuable for job creation in WV.

    Support Dave in 2014


    McKinley Is A PARAMOUNT Addition To The House When You Compare Him With MOLLAHAN!!! At Least He'll Talk To You, And I've Participated, By Phone, In TOWN HALL MEETINGS With Him. I, Myself Have Had My Fill Of Democrats. He Sure Isn't A RUBBER STAMP FOR BARRY SORTOS, Unlike MO_JO!!!

  • WV Citizen

    McKinley is over paid and under worked. He cost us 24+ billion dollars in October with the shutdown and now this Congress is known as the do nothing gang! I say to all Mountaineers to vote him out!

    • Ragweed

      Yea, sure, he caused the shutdown.

      Why weren't you yelling when no-good Mollohan was in office. He was a do-nothing!

  • Gary

    Work 113 days, make $174,000.00 I would do that in a heart beat. Need term limits and to set a schedule to make the high paid, non-representatives of the people work! McKinley is for his interest , not whats good for the people

    • Ragweed

      Apparently you haven't looked at his voting record. He does, indeed, vote as his constituents want - at least in this part of the state. Ok, there might be an exception or two, but show me someone who has a better voting record.

      McKinley is concerned with what is right!

  • JTC

    McKinley is so irrelevant in Congress it would not matter whether he was there or not, name one bill he has sponsored?

    • mtmanstan

      46 sponsored bills and 12 co-sponsored to be exact. Research is an amazing tool.

  • RogerD

    This is a tough call for me. With the direction they have been taking us the past few years, I think the less they work, the better off we are.

  • Woodchuck

    Very well said... The work is done behind closed doors. All for WE THE PEOPLE.

  • Paul

    The House is scheduled to be in session only 113 days in 2014.Perhaps its time we set a minimum schedule like our school children, 180 days regardless of weather.

  • C.H

    Yes, Im sure their working behind the senes on getting re elected.

  • Mike

    With the amount of things Congress screws up when they're "working" (wink, wink, nod), I'm thankful when they're not in session. Given half the chance, collectively they could foul up a 2-car parade.

  • WV4ever

    No matter how many zeros you add, it is still a zero for congress. This will be proven again in January.