CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two people are in police custody after a standoff situation in Kanawha County Tuesday afternoon.

It all started after U.S. Marshals, the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team and Charleston police attempted to serve a warrant for Miguel Quinones Jr. at an apartment complex off of Hillcrest Drive.

Police said Quinones was out on parole after being convicted of murder in 1995. A 2010 warrant was out for his arrest because of a parole violation.

Once police arrived, Quinones barricaded himself inside the apartment for over an hour. Officers had to forcibly enter the apartment using tear gas before eventually dragging Quinones out.

Quinones was hiding out in his girlfriend, Shawnique Hudson’s, home, and she was also arrested.

Quinones is also named in connection to the ongoing investigation into the murder of Kareem Hunter of Charleston.

He has not been charged in that case as of yet. Quinones is only being charged with a parole violation and drug possession.

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  • peace out

    he killed kareem hunter over drugs and money

  • no good

    Know the whole situation n notjust the bits n pieces u hear cuz then u might know the truth.Bet u didn't know he was a kid n didnt shoot n got more time than the shooter.

    • zero tolerance

      Translation for those of you who don't understand Saggypantoneese.

      "Know the whole situation and not just the bits and pieces you hear because then you might know the truth. Bet you didn't know he was a kid and didn't shoot and got more time than the shooter."

      • Joe

        Lol Zero!!!!

        That helped and reminded of the jive seen in the movie Airplane.

        What it is big momma didn't raise no fool....I dug his rap! :)

  • Dale

    1995 murder conviction and out? Suspected in another murder? Another argument for Capitol punishment.

    • Myron

      I would settle for sterilization for both of them.

  • Joe

    Sounds like a nice well-adjusted, society giving couple. It is so nice that we have so many young productive citizens in WV. I am sure they were working on their household budget and baking Christmas cookies.

    I am proud to be one of many who pat for their home, healthcare, income, phone and food.