MORGANTOWN, W. Va. — In their weekly installment of “The Takeaway,” Allan Taylor and Justin Hoff review the final game of the 2013 campaign against Iowa State and share their thoughts on the Mountaineers’ 4-8 season.

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  • TruthTeller

    You people just don't get it. There are no real games anymore. The Elite pay off teams like WVU to lose. The Elite are controlling the out come of all the games so only the rich and bigger schools get all the benefits of winning. Since WVU moved to the Big 12 there will be no more BCS bowls. No more NCAA tournament trips. The Elite are paying all of these teams millions to lose and not to be a threat to the richer and bigger schools. That is how WVU can shoot the lights out against the smaller schools but can't make even a free throw against the richer and bigger schools.
    Am I the only one that sees what is going on?
    You sheeple need to wake up!!! All these games are fixed anymore. So that the rich and bigger can collect all the benefits including the best recruits. GAME OVER

  • pghmountaineer

    One more thing, the Headline should have read A" Forgettable" season comes to a close.
    What a mess.

  • pghmountaineer

    The last time I checked we were ranked in the high 40's when it comes to grading recruiting classes. We're not even close to being a top 25 class. Not sure I would say these coaches can recruit well.

    • tw eagle

      these coaches are recruiting better than any WVU coaching staff since Nehlen found the
      roadmap to florida . . . hold these recruits up to what has been through the WVU system , not judged against what Michigan, Ohio St ,
      USC, Oregon , Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma , ect . have and will recruit in the future . . .

      IF , Holgerson keeps this class intact , and if Holgerson finds a way to reconcile his ideas with the abilities of his players to execute the same plans - WVU will begin to win again and grow a larger national profile , which will mean garnering the attention of the "elite" athletes that you refer to . . . I don't see any of these "elite" athletes giving WVU more than a second thought unless WVU can provide a program that is a "winner" year over year , and a playing venue that guarantees no "bad weather" - GET MY DRIFT ?

  • WVcoal

    I am glad this year finished. Dana has one year to provide us with another Holgasm like the one he gave us in the 2011 Orange Bowl or he is gone.

  • Allen

    You are over thinking things eagle.

    • tw eagle

      a small failing . . . better over thought than an

      angry one devoid of thought or possible

      remedies . . .

  • tw eagle

    the WVU coaching staff does one thing well . . .they recruit . . . I hope they're out
    ringing doorbells , kissing babies and
    whatever it might take to keep all the verbals
    in the WVU fold - especially after this
    horrid season . . .

    if the present assistant WVU coaches like their positions , they need to huddle with
    Holgerson and help him "freshen" his game
    as head coach . . . the two-year-old fit and dance needs to be cut from the act . . .when the only QB on the WVU roster who can understand your signals is the one who has been in the WVU system 3+ years . . . that has to change . . . the game plan and expectations of the O need to fit what they CAN execute properly 100% of the time . . .
    don't load a game plan (maybe great ideas)
    that pushes the learning curve too high and too fast . . .
    WVU O showed that they couldn't run first to open the pass . . .but you continued to game plan as if it would happen because you wanted it to . . . well gee coach , I thunk it's time for a change of plans . . .
    your tenure at WVU will be salvaged if you can keep all your "eggs" that the staff have gathered for the next class . . . if these prospective chicks "fly the coop" , you better come up with a better game plan than you tried in '13 . . .

    • Linda Hickman

      AMEN !!!!!!