CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Division of Corrections says a Kentucky-based company submitted the lone bid Thursday to house up to 400 West Virginia inmates who are currently housed in regional jails.

Corrections Corporation of America was one of two companies who were part of the mandatory pre-bid conference earlier this year but the only one to submit a bid Thursday.

CCA has a prison in Beattyville, Ky., and its bid said it would house the West Virginia inmates at the Lee Adjustment Center.

West Virginia Corrections Commissioner Jim Rubenstein said the bid is being reviewed to see if it’s fiscally responsible for the state. If so, Rubenstein said such a deal would be a great advantage for state prison inmates who can’t get the programs they need to be paroled while sitting in regional jails.

“All things being equal they’ll have been able to take care of a lot of if not all of their requirements, which should make them a very good candidate for parole if they’ve kept their nose clean and done what they are supposed to do,” he said.

At times as many as 1,800 state prisoners are in regional jails because there’s no room for them in state prisons. It’s a costly set-up for the Division of Corrections. Rubenstein believes money can be saved by sending up to 400 inmates out of state. He said they would have a better chance at parole the first time around if they can get the programs they need.

Rubenstein said the ideal population to go to another state is made up of minimum security inmates who have been sentenced to 1-to-3 or 1-to-5 year prison terms.

“We would like to move them into a facility where they are immediately trying to prepare themselves to see the parole board,” he said.

The state constitution requires the inmates to give permission to be moved from the state in which they were convicted. Rubenstein said some of the inmates are excited about the possibility.

“We’ve received calls from family members and letters from some of the inmates that say, ‘Hey, I want to let you know that I’m volunteering right now,’” Rubenstein said.


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  • C/O

    I work at the lee adjustment center. We house 50% child molesters. I'd rather have wv thugs and screwups than someone who did that to a child.

  • jag

    I have said before & I will say it again. Put the death penalty back into law.Anybody that is serving life for murder, doing life without parole could be gotten rid of. that would open up a lot of cell space. We shouldn't be feeding & keeping these scumbags warm & dry. They have taken away our family members. Get rid of them let them out of jail & straight to HELL.

  • chasmo

    Would NOT have to send " them , scumbags , " anywhere @ all if we would simply stop the breathing of those doing life w/out parole and the THREE TIME LOSERS ! Such a SIMPLE SOLUTION to the " issue" .Before all you LIBERALS get in an " uproar" ; there are NUMEROUS NUMEROUS amount of WORTHLESS SCUMBAGS doing life w/out mercy after committing vicious murderous acts that do not deserve to breathe loving our TAX money to enjoy life locked up ; THOSE ARE NO MISTAKES ! WE DESERVE , AS TAX PAYERS, THE RIGHT TO VOTE FOR CAPITAL PUNISHMENT . Come on " elected officials" put IT on the ballot

  • blugldmn

    Can we send them our elected trash as well...

  • Jima.

    Why can't you morons carry a intelligent conversation instead of talking trash on something you know nothing about? Fools....your all dismissed

  • Stan the Man

    Sure, send them out of state. It is a pity a prison could not be built in WV and provide jobs for the people in our state. Pendleton County had the chance to get a prison several years ago but too many narrow minded people fought the idea.

  • susanf1218

    Good. Send them out of state - good riddance! I'm just sorry that it is to my home state.

    • Jason412

      This is going to have 0 effect on your day to day life, besides the fact 400 people will be eligible for parole sooner then they would of been in WV jail. So if it does have any impact on your day to day it'll be more ex inmates coming back to the communities they were arrested in.

  • Myron

    Scum of the earth.

  • wvrefugee

    Send them all down to Dixie Hwy in that's Hell!