CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Members of West Virginia Citizen Action Group and labor unions protested outside a pair of restaurants and a convenience store Thursday afternoon in Charleston calling for an increase in the minimum wage.

The protest, which part of a national effort, focused on what many were calling a livable wage.

About two dozen protestors held signs on Washington Street East just a block from state capitol close to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Domino’s Pizza and 7-Eleven. Most held signs calling for an increase in pay for those working at the businesses nearby.

“Are you sure you want to underpay the people preparing your food?” One sign asked. While another said, “McPoverty, I’m hating it.”

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  • Keith

    These are "entry level jobs" into the workforce. They are not meant to be "carear" jobs although those opportunities are there if the employees wishes to go that route or take the risk. The end result of a higher minimum wage will be higher cost for a Big Mac, Whooper, and the fryes that go along with them. When it gets too high for the majority of the people who buy from those places, then those same people will go elsewhere like Kroger, or Walmart to get their food, take it home where they can prepare a more healthy meal for half the cost. So, where's the payoff

    • PhotoBoothe

      How backwards, Kathy. The ratio of pay between entry level jobs and top management pay used to be a fraction of what it has become.
      I don't have a problem with people who have "bettered themselves" through education or hard work earning more. But when millions of Americans WITH jobs are below the poverty line, but failed CEO's of some failed/failing companies get a multi-million dollar buyout, something is WAY wrong with that situation.
      Any of the gov't bashers who want to reduce gov't spending on social programs should start by supporting a true living wage for all...! If millions of WORKING Americans no longer labored for wages so low that they still need food stamps to get by..., BAM, instant reduction in gov't spending on such programs!

    • PhotoBoothe

      In 1950, the ratio of the average executive's paycheck to the average worker's paycheck was about 30 to 1. Since the year 2000, that ratio has exploded to between 300 to 500 to one.

      • Kelly

        I would say that is also that is also the same ratio for 1 in 500 employees who truly put in a productive full day of work, take pride in their companies, and appreciate the opportunity for advancement by being hired by the evil company.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Until I can go to a fast food restaurant & not have my order screwed up I am aginst paying them one cent more. Most of the ones I run into would be overpaid if they worked for free.

    • wvu999

      You get your order screwed up bc you get what you get when you pay these wages. You can be more selective about who you hire when you pay a respectable wage.
      Common sense

      • Dave

        Mind your own business. You don't work there, wvu999. If they have to pay twice as much, the restaurant will get automated gear that's cheaper, and half these people will get fired and not make a penny.

        • Poindxtr

          This is a public form, bright guy. It's everyone's business.

          • Poindxtr


      • Aaron

        That's not true. You get what the workforce supplies.

        Currently the U-3 unemployment rate is 7%. The U-6 rate is 13.2%. Both numbers seem to be improving over the last 3 years unless you do some research and find that those not in the workforce is up by 10 million people, it's not so good.

        As such, employees are plentiful and restaurants have their choice right now.

  • C. F. T.

    My bet is the paidfor photestors were paid more than the fast food employees, and are only present to put on an show for the media.

  • WVWho

    Pay them for their performance. You want to make more than $7.50? Don't jack up our order every time we come through. Show up to work clean and orderly looking professional. Have some respect for the job you do.

    • wvu999

      Get what you pay for.
      Common sense

      • WVWho

        you obviously work minimum wage...Common sense

      • Dave

        Mind your own business. You don't work there. If they have to pay twice as much, the restaurant will get automated gear that's cheaper, and half these people will get fired and not make a penny.

    • Jason412

      I dont work minimum wage, and its absolutely true you get what you pay for.

      At a restaurant you tip your waitress for getting your order right and providing good service. When fast food people are getting paid $7.25/hour no matter how good the service they provide is whats the motivation? Im not saying we start tipping at the drive thru but they usually dont even have a chance of getting a raise and if they do its an extra 20 cents/hour or something close to it.

      If you want quality service you pay accordingly. That applies to all aspects of life. If you want the quality you're going to have to pay more than $5 for a meal, that seems like common sense to me.

  • R Bell

    If they are threatening to do something to my food then I guess I won't go to fast food restaurants any more. Let them get a raise if they run off the customers. Not a smart sign!!

    • wvu999

      They aren't paid by the number of orders. It's an hourly job. You'll make their job easier by not going.

      • Dave

        Mind your own business. You're gonna get half these people will get fired and then they won't make a penny.

      • Kent A

        You will only make their jobs "easier" for a little while. When sales drop off, hours get cut. Then where will they be? Back on the streets.

  • donutfiend77

    Shouldn't all of the protestors be at work? Just curious.

    • TLC

      They don't work there. Most are being paid by unions minimum wage ( or less), to stand and complain.

  • wvu999

    Not in one state in the US can a full time minimum wage employee own a two bedroom house and make it. On top of that no insurance. It is a shame that people in the best country in the world do not have insurance.

    • Whatamoroon

      Have you been living under a rock? Ever heard of O'bama care? It's very affordable. He he

      • wvtd

        they are on medicare. it is free. this is the kind of radicals that thrive in a socialist society. work hard and go to a school of some kind and move up that way. s.e.i.u. sucks! this is what you get when you vote democrat, more people with their hands out becoming dependent on the government for all of their needs.

    • Dave

      Mind your own business. If they have to pay twice as much, the restaurant will get automated gear that's cheaper, and half these people will get fired and not make a penny

      • Stephen

        Mind your business, if a restaurant could get automated 'gear' it would.

  • WVWho

    The most outstanding part is the next to last pic of the guy wearing the Obama Hat!

    • John of Wayne

      I'm confident he has no idea of the irony here.

  • John of Wayne

    I see AFT sign boards and logo shirts. Is this one of the teacher's unions and if so, are teachers actually supporting fast food jobs as career paths?

    • Charleston,WV

      That's hilarious!!!

    • Grammar Spelling

      Teachers want what they produce to look successful.


  • Shadow

    Bring back "The Brown Bag" or the "Lunch Pail". They worked for a long time.

  • Joe

    Go to Detroit and ask the union workers in the auto plants how asking for the moon with the unions worked out for them. Oh wait, there aren't any auto plant jobs left in Detroint. What they are likely to get with a raise in minimu wage is MacMicrowave in the supermarket and no job at all.

    • Chef Camille

      The UAW raped the US with the GM /Chrysler bailout. All their pension and benefits were saved and they own 47% of Chrysler. They did this with zero interest borrowings from uncle SAM

    • Mike

      Keep in mind that unions love minimum wage increases…the "unskilled" workers make more, so they can attempt to justify higher wages for their "skilled" union members.

  • John of Wayne

    The very purpose of business is not to create jobs but to create profit for their investors. Jobs are a by-product of business. The labor force is supply and demand. McDonald's type jobs are suitable employment for school kids and those with few skills, those who dropped out of school, those who ruined their work records by tardiness/absenteeism, those who cannot land a higher paying job due to their recreational drug habits, etc. Those who want more money MUST make themselves more marketable by realizing what the marketplace wants in an employee and by investing in themselves through education. It's proven to work.

  • BigDeal

    This is not an issue of the raising of minimum wage, this is an issue where the employer needs to raise the employees wages. People do not understand simple economics where raising the minimum wage will in turn raise the prices of everything else and lower the value of the dollar. You get paid for the quality of work you do or the difficulty of your job or your value to the company. If you have a job where you can be easily replaced, and you do not work to advance yourself....then you will have to settle with lower-class income my friend.

  • bulldog95

    McLayOffs, I'm hating it. McRaiseInPrices, I'm hating it.

  • Steve

    “McPoverty, I’m hating it.”

    Love it!!!!