WHEELING, W.Va. — A live in-game blog of the Class A state championship game between Greenbrier West and Madonna:


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  • Not Impressed

    I am proud of our team and they didn't let us down. They displayed great sportsmanship unlike the other team. Sorry, Modonna but your fans cheering and yelling while your player was down was horrible. Furthermore, I know they were excited but celebrating while our students were lined up to shake hands was poor sportsmanship. It was very disrepectful and classless. Your coach should never have let the team do that but did he stop it. No, he can over and jump up in the middle like a big kid. Grow up and be a real man and teach your students to be true champions not just winners of a single game. If you want to see class, sportsmanship, and hardwork watch West football. When we advanced to states we were super excited but our boys celebrated with class by first shaking hands with Magnolia before running to our sidelines to start the celebration.

  • John

    Congrats Blue Dons on your win. Congrats to Greenbrier West for making it to the Championship game and on a very good season.

  • David Buchanan

    But its single A a weaker division honestly

  • K9 Bongo

    Way to go MADONNA!!!! Congrats to all the Players/coaches/Fans! Way to go Austin B!!!!

  • Kevin

    Glad to have the Single A trophy back where it belongs north of the Mason Dixon Line.

  • al

    Comis proved tonight that he deserves the kennedy Award

  • Mike

    What numbers Larry?

    • Larry

      The ones I stated previously.


    How many of Madonna's players are from Weirton? I am just curious.

    • no excuses

      Doesn't matter where they're from (California, Maine, Florida, wherever), as long as they were enrolled the entire previous school year, they can play. That means PUBLIC SCHOOLS too. So you better clean up your own backyard. Any school can entice a kid to attend their school. But they have to abide by the rules. THEY ALL DO IT!

    • K9 Bongo

      All, but One, are from Weirton!

  • Tom

    Congrats to Madonna from the Irish in Charleston!

  • Guest

    Garrett...thanks for the blogs...tell Fred and Dave hello and great work that all of you do!

  • Larry

    Feel bad for players in public A schools, have to be happy playing for runner up, since private schools have so many inherent advantages.

    • no excuses

      When you choose to live in a small rural area, you also choose to go with a geographical disadvantage in programs such as high school sports. The only way around it is to move to a more populous area. Too much emphasis is put on sports, instead of education. If you value your kids sports that much, then you have to move.

    • PJ

      And those advantages are?

      • Larry

        More money, ability to recruit players from a much larger area than public counterparts, and most located in larger urban areas and on state border to allow access to out of state players. Since 1996, 14 boys basketball, 17 girls basketball, and 10 football championships have been won by private schools, but it's probably just a coincidence.

        • no excuses

          More discipline and instilled teamwork. That's the advantage.

        • shocking

          Supporters of the private schools actually think it is a level playing field. It's hilarious.

          • no excuses

            You know, your kid can go there too.

          • no excuses

            You are right. Private schools advantage is something called teamwork and discipline starting in grade school.

        • Dave

          I agree some private schools do recruit, but Madonna isn't one of them. The furthest Blue Don is Nero, and he has been going to school in Weirton since middle school. Everyone else is either from Weirton or some where close. Don't group all the public schools into one group just because of the actions of some.

          • no excuses

            John, very well stated. The definition of "recruit" in WV has finally been stated........CHOICE.
            And the nice thing about it is we all can do it.

          • John

            Dave, I am curious about your statements, "I agree some private schools do recruit, but Madonna isn't one of them" and "just because of the actions so some". Which private schools are you referring to? You can't throw stones at the glass house you live in. I agree with the arguement that private schools have an advantage because their students cross school districts but they are using the wrong word "recruiting" isn't correct. I don't know of any child that gets "recruited" in kindergarten for their athletic ability. Most of these kids have been in the private schools since a very young age. It is more of a "choice" or alternative to the public school system for education. We, parents, make the "choice" to send our kids there. Some of us aren't well off and get loans to send our kids to these schools. We want our kids to be in a good environment for learning and discipline. The big athletic advantage is that our kids have been playing together for years where the public school kids may only get to play together for few years. It is hard to get kids to work together in a short time frame. The disadvantage that the rural single A public schools have is lack of "choice" of schools to send their kids. So the private school doesn't "recruit" our children, we make a "choice" based on education, not athletics, at young age to send them there. Why would a very good athletic want to play in single A? Not too many college division 1 schools recruit from the single A, a very good athlete would want to play AAA to get noticed.

        • Mike

          Stop complaining about private schools recruiting. You and I both know they don't recruit if you want to beat a private school look at your own school and try to fix your own program instead of assuming someone else's program is cheating

          • Jim

            Thank you !! Someone finally had some sense.

          • Larry

            The numbers don't lie Mike, I don't even have a rooting interest in single A. Private schools winning is a forgone conclusion, it's why it's the least exciting of the 3 classes.

  • WHS Alumni

    Congrats to Madonna High School State Champs! From Weir High School

  • Dave

    State champions WEIRTON MADONNA way to go boys

  • Dave Barr

    Gonna go ahead and say it.....
    Congratulations to coach Taylor and Madonna....

  • Jeffrey Weaver

    Wow.. Duke actuslly hanging with Fl St