CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia lawmakers will be in Charleston beginning Monday morning for three days of interim committee meetings.

A Monday morning meeting will focus on student debt in the state’s colleges and universities. Another committee will meet Monday to discuss the results of a recent legislative audit concerning the state DHHR.

Meetings this week will also focus on the state highway system and a proposal about setting minimum amounts for auto insurance coverage.

Some of the committees will be wrapping up their study topics that began back in May. The 60-day regular session of the legislature begins Jan. 8.


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  • Joe

    Anyone know what the outcome of the debate over pay raises for current elected county officers?

    Thanks. Joe

    • worker

      I will guess that they got the raise because they are better connected than lowly state workers.

      • Polly the Pundit

        Lots of jobs in the private sector Worker...oh, but you would lose your 13 paid holidays a year, getting off on election day(s), your ability to file a grievance over every petty thing, and your crutch whining about low pay...that is if you could get a job in the private sector where skils and performance matter...

        • WhgFeeling

          Actually it is 16 holidays next year. (including elections) By the way Polly please do not lump all government employees int he same category. Not all of them whine about money (but IMHO they are paid low in some cases) and several must have skills to perform the job. Unfortunately many times the performance part does not seem to matter.

          Oh and about those private sector jobs......let's rethink that statement here in the great state of WV. Not all that many private sector positions available.

          • Justathought

            Not really making a comment, but more of a question. Do state employees receive pay increases annually based on their years of service? I heard they get $100.00 or $200.00 per year of service. If so, isn't that a built in pay raise annually?

        • zero tolerance

          Envy is the ulcer of the soul.............