CHARLESTON, W.Va. — U.S. Senator Joe Manchin has now joined the thousands of Americans who have used the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges.

Manchin announced Monday in a release that he and his entire staff are now enrolled in the exchange. He stated this is a going to be a transition period.

“We are all aware that there have been colossal failures and missteps during the implementation of this law, and there are many policies within the Affordable Care Act that must be fixed,” Manchin stated in the release. “However, there are also many good aspects to the law that offer more health services to millions of hardworking Americans.”

Manchin said he plans to continue to work at fixing the many problems with the law while also bringing to light the positives.

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  • wv4ever

    my company pays 1890.00 per month for my health insurance. if i switch to Affordable Healthcare my premium is 1472 for the same policy. my company saves about 400. But why in the world would I want to save my company 400 per month to participate in this program. The policy would be with a far better company than the jerks we currently have, too! i wonder when this type of information will make the news media.

    • Citizen once Kained

      Then what is keeping your company from changing to begin with?

    • C.Hoffman


    • Jephre

      Your deductible will probably go from $500 to $5000.

    • Kelly

      I agree with John sound like a real tool.

      • wvman75

        You know all these cancellation notices that millions of privately insured Americans are receiving? The next shoe to drop will be when the extension Obama gave businesses expires next October. That's when people with employee provided healthcare will start receiving their cancellaton notices. Lots of companies are going to move their employees to the exchanges.

  • Bill Hill

    Why would he and his staffers sign up for Obamacare? He already has Cadillac coverage, thanks to the taxpayers and as far as I know his staff does also. Politicians will do anything for publicity.

  • Docbegone

    Help! The inmates are running the asylum.

  • wv4ever

    Those of you bashing Manchin will be fools at the end of the day. He will be elected again because those against him do not have the brains to beat him. Just like when President Obama was re-elected for his SECOND term. As a Democrat I love the stupid comments made on social media sites and comments sections as it only adds to the numbers of Democrats. You guys haven't figured it out that the only ones who believe like you are the losers.

    • watching the mess

      IF Manchin gets re-elected it will be the same way Obama got re-elected.

      Sheeple like you trying to get something for FREE.

    • Rich

      You sound like Obama getting elected was a good thing for this country. lol Do you ever read a newspaper or watch another channel besides MSNBC?

    • John

      And you seem to be a loser, wv4ever......

  • El Supremo

    The state of West Virginia will NEVER improve economically until the electorate ceases to vote for snake oil salesmen that will say anything to get elected.

    Manchin is simply another Obama. Don't believe a single word they say--watch what they do. Look at Manchin's voting record and he supports his buddy Barack every time.

    Keep in mind NOT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR OBAMACARE. When your insurance is cancelled or your rates increase--thank Joe and Barack.

  • Mountain Independent

    Another middle of the road statement from good ole fence sittin' Joe! Oh, by the way, Joe we're still losing jobs daily back here in WV because of your Democrat president. Thanks!!

  • Citizen once Kained

    Worse is the slanted view of the "staff writer" -- "Joe has now joined the thousands of Americans" ???? HIP-HIP-HOORAY!!!

    Here's the TRUTH: Joe, nor any other member of Congress, hasn't a choice but to join-- it's the law!!

    During the 2010 debate over the Affordable Care Act, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, proposed an amendment requiring members of Congress and their staffs to purchase health insurance though state exchanges. Democrats, viewing the amendment as a political stunt, co-opted the idea as their own and inserted it into the bill.

    But the provision was silent about who would pay for that insurance, or how those payments would be treated. The exchanges were intended for uninsured people who couldn't get health insurance through their employer or qualify for Medicaid. Those who had access to health benefits meeting minimum coverage levels could still purchase insurance on the exchanges — but without a subsidy and using after-tax income.

  • just sayin

    Hey Senator: did your deductible increase with your new plan? (mine did, doubled) Did your premiums go up (mine did) Did your benefits get worse with your new plan? (mine did) Did your out of pocket amount increase? (mine did)..Did you get a subsidy to help pay for yours? (I didn't because our plan is through my husband's employer and we go to work everyday to pay for everybody else's subsidy) just sayin...

  • PMQ

    BloJoe, dear just can't help yourself. You want/need attention so badly, you stoop to this, sad. Between trying to sign up for ObamaCare, and talking to First Graders, you have been a busy boy. What a joke. Sad, really really...sad.

  • Dale

    Goodness Joe. How low will you go? This attempt to "connect" with the "little people" fails miserably. Laughable. Not a but funny.

  • C. F. T.

    NoJoe we in WV are worn-out with your self promoting pandering. No way will I nor my friends vote for you in your next election, we did vote for you in the past but you have clearly shown that you are an Liberal masquerading as an moderate.

  • Myron

    He is a disgrace. Mr. "I cannot remember if I attended my daughters MBA graduation".

    • RANDY

      In his defense-she couldn't remember if she attended either.

  • Curious

    How did the site work for you? Have you been trying since Oct 1? Did you choose from the DC exchange menu or from that massive list of choices from the one company on the WV list? I bet there was a lot of "subsidy" for the staffers.

    • WhgFeeling

      What I had heard was Legislative staff had their own personal guide through the system.

      • Jason412

        Idk about in WV but in Pittsburgh anyone can go to the library and have a "guide". If WV is not offering the same services its because the citizens didnt organize it.

        I seen on the news where a 60 year old with cancer and in chemo got a plan for $1 or $2 a month. Ill try to find the link it was on WPXI last month. How is it so cheap for someone like that but doubles for "justsayin"

        • WhgFeeling

          it is that cheap because of subsidies and tax relief. They need the younger healthier folks to pay more so the older and less fortunate don't have to. Seems a bit like socialism 101.

        • Shawn H

          Wait until that cancer patient goes before the death panel and they tell them that they will just have to die because your "quality of life" is just not high enough.

        • Jim

          My guess is the 60 year old is poor and is getting most paid for by the working class. And my guess justsayin actually works and has to pay for his on his own. Yes this will be "Affordable" to the poor not for the working man.

  • Randy

    Why don"t you go ahead and sign up for cheap cold fusion electricity and a license to hunt bigfoot! Or maybe buy stock in the Volcano Island Waterpark in Fairmont. All seem equally promising.

    • Citizen once Kained

      You need a license to hunt Big Foot? What a rip off

      • RANDY

        Agreed. I wonder how much WV drivers pay to repair damage for bigfoot/car collisions each year.

    • David Kennedy

      I know that West Virginia is searching for new sources of revenue....I'd like a Bigfoot Hunting License just to frame and hang on the wall.. ;)

  • RogerD

    Fix away, Joe. I believe the voters of the state may be "fixing" to have you replaced.


      Amen to that one. So he is now supporting Obama's tragedy. We all agree something was needed, but not this pig in the poke.

    • WhgFeeling