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Martinsburg senior Duncan Scott dumps water on coach Dave Walker after the Bulldogs edged Huntington 9-7 for their fourth straight Class AAA state title.

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Martinsburg High School football coach Dave Walker admits he’s already being quizzed about the quest for a fifth consecutive state title. Walker and the Bulldogs captured their fourth straight back on Saturday at Wheeling Island Stadium with a 9-7 victory over Huntington.

Walker laughed about the expectations on MetroNews Talkline Monday.

“I think our fans are a little bit spoiled,” he said.

Walker said the discussion of a fourth title hadn’t come up as part of any team conversation until the game week rolled around. He acknowledges he realizes it’s a subject on the minds of his players. He tries to downplay the expectations because nothing comes without hard work.

“As long as they are working in the off-season and trying to put themselves in a position to be successful, they’re going to talk about it,” he said. “If that’s what motivates them, so be it, but we don’t talk about it as a team because it’s a lofty goal and it’s tough.”

Martinsburg is now one of the most successful football programs in the state and with success comes great expectation.

“I want them to think in those regards,” said Walker of his players. “But you’ve got to put in the work.”

Walker said of Saturday’s game they knew they would struggle offensively and they did.  The Bulldogs’ only touchdown came when the coach’s son caught a pass in the end zone.

“Every father’s dream,” said Walker. “I was very happy for him. He was excited and he’s had a great year.”

The difference came when Martinsburg blocked a Huntington punt which rolled through the end zone for a safety.  Nobody thought it would standup as the game changer in the second quarter.

“We had a block on after we saw something on field we thought we could try,” Walker said. “At the time you knew it was a huge play, but you didn’t expect it to be a deciding factor in the game.”


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  • Jonus Grumby

    Coach Walker & his staff can leave their GPS at home now. They know the way to Wheeling without it.

  • DWM

    Anybody that thinksMartinsburg is great because of the athletes or where it is in relation to the state doesn't remember the mid and late 90's. They were horrible and got punked by Mussleman and Hedgesville regularly. The athletes were there, they were just underperforming because of terrible coaching or weren't going out for football because of a history of losing.

    When Coach Walker and his staff got there things changed immediately. They are excellent coaches and have been for 18 years.Now Martinsburg is a monster, and will continue to be so for some time to come. But watch our for Washington and Jefferson, those schools have weathered the split and should get better each year.

    Just a guess, but the next WV team that beats Martinsburg will be another EP team.

    • EP Haters

      It will be a long time before any team from the EP beats MHS. Just look at how they're dominating the EP annually, and it extends down to the JV level. Walker just keeps reloading and finding players to replace those that leave.

      When MHS loses next to a WV team, it will be in a playoff game to a team from a different part of the state. The other programs just aren't getting there.....HHS, JHS, WHS, will be a looooong time before any of them beat MHS.

    • Steve

      That sounds a lot like the story at Huntington. Talent all over the school. Finally getting it on the field and seeing some results

  • Richard L.

    You must also remember Martinsburg is now another bedroom community of Washington D.C. This helps the talent you get.

    • Jaybo83

      Martinsburg isn't considered a bedroom community for DC. Jefferson County is, however. Doesn't seem to help them much. Can you name me any recruits that played for MHS? All local kids, played with and against each other since pee wee league.

  • Cap time

    Whether Martinsburg will be back in title game all depends on how recruiting goes in the off-season. Oh wait, that is only the small, Catholic schools. My bad.

    • Dogsfan


  • jo

    Your correct, Walker coached East Hardy while Fiddler was at Moorefield. They had some battles, 2 excellent coaches. I see Martinsburg being a powerhouse for along time has the kids buying into the program and will only continue to win. Only if we in Moorefield can get back to MHS glory days

  • WV Bud

    Coach Walker and Fiddler were both team mates I think at Glenville.I remember when he was at East Hardy and Fiddler was at MHS. They were good coaches in Hardy County. Made for some good games here.

  • jo

    That 5-peat is something that has never been done before. Martinsburg, Moorfield, and Wheeling CC. all have their 4 in a row. Moorefield went back to the Island for their 5th, but was stopped by Wheeling CC. Walker and Fiddler both have their 4-peats

  • will

    Wonder if they could bet the Mounties?????

    • scott

      To Will: i guarantee they could beat wvu especially with trickett taking the snaps

  • Mburgfan

    Coach Walker and his crew deserve much credit for bring Martinsburg football to the Zenith of West Virginia High School Football. I believe, but I am not sure, that coach Walker made a decision to take his son out of the game during the last defensive series because his son was a little over anxious. This is the kind of decisions that creates champions. Coach's son was clearly disappointed but being the great team player - he simply rolled with the punches. I am talking about critical thinking and decision making which are the corner stone of Martinsburg success. Troy is a great player who contributed to victories by his play on defensive and offense - awesome catches in the Cabell Midland and Huntington games; however, coaching - great coaching and playing can look like luck. I listening to the coach do an interview about the block punt and he said "that was a play we put in after we saw something we believe w could exploit.." critical thinking and decision making. The Martinsburg coaches and players make great playing look like luck. I believe a little luck can't hurt. With continued great coaching next year I believe Martinsburg will make the drive for 5. The will convert someone to quarterback like the always do and make a run for a 5th championship. In the meantime I have the coaches and players take a well deserve rest and enjoy the most recent victory.

    • Bulldog Dad

      Mburgfan, Coach Walkers son did play the last defensive series. Wow! What a game! Huntington's defense was great. Might not of been the best "overall" defense we saw this year, but the front four were by far the best we saw.

  • EP Power

    Five would be insane. Good nucleus coming back though. Nobody thought this years team could pull it off either. They progressed throughout the season (especially the defense) thanks to hard work, a great coaching staff, and the ability to continually find ways to win.

  • travis

    Thats right good job to the bulldogs