CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Chances of an increase in pay for teachers during the 2014 Regular Legislative Session again appears to be a long shot. But, the head of the West Virginia Federation of Teachers believes there is a better way to address the problem of teacher pay.

“What we’re looking for is a long term funding stream and resources for the classroom,” said WV AFT President Christine Campbell said Monday on MetroNews Talkline. “Both of those things cost money.”

Campbell said dedicating a stream of constant money to education would be the way to insure teachers’ salaries in West Virginia are competitive with counterparts in other states.

She also addressed the qualifications for hiring a teacher, a task where she said the educators themselves should play a role in having to hire new teachers. She said that is a time-consuming process, but very important.

“It took longer than it should have for this year’s hirings to get them involved,” she said. “We are encouraging our faculty senates to accept that impairment and work toward having the best people in their schools.”

The conversation about qualifications and pay always comes back to the guidelines by which teachers are judged.  Campbell said they believe it’s more important to evaluate the teacher’s performance instead of the outcome of a single examination.

“They’re performance should be the majority of the evaluation system,” she said. “That’s what makes a difference in students is the effective teaching in a classroom, not the results of a test.”


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  • stophating

    Just a question..... Economy is good, no raise, economy is bad no raise.... So no raise ever check... No respect either.... No wonder 100s of jobs are filled by unqualified individuals.... Solution, lower standards... Lets see how that works for students in WV.

  • One positive from all this.....

    If teachers would happen to get an increase in there salary, maybe the state of West Virginia would be able to hire fine quality teachers instead of the ones we are left with now. The teachers that cared about their job are all retired.

    • One positive from all this.....


  • Polly the Pundit

    Oh, and that current events lesson should include "School Levies 101: How a levy in Kanawha County failed 76% to 24%"...

  • Polly the Pundit

    Christine Campbell, as well as other teachers, must no longer include a review of current events as part of their teaching anymore. If they did, they might have heard that the State is struggling to find $1 billion dollars to fix roads, is experiencing decreased tax revenues, and may have to move ahead with a 7.5% across the board budget cut. Further, as pointed in an article yesterday, due to Obamacare, PEIA will be levying double digit premium increases in 2016. Let me think...hmmm...I do believe that the NEA and other labor unions supported Obama...oh yeah, they did. When you want to thank someone for your predicament, just use any mirror - preferably one in an unsanitized bathroom where you can get the full olfactory ambience to gain a better understanding of why you are where you are getting what you are getting.

    She seems to lack a plan as to where this magical funding stream would be coming from. Further, I find her suggestion that the teachers need to be more involved in the hiring of other teachers rather bemusing...will they insist on drug testing applicants?...requiring national certifications?...require a dress code?...make them sign a performance guarantee with regard to attendance?...a morals clause? I, and others, anxiously await the feedback on how teachers are there for the kids - on how they get no respect - on how hard they work with their summers off and a week off at Christmas - and how they merit a pay raise when, again as pointed out, are tenth in the nation in terms of dollars spent but nearly last in terms of performance. This will be good.

  • Myron

    You all simply do not understand that increased compensation equals increased performance in the classroom. What do you expect....that performance must be demonstrated first?!

    • John of Wayne

      Yes, exactly that.

    • The bookman

      Sorry Myron,

      But yes! That is how it works in the real world...getting an annual raise because of a year of service without regard to performance is not a real world occurrence...I see your posts consistently on metronews stories, so I know you have read the numerous stories regarding our diminished revenue situation against increasing us all a favor and walk down the hall to the math department and have them explain the impact of that economic phenomena....what a broken record you play...everyone would like to make more money...but to beg every year and then state you deserve it without regard to performance continues to astound me!

    • the truth

      I doubt your a teacher. More likely another person trying to stir stuff up. Your quality government workers need rewarded for dedicated work. Merit raises are needed for quality staff. I doubt that you would have arguments from effective frontline teachers and regular state staff that a merit pay scale be created. All that is happening now is that politicians are using employees as whipping boys to help cover their inability to do their job.

      • Joe

        I resent that. That is why Christine Campbell is leading the fight in Lewis County to ensureteacher rights are not violated by having to adhear to a dress code. We should be able to wear jeans or swears anytime we want. This is a violation of teacher rights. Also, increased compensation will certainly improve test scores. Hoping other teachers will chime in here.

        • Polly the Pundit

          Joe, pray tell how higher pay will equal higher test scores? Does it mean that teachers will "try harder"? Does it mean that they will actually start doing the job(s) that they are already being paid to do? Please enlighten the masses.

          Second, where is it your "right" to wear jeans and/or sweats while you do your job? Again, we are all anxiously awaiting a response and for your fellow "professionals" to chime in. For in the private sector they have these silly little things like dress codes, drug testing, pay for performance, "at-will" employment, and required national certifications and/or credentials in order to keep your job...

          I missed your imput on these issues...

  • WhgFeeling

    The beat of the same drum. More money ...we NEED more money...

    Same thing over and over and over and over again. I see very little in open positions in comparison to other government sector positions that are far more dangerous such as corrections or CPS or even state road.

    Sorry but I'm tired of hearing the same beat.

  • Fubar

    West Virginia ranks 10th in the nation in education spending per capita. Yet we rank near last in student achievement. Union solution is more spending. Sorry I don't have any spare change today. Maybe later when business climate improves.

    • GSCsBB1

      We rank at the bottom because the students aren't forced in anyway to actually take the test. They can score below mastery, above mastery, it doesn't matter nothing will happen to them if they score great or miss every question. Why try on something if it doesn't effect them?

      • Polly the Pundit

        ...and the citizenry is resistant to support pay raises because teachers aren't forced to take drug tests, aren't forced to attain national certification, and voice vehement opposition when they are "forced" to dress like professionals...

  • Myron is time the taxpayers paid their share to ensure fair teacher compensation. The state also needs to prioritize teacher pay over other state employee pay requests. We work wedkends, take work home with us....Who else does that?!

    If it costs 50 million per year, so be it.

    • John of Wayne

      What would you estimate to be our taxpayers' share?

      As a hiring manager in the private sector, a sector who pays very well, I find the overwhelming majority of applicants recently graduated from high school can barely read, practically none of them can do simple math without a calculator, their handwriting is mostly illegible, they have no knowledge of how to make it through an interview, I can go on.

      However, they seem to have learned that they deserve top pay for simply showing up and going through the motions.

      With what the education system is producing, I feel I'm already over paying.

      • Leo

        Dear John,
        These applicants feel they deserve top pay etc., because their parents have created monsters who do nothing yet expect compensation. Well why not, they do nothing yet get that government check every month. They can't read or do math because it is too much work. I am so tired of defending my job performance. It isn't the teachers it is the lazy kids.

        • John of Wayne

          I'll grant you, the system is not supportive of education. We have a government promoting education and hard work for the attainment of a career while at the same time, fighting much harder for entitlement programs that reward sloth and mediocrity. Discipline is non-existent. But for those students who just don't measure up, why are they awarded diplomas and sent out into the world when you know that they just don't have it?

          • Leo

            Well John, it isn't the teachers that pass them on. Test scores are not tied to advancement, so they could get D's in all core classes but one, have an F in there, novice in all areas of state testing and still pass. The bar is set way too low. I had a student a few years back who failed ALL core classes and the principal passed him because he knew it would not make a difference to the child or his mother, who by the way worked in the school system also. He then went to what we lovingly call "Summer School In A Box" and miraculously passed with all A's. I wish people would understand how much our hands are tied, if we would strike because of that, all people would say is we want more money. It makes me sad that I have spent so much money getting my education, MA +45hrs, that did not come cheap, and I still have to defend my job daily. Parents need to step up, students need to step up, the state department needs to tie scores to advancement.

    • jm


      • Myron

        Not sure what you are trying to imply.

        • dodge

          Myron if you do not like your job or the pay QUIT!!!

          • WhgFeeling

            That goes for a teacher as well.......