FLAT TOP, W.Va. — Appalachian Power Company said Tuesday it hopes to have power restored to all its customers impacted by a Sunday ice storm in southern West Virginia back on line by Wednesday night.

A half-inch of ice coated trees and power lines in southern Raleigh, northern Mercer and a few surrounding counties. Outages remained in Raleigh and Mercer counties Tuesday.

Appalachian Power spokesman Phil Moye said company and contracting crews hoped to get all Raleigh County customers back on by Tuesday night and those in Mercer County by Wednesday night. Moye said the storm did a lot of damage to power lines, cross-arms and poles.

“It’s not over a very large geographic area but the damage in those areas is pretty significant. We have a lot of work ahead of us,” Moye said. “There’s a lot of wire down.”

The weight of the ice toppled dozens of trees in the impacted areas. At one time, there were more than two dozen secondary roads closed in Mercer County because trees were blocking the roads.

Moye said working through ice is different for line repair crews that problems caused by wind.

“They do have to be prepared for a variety of conditions. This was a little challenging especially as the ice was melting off, it was falling out of the trees. It’s not the best working conditions but they were out in it,” Moye said.

Appalachian Power reported about 6,000 customers without service Tuesday morning in Raleigh and Mercer counties. Temperatures were forecasted to dip to the teens Tuesday night.

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  • Lisa

    God Bless those workers out in this nasty weather!! Stay safe!