MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After West Virginia led for nearly 16 minutes of the second half in an 80-76 loss to No. 20 Gonzaga, Mountaineers coach Bob Huggins saw ample reason for optimism. But also he saw lapses in execution that ultimately cost WVU a win that would have glistened on Selection Sunday.

“We’re so close to being pretty good, but at the same time we’re so far away,” Huggins said.

“I think we can beat everybody we’ve played. Given another chance at the end of the year we can beat anybody we’ve played to this point. But at the same time, we’ve got to win enough games to do that.”

Listen to Huggins’ complete postgame news conference above.

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  • Seneca Rocks

    I like this team they are young. By the end of the year they should be really really good. Next they will rock it.

  • pghmountaineer

    Looks like all we have to hang on to this year is "moral" victories. It's hard to watch all this loosing, in the fall, and now in the winter. It's been a while since our programs have been bottom feeders. I guess we have to get used to it. At least for the foreseable future.

  • big tom

    I don't see us winning anymore games than last yr... le'ts face it , this game has passed huggie by,,,,,, it's settin back and drawing his fat paycheck now.

  • tw eagle

    your WVU team has talent coach . . . they lack the confidence to take the game to opponents , which they can . . . the wheels seemed to fall off against Gonzaga after Williams got stuffed twice on one possession . . . even on D , they "crawled"
    into a hole and gave wide open looks from 3land . . . which Gonzaga used to bury the Mounties . . . you coach , need to guide them through the rough spots in games so that building confidence doesn't get snuffed . . .

  • squad

    why didn't Watkins get off the pine?? why didn't he get a shot at the big guy??

  • El Supremo

    Failure to play tight defense in the last six minutes. Mountaineers continue to be weak in the paint. Until they recruit / develop a big man they will continue to lose to teams with size.

    Better shooting team than last year. Still making young mistakes, which should improve into February.

  • squad

    close again...doesn't mean a damned thing except a loss

  • squad

    devin really hurt us with his judgment in the clutch. at crunch time, it should only be harris staten and/or Henderson shooting outside js with game on the line.. what was it at the 4 min mark, 4 or 5 straight possessions he shot it?? and harris went to sleep on pangos and that was it.

    • leroy j gibbs

      Bigs get fouled a lot. They need to learn to make free throws

  • big tom

    let's see,, a 4-8 football coach said we were this close to being good,,,, I'd think the two coaches could get together and decide they weren't going to use the same description of their respective teams .

  • Big Larry

    “We’re so close to being pretty good, but at the same time we’re so far away,” Huggins said.

    NOTE: This comment qualifies to be added to the file...

    "1001 of the Most Stupid Comments, Remarks and Statements Made by Bob Huggins".

    • Rock Solid

      @Big Larry: Huggi Bear's comment was not far from the truth. Our boys gave maximum effort enough for a win if the game was only fifteen minutes long. That is how hard they tried, but with no depth they just ran out of steam without anyone to give them a breather they just reached a wall. Tired legs make missed shots and no defense. It's a price we will pay all year for having to clean house last year. No depth!!!

      • big tom

        and recruiting flunkies and jail birds

  • Allan

    We were out muscled in the paint, Devin looked a little leg weary in the second half..doesn't seem to be in top physical condition. Devin will be a force to contend with once he understands how to play at this level, but for now he is still playing high school round ball. All in all, I see reason for hope later in the season and for the future. It would be nice to get a big guy in the paint to neutralize other teams or will have to make a high percentage of our shots to compete.