LOGAN, W.Va. — Forty Logan County residents were evacuated from their homes Wednesday with no firm timeline on when the only way in or out would be repaired.

The residents live on Madison Creek Road near Lyburn. The road is covered with a mudslide with an unstable hillside above. Those residents met with the DOH Wednesday and were urged to take advantage of the evacuation option and some did.

The Logan County Emergency Ambulance Service Authority took about 40 residents out by boat on the Guyandotte River. The DOH will pay for temporary housing and transportation. The DOH has no clear timeline on when the road will be repaired.

The first evacuations began Tuesday evening with a man who had gone without dialysis for nearly a week and it was critical he make it to the hospital for a treatment. The other two evacuees were a couple. The woman went into labor and ambulance authority went into high gear getting her and her husband from one side of the Guyandotte River to the other.

“Well, she made it to the hospital before she had the baby,” said Roger Bryant the Executive Director of LEASA. “But it was close!”

Bryant said a river crossing is not the ideal way to get people out of the area at this time of year.

“The river is up and it’s swift and it’s cold,” Bryant said. “So there is some risk involved. I really don’t like taking people up and down the river unless we have to.”


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    Will the WVDOH bring in contractors, soil nailers, or Drillers and pay them prevailing wages for this slip in Logan County to be fixed????????????

  • Dave, just Dave.

    Need a bigger boat ...

  • So Sad

    My heart goes out to these people. Living in a hotel room is no way to spend Christmas.

    At least it's temporary and they do have a place to stay. Praying that things get back to normal very quickly.

  • pcm

    Another design flaw by a design engineer. State can't pay enough to keep the good ones. This one will cost millions!

    • jag

      The hillside wasn't designed by a "design engineer". It was created by God.

      Many, many places in WV have one way in/one way out. It seems many roads are between a river & a hillside or between a hillside & a dropoff. So what do you do????

      • pcm

        There was construction work on the hill above the roadway. The work and the rain caused the slippage. Yes, the Good Lord put the hill there, but there was more going on.

        This article doesn't point it out, but another article here in WVMetronews did and provided arial photographs.


    What the heck? Many unanswered questions and insight missing from this story? Why weren't they airlifted via helicopter? The state ARNG has an a aviation unit with Blackhawks and this more than qualifies. Whose securing their properties while they are gone? What is the timeline to return? Geez.....how about a follow up and some response to the aforementioned questions and missing info?

  • TheRubiconInvasion

    Stay Safe......

  • Brett

    Praying they can work in a swift and timely manner.