CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce has a problem with a new ad recently released supporting Congressman Nick Rahall.

According to a release from the state Chamber of Commerce, the ad states that Congressman Rahall is supported by the local chambers of commerce, and then cites an endorsement made in 2012.

However, the state Chamber of Commerce claims they checked in with nine local chambers within the 3rd Congressional District who said they have not voiced their support of Congressman Rahall in 2014.

The ad is paid by the House Majority PAC, a Pelosi-supported group. The state Chamber of Commerce is asking the group to take down the “deceptive campaign ad.”

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  • Mike

    And people will still vote for him..

  • Marcus

    Since when has "deceptive" EVER bothered the Chamber?

    What a joke.

    • Brian

      AGREED !!

      As long as they get more,
      and more,
      and more
      "tax breaks" in the name of "job creation" (which - as you may guess, is either not happening or trickling in at a snails pace!) then they could care less about the majority of West Virginians!!
      I know; lets not even pay police, DOH workers, teachers, EMT's, state workers, etc., etc and give Chamber businesses NO taxes to pay - that sounds fair.
      They may even claim to have created a job or two in the process!!
      Thanks fellas

  • Herd1

    Dadgum socialist Obama. Tries to ruin the economy--NYSE goes through the roof.

    • WV Redneck

      If your serious, this shows how little you actually know.

      The "economic recovery" is artificial. The market is responding to QE and when they stop printing up the money and pumping it into the economy (banks) it will crash along with the economy.

      This administration has accrued massive debt far beyond any number they are admitting to especially when you include UN-funded liabilities and interest on what is it 17 Trillion in loans.

      I read an article that said even if they taxed everyone at 100% of income for the next ten years it wouldn't even put a dent in what we have borrowed from other countries. If that's not disturbing to you, you have some real denial issues.

  • David Warnick

    He is taking lessons from his leader, Obama.

  • wvtd

    Rahall is running scared from his support of obamacare. time to vote the hack out.

    • WV Redneck

      It was time several elections ago

  • Docbegone

    It is Rayhall’s responsibility to admit the truth and pull the ads.

    Oh, silly me. He is a dishonest and frantic politician who follows the same practices as “his anointed one”. Moreover, Pelosi,s support will hurt him in this state. His political career will end in 2014.

    • Jephre

      We can only hope.

      • cutty77

        Yea that will happen,When Jack-Asses can Fly.

        • Curly Joe

          cutty77.....Ever see Obama on Air Force One?