CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A City of Charleston worker was injured Wednesday morning when the trash truck he was riding in was struck by a CSX engine.

Charleston Police Lt. Shawn Williams said the trash truck driver did not yield to the train as he drove the truck up and over the steep 12th Street crossing near the South Side Bridge. The driver told police he didn’t hear the train.

“You’re going up an incline and there’s a yield sign. There are no arms and barriers. The driver did not hear the whistle and did not yield to the train,” Williams said.

The rear of the truck was hit by the train at about 7:30 a.m. The train was only made up of two engines and no cars.

Williams said the driver wasn’t injured but the passenger was after jumping out of the truck.

“The passenger noticed the train and jumped out of the truck right before the train hit the truck and he sustained some arm injuries and some leg injuries due to the fall from the truck,” Williams said.

The injured worker was taken to a Charleston hospital.

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  • jag

    when will people learn that a moving train isn't a play toy. This is such a stupid act done by the driver. If you can't hear a train whistle you don't need to be driving--period

    • Larry


  • Larry

    Negligence on the drivers part.