CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The man who walked into a Charleston convenience store back in April and shot two people has been given the maximum sentence.

A judge Thursday sentenced Antonio “Shake” Collins to 13 to 50 years in prison for two counts of attempted murder and two counts of malicious wounding.

“This is the exact kind of career criminal that needs to be locked up and I’m just happy for the families that the defendant received the maximum sentence,” said Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Plants.

On April 20, Collins walked into the 7-Eleven on Washington Street and bumped into Josh Lawson. When Lawson turned around to say something, Collins pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. Collins then shot Lawson’s friend Patrick Moore Jr.

Plants said this is the most random act of violence that he has ever seen.

“Typically when you are dealing with gun violence, especially when talking about a room full of drug dealers, a drug deal goes bad or a knife fight escalates into a gun fight,” he explains. “This case involves two innocent people walking into 7-Eleven and getting shot in the face.”

The entire incident was caught on video surveillance and police said following the shooting, they can see Collins picking up a bottle of water and calmly walking out of the store and smiling at the victim’s girlfriend. Collins was picked up by police soon after.

Both victims were rushed to the hospital in serious condition, but would eventually recover.

“After multiple surgeries both of them are recovering and doing fine,” said Plants.

Collins previously pleaded guilty in October to attempted murder and malicious wounding.

Plants said there was no motive in the crime.

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  • Kelly

    From the article, this Collins guy sounds like he is a....well....a tall guy.

  • not black on black

    i do not believe this was black on black violence as the two people he shot were white

  • So Sad

    More black on black violence. When will the black leaders stand up and demand change from within?

    No, that is not a racist statement. It is a call for action.

    The silence of black leaders is deafening.

    • Brian

      To me, this is a racist statement. The impression it gives me is you don't like to hear black people complain about the racism that still makes it harder for black folks to succeed in America. You seem to be the type of person who believes that black people have no right to complain about white racism as long as black on black crime continues. Furthermore, there are many, many black leaders who are very outspoken about black on black crime. In addition, the black on black crime problem in America is the result of conditions that were largely created by a many generations long (and continuing) organized and deliberate effort perpetrated by white people (70% of the population) to oppress black people (13% of the population). There is no other race or group that has faced such a concerted effort to oppress them for their entire history on this continent.

      • jb


      • Kelly

        A black guy bumps into a white guy on a store then shoots him I'm the head and his friend in front of the victims girlfriend and you play the race card. Perhaps this Collins guy is an animal, plain and simple. Brian, you are the problem, perpetuating the victim mentality that these animals , white or black use to justify their crimes. Grow up.

        • Brian

          sosad brought race into it, and i responded to his/her comment, and your previous "tall" comment is an obvious racial reference that has been previously used by other shorties on this site. You are clearly a racist; don't try to shame me.

  • S Michael. DeHart

    Just a. Punk. That is all Collins is. His slimy as* needs to rot at Mt

  • D.P.

    It would be ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL if this Low Life Thug NEVER gets out of prison!!! I hope the other prisoners take FULL ADVANTAGE of this COWARDLY POS!!!!!