CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Appalachian Power Company is going to hold full ownership of a Putnam County power plant.

The state Public Service Commission Friday gave final approval to a petition that allows Appalachian Power to acquire two-thirds of the John Amos power plant.

Appalachian Power first filed the petition last year claiming the transfer of ownership would help their regulated utilities deal with upcoming deficits in electricity to serve their West Virginia customers.

Before Friday’s transfer approval, Appalachian Power shared ownership of the plant with Ohio Power Company, a subsidiary of American Electric Power.

However, the state PSC did not approve the proposed merger of Wheeling Power Company with Appalachian Power and the proposal to acquire one-half of the Mitchell Power Plant in Moundsville. Commissioners deferred rulings on those two issues.

During a three-day evidentiary hearing with the state PSC earlier in the year, officials with Appalachian Power claimed the entire proposal would save customers $1 billion.

The state PSC stated in a release that the transaction would impact customer rates.

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