CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Bob Huggins’ postgame take on West Virginia’s come-from-behind 74-64 win over Marshall included more comments downplaying the Capital Classic rivalry.

“As much as everybody wants to make it (a heated rivalry), it’s not,” he said. “I could lie and say it is. I probably should lie, because somebody will say I’m a jerk for saying it, but the truth is our guys are not looking forward, saying ‘We’ve got Marshall. We’ve got Marshall.'”

Likewise, Huggins expressed doubt that Marshall placed any extra emphasis on this game, which drew 11,036 fans to the 12,500-seat Charleston Civic Center.

As Huggins mentioned this week, his previous coaching stops included two rivalries with more buildup and fervor.

“Go have Xavier-Cincinnati and Kansas-Kansas State,” he said. “You don’t get all the hoopla (with WVU-Marshall) that you get in those other games.”

WVU now leads the series 31-11 and holds an 18-5 edge since the game shifted annually to Charleston.

Click the video to see Huggins’ complete news conference, which included insight on Juwan Staten’s decisive handling of the final minutes and Brandon Watkins’ breakthrough performance.

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  • Justin

    I like Marshall but I do not like their fans. Eat a terd herd!!

  • Roger

    You would think the highest paid state employee would be more willing to entertain the WV taxpayer. I dont understand the basis for the argument. So what if Marshall fans place a higher priority on the game than WVU. Would you feel better if nobody cared about the outcome?

    • Justin

      Only Marshall fans care about this game. Quit whining roger

      • Roger

        You might be right. I don't see many people from Texas and Florida on these boards talking about the game.

    • Grant

      He is just being honest. I am sure most of players on WVU's roster ever gave/gives WVU a thought; however, the MU players are probably sick of hearing about WVU


    Regardless of what Bob Huggins thinks or says about our Mountaineers playing Marshall, this game should continue by all means. There are many Div. 1 teams in surrounding states of VA, KY, OHIO and their marquee schools play in-state Div. 1 teams. We only have two in WV and you'd think Huggins would be amicable in playing MARSHALL. From what I understand, VT will schedule our 'eers into the future with home and away games; but I don't think they would agree to play their away game at Charleston; but I could be wrong. Regardless, I don't understand Huggins reluctance to make MARSHALL an annual game for the people of WVU. VT and UVA both play VCU in Virginia.

    • Charles

      Vt and UVA do not play vcu every year. Nor do they play jmu, odu, or gmu every year. Ohio state does not play ohio every year, nor cincy

      • Charleston,WV

        That is correct, but UK and UL do play each other every year. PITT and Penn St just renewed there intra-state game. So what's your point? Some do and some don't.

        • Ryan

          UK, UL, Pitt and Penn St. are all either national powerhouses or in power conferences. For the most part, these games benefit strength of schedules all around. WVU and Marshall are in different classes, and only Marshall can truly benefit from the game. Having this game as a permanent requirement reduces WVU's scheduling flexibility and sometimes forces it to interrupt the conference season. Personally, I like watching the game. But, I can see why Huggins might prefer to eliminate it.

  • GoEers

    WVU definitely played down to the level of it's competition. I hope Huggs has his team running a lot of laps this morning.

    Congrats to Brandon Watkins for stepping up when the team needed him most. I hope he keeps providing good minutes throughout the season.

  • Aaron

    It's a good game for the sate, it's a good game for both teams, it sells tickets and logistically speaking, it's a financially smart game to play.

    Neither team could replace this game on their schedule and say the same things.

    For those reasons, even if it's not a rivalry, the game should and will continue.

    • rekterx

      If WVU played Villanova, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, or a number of other teams in Charelston the game would be as "good for the state" as playing the Herd.

      • Jason

        WVU would lose again.

      • Aaron

        Maybe but I doubt WVU will schedule any of those teams for Charleston. If they do, I will gladly attend.

        None of that changes the facts of my comments.

        • Ryan

          WVU is not reluctant to schedule quality opponents in the Civic Center. It makes sense for WVU to play games in Charleston while the students are on winter break. Since 2000, WVU has played Florida, St. Louis, NC State, Oklahoma, and Morehead State in Charleston. Those are some pretty solid basketball programs. Ending the Marshall series doesn't guarantee that WVU could find a great opponent to replace them every year, but it does reduce scheduling flexibility and therefore the odds of WVU adding an extra quality opponent to its schedule every year that the series continues. If the Marshall vs. WVU game works out in any given year, then play it. But, I do not think it should be a top scheduling priority.

          • Aaron

            I'm sure WVU can get some quality opponents to come to Charleston but there is no guarantee they will sell out. I purchased tickets to the OK and NC State games on the night of the respective games and had good seats to both. Florida was sold out so I went to Applebee's, ate and watched it on TV.

            I'll also go to the William and Mary game, to which I expect to once again get good seats.

            Saying that, I do know that while WVU can get quality games in Charleston, they will not find another team to come to Charleston EVERY year and sell 12,000 plus tickets.

            How is that bad for Mountaineer basketball?

    • wvu999

      So what year did you graduate from Marshall?

      • Aaron

        I didn't go to Marshall. I'm currently a non-traditional student taking online classes at WVU. That doesn't stop me from using my brain. Everything I said is true.

        I'm sure Huggins knows it. From what I see, his gripe with this game is his players don't get up for this game whereas Marshall's does.

        I realize Marshall has nothing to lose and everything to gain and that it's completely opposite for WVU but isn't it the coaches responsibility to get their team ready.

        Coach Huggins can downplay the game all he wants but as a fan, I see no drawbacks to playing Marshall.

        The only thing I would change is to remove the game from Charleston and play it at the home campuses, at least for a few years. If attendance drops, the return it to Charleston but at least rotate Morgantown and Huntington into the equation. Other than that, I see no reason to not play the game.

        I'm curious though, do you have any logical reasons for not playing the game and if it were cancelled, who would you have WVU play in place of Marshall?

        • Justin

          Marshall hasn't been good since billy Donovan was there. Cancel this series, it's boring and pointless.

          • Aaron

            How was last nights game boring?

  • rekterx

    I have to agree with Huggs in this regard. Drop Marshall and get a name brand out of conference foe to come the Civic Center once a year for a game and you'll draw a good crowd for a game that the Mountaineers will be motivated for.

    Get an SEC, an ACC, a Big 10, or a BE team to come to Charleston to play WVU.

    If the Herd wants to play a game in Charleston then let them find another team to play. Maybe they could renew a rivalry with a MAC team.

    Imagine that! Two games in the Civic Center instead of one!

  • john b

    As a WVU from NJ I know it doesn't mean a lot for the players or students who are from out of state because it is Big Brother against little brother. For those who are from WV it means something because someone knows someone who went to Marshall and someone from Marshall know someone who went to WVU. But the truth is since the basketball team has no true rival in conference, and we don't play Pitt in basketball this game represents our biggest rival. I know we played Va Tech but there isn't as much juice for basketball as there is for football.

  • Roger

    This game will be the only basketball game many West Virginian's watch all season. Apparently neither school needs to win over a new (donor) fan.

  • wvbred

    It's only a rivalry in Marshall's mind. I promise Marshall spends more time thinking about WVU than WVU spends thinking about Marshall. I don't hate Marshall. I want all teams from WV to do well. Most WVU fans feel the same way. That's not a rivalry. I still cheer when Pitt or VT lose. The only time I cheer for Marshall to lose is when they play WVU.

  • GW

    The games only benefit Marshall. WVU can only lose face in these matchups. Win big....well it was only Marshall (why do you guys even play them, anyway?). Close guys almost lost to Marshall??? guys LOST yo Marshall???? (headlines).

  • Truthteller

    You Marshall fans say " We are Marshall" but the truth is you actually mean " We want to be WVU" You need to be Marshall and except it. Stop the coveting. Be proud of who you are and stop coveting the success of WVU. Make your own success. You have to grow up one of these days. I am so tired of the hatred by West Virginians of either school. Both schools represent the state of WV. Stop the hate. Don't be like other states. West Virginia is one of the rare states that have good people in it. Stop ruining it with the hate. Wishing success to both schools. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

    • 4WVU

      Last I checked Marshall is going to a bowl!

      • Mister Man

        It's easy when you're in Creampuff USA.

      • Mister Man

        Rice is going to a bowl game, also.

      • Mister Man

        With their schedule they should. So is Middle Tennessee.

  • steve

    Let me be number 1009, Larry is a clown

    • Big Larry

      Sorry, but you have to keep the statements in order. This latest stupid comment by Huggins was 793...

      You have to play by the rules.

  • Big Larry

    “As much as everybody wants to make it (a heated rivalry), it’s not,” he said. “I could lie and say it is. I probably should lie, because somebody will say I’m a jerk for saying it, but the truth is our guys are not looking forward, saying ‘We’ve got Marshall. We’ve got Marshall.’”

    Let me be the first to call you a "Jerk".

    Wake up Huggins...this game with Marshall is currently the only rival you have...

    No Wait...! I forgot about the Iowa State game coming up soon...

    NOTE: This comment qualifies to be added to the file:

    "1001 of the stupidest comments, remarks and statements made by Bob Huggins"

    • Kevin

      Iowa st is more of a rivalry,, it's a conference game,, just saying

    • GregG

      Huggins is 100% correct. The only two that benefit from this game is King Danny User Fee City Tax Jones, and Marshall. Just like it was with football, WVU has nothing to gain. WVU wins, so what it was Marshall. WVU loses and it's OH GOSH you got beat by Marshall. Some people just don't like to hear the truth. And I'm sure Huggins knows a lot more about basketball than anyone on here that's flopping their jaws.

      • Jephre


        • Jephre

          The +1 was for GregG's comment about Huggins, not Greg's rant about egos.
          The basketball series has outlived its novelty, just like the football series. Time for both teams to move on.

      • Greg

        What huge egos the eers have. you think you are? Notre Dame? Marshall will never be Wvu's worse loss on their basketball schedule...if fact Marshall is usually a top 100 rpi recently. As far as football is concerned, how do you get Kansas to finally win a big12 game? You invite wvu to the conference.
        Good luck in the bowl against Maryland. Oops no bowl and Maryland already beat the eers 37-0. And you complain about Marshall.

        • Troll

          And how many times did Marshall beat WVU? And how many games do you think Marshall would win playing a schedule like WVU? Face it Marshall couldn't win with Pennington & Moss, heck they couldn't even win when we were down and spotted them a two TD lead late in the forth quarter, fact is even when WVU is down Marshall still isn't in the same league. End of story!

        • Rock Solid

          @Greg: Hey, brain dead! We're talking basketball, not football, Marcia has more players off the team or worrying about upcoming court dates than any other school I know. Thugs and slugs should not be the backbone of ANY school, but in Huntington this seems to be the norm.

    • Big Larry

      At least he never mentioned Kenyon Martin...

      • Hailey

        And have not mentioned William yet, let's call it a crushes are hard to get rid of, Huggs has Kenyon , you have Willie .

        • Big Larry

          And you have Spongepants Bob...

          • Rock Solid

            WVY versus Marcia? Want to be on national TV/Cable? Get rid of Marcia. If you live anywhere outside of WVa.'s borders you could not find this game on TV if you were a millionaire and had access to every broadcast that was nationally known. Couldn't even find it on radio for free. You don't know how secluded you are while sitting in the middle of millions of potential viewers in the mid Atlantic if you would play someone of significance other than little old Huntington U.

  • Tom wv

    It's ok to not be politically correct.

  • Coalwiz

    He is right......maybe not politically correct. It is a rivalry. It is just not on the scale of the others and isn't anywhere as big as WVU - Pitt.

    • Mister Man