CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Bob Huggins’ postgame take on West Virginia’s come-from-behind 74-64 win over Marshall included more comments downplaying the Capital Classic rivalry.

“As much as everybody wants to make it (a heated rivalry), it’s not,” he said. “I could lie and say it is. I probably should lie, because somebody will say I’m a jerk for saying it, but the truth is our guys are not looking forward, saying ‘We’ve got Marshall. We’ve got Marshall.'”

Likewise, Huggins expressed doubt that Marshall placed any extra emphasis on this game, which drew 11,036 fans to the 12,500-seat Charleston Civic Center.

As Huggins mentioned this week, his previous coaching stops included two rivalries with more buildup and fervor.

“Go have Xavier-Cincinnati and Kansas-Kansas State,” he said. “You don’t get all the hoopla (with WVU-Marshall) that you get in those other games.”

WVU now leads the series 31-11 and holds an 18-5 edge since the game shifted annually to Charleston.

Click the video to see Huggins’ complete news conference, which included insight on Juwan Staten’s decisive handling of the final minutes and Brandon Watkins’ breakthrough performance.

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  • madhatter

    marsha is a very average team, with their leading scorer noton the court..
    wvu needs to thank the basketball Gods for letting them steal this one.
    just hope huggie sets these guys down and explains to them how tuff the big12 is and we aren't going to win many games playing this badly.\

  • J the C

    we need to put an end to this annual fiasco. WVU has nothing to gain by playing Marshall, and I hate this venue.

  • Phil M.

    Who ever said that WVU and their alumni don't care as much about the Marshall game as Marshall does is correct.

    I'm a graduate of WVU and do not care if we play Marshall.

    Oh and the guy that said the last time I checked we're going to a bowl. Look at your schedule and good for you. You must be so proud.

  • jj

    the man in black is a fat bastard

  • Troll

    It's only a so called rivalry to some fans, the WVU sure don't think of it as a rivalry. Plus the same fans who want it to be are the same ones who also want you to be nice to and like both schools, how does that factor into a rivalry? To be honest a rivalry should give something in return to the winning team, ie Oklahoma and Texas, Aurburn and Alabama, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, WVU and Marshall offers nothing to WVU there is nothing to gain at all especially in football, if Marshall should somehow one day become formidable in sports then perhaps it can become a rivalry. Until Marshall becomes relavent it's just another non conference game to WVU just like the William & Mary's, Towson State's, Georgia State's ect...

  • Joe

    First, I am a WVU fan and I am a Huggins fan. However, I take coach to task about this. I am from Charleston. As far as I am concerned, as a Charlestonian and Mountaineer fan, this rivalry is huge. And, it is really the only opportunity to get 10,000 + fans into the CCC, ever. It is good for Charleston, good for WVU and good for MU. A WVU loss against MU maketh not a season. The rubber really only meets the road in conference play. Now let's get all of this behind us and go compete in the Big 12.

  • steveb

    no problem here with playing MU; checkout the overall results! BUT, i agree with Hugs, the game doesn't carry the intensity of a rivalry; it didn't even sell out on a saturday (and only saturday's papers gave it any big play). if you listen to Hugs' comments, he put it on the press to make it a rivalry. let's see what they can do. my guess; they'll be as negative as ever. Press belief: positive doesn't sell!

  • shawn

    I think they should drop the game for 3 - 4 years and take a break. I would rather pick up Pitt, Nova, Cuse, etc. That way you can get games on your home court. The civic center sucks and no college team should ever play on that court.

    • William

      Huggins is scared of losing to the HERD for the next couple of years, they are young and will give WVU all they want for 3 or 4 years.
      That's why Huggins doesn't want to play them!

      • Troll

        What benefit does WVU get for beating Marshall year after year? Doesn't help their strength of schedule, doesn't give them a quality win, doesn't give them a win over a quality conference, it gives WVU absolutely nothing by beating Marshall, on the other hand if and that's only a few times in basketball and zero times in football Marshall wins it helps them in all the above mentioned. I know Marshall fans don't think so but bottom line is Marshall on WVU schedule is no different than William & Mary or Georgia State .

  • Kelly

    Can we please justPitt back on the schedule?! It is disgrace Oliver we do not have them on the fb or bb schedules. But of course, this isnot about the fans anymore.

  • Moon

    Most folks in WV root for Marshall when they are not playing WVU. That is not the stuff of a rivalry. Pitt, Notre most people do not root for them...those could be rivalries.


    • William

      Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins is a mess!
      He has been a big failure at WVU
      Look at the record the last 6 years, its been going down hill very fast.
      But wait, WVU fans eat-it-up when they play CUP-CAKE non conf. games and win then think their great.
      Huggins has not beat any top teams the past 2 years!
      How long will it be till WVU beats a good team?

      • Uncle Unctuous

        "WVU fans eat-it-up when they play CUP-CAKE non conf. games and win then think their great."

        I think you omitted a word or maybe more. They think their what is great? Or, they think their great what is what?


        Are Marshall fans proud of the win over Alice Lloyd, which is not a very talented female player, but rather a liberal arts work college with an enrollment of 500 or so souls?

  • Justin

    I like Marshall but I do not like their fans. Eat a terd herd!!

  • Roger

    You would think the highest paid state employee would be more willing to entertain the WV taxpayer. I dont understand the basis for the argument. So what if Marshall fans place a higher priority on the game than WVU. Would you feel better if nobody cared about the outcome?

    • Justin

      Only Marshall fans care about this game. Quit whining roger

      • Roger

        You might be right. I don't see many people from Texas and Florida on these boards talking about the game.

    • Grant

      He is just being honest. I am sure most of players on WVU's roster ever gave/gives WVU a thought; however, the MU players are probably sick of hearing about WVU


    Regardless of what Bob Huggins thinks or says about our Mountaineers playing Marshall, this game should continue by all means. There are many Div. 1 teams in surrounding states of VA, KY, OHIO and their marquee schools play in-state Div. 1 teams. We only have two in WV and you'd think Huggins would be amicable in playing MARSHALL. From what I understand, VT will schedule our 'eers into the future with home and away games; but I don't think they would agree to play their away game at Charleston; but I could be wrong. Regardless, I don't understand Huggins reluctance to make MARSHALL an annual game for the people of WVU. VT and UVA both play VCU in Virginia.

    • Charles

      Vt and UVA do not play vcu every year. Nor do they play jmu, odu, or gmu every year. Ohio state does not play ohio every year, nor cincy

      • Charleston,WV

        That is correct, but UK and UL do play each other every year. PITT and Penn St just renewed there intra-state game. So what's your point? Some do and some don't.

        • Ryan

          UK, UL, Pitt and Penn St. are all either national powerhouses or in power conferences. For the most part, these games benefit strength of schedules all around. WVU and Marshall are in different classes, and only Marshall can truly benefit from the game. Having this game as a permanent requirement reduces WVU's scheduling flexibility and sometimes forces it to interrupt the conference season. Personally, I like watching the game. But, I can see why Huggins might prefer to eliminate it.

  • GoEers

    WVU definitely played down to the level of it's competition. I hope Huggs has his team running a lot of laps this morning.

    Congrats to Brandon Watkins for stepping up when the team needed him most. I hope he keeps providing good minutes throughout the season.

  • Aaron

    It's a good game for the sate, it's a good game for both teams, it sells tickets and logistically speaking, it's a financially smart game to play.

    Neither team could replace this game on their schedule and say the same things.

    For those reasons, even if it's not a rivalry, the game should and will continue.

    • rekterx

      If WVU played Villanova, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, or a number of other teams in Charelston the game would be as "good for the state" as playing the Herd.

      • Jason

        WVU would lose again.

      • Aaron

        Maybe but I doubt WVU will schedule any of those teams for Charleston. If they do, I will gladly attend.

        None of that changes the facts of my comments.

        • Ryan

          WVU is not reluctant to schedule quality opponents in the Civic Center. It makes sense for WVU to play games in Charleston while the students are on winter break. Since 2000, WVU has played Florida, St. Louis, NC State, Oklahoma, and Morehead State in Charleston. Those are some pretty solid basketball programs. Ending the Marshall series doesn't guarantee that WVU could find a great opponent to replace them every year, but it does reduce scheduling flexibility and therefore the odds of WVU adding an extra quality opponent to its schedule every year that the series continues. If the Marshall vs. WVU game works out in any given year, then play it. But, I do not think it should be a top scheduling priority.

          • Aaron

            I'm sure WVU can get some quality opponents to come to Charleston but there is no guarantee they will sell out. I purchased tickets to the OK and NC State games on the night of the respective games and had good seats to both. Florida was sold out so I went to Applebee's, ate and watched it on TV.

            I'll also go to the William and Mary game, to which I expect to once again get good seats.

            Saying that, I do know that while WVU can get quality games in Charleston, they will not find another team to come to Charleston EVERY year and sell 12,000 plus tickets.

            How is that bad for Mountaineer basketball?

    • wvu999

      So what year did you graduate from Marshall?

      • Aaron

        I didn't go to Marshall. I'm currently a non-traditional student taking online classes at WVU. That doesn't stop me from using my brain. Everything I said is true.

        I'm sure Huggins knows it. From what I see, his gripe with this game is his players don't get up for this game whereas Marshall's does.

        I realize Marshall has nothing to lose and everything to gain and that it's completely opposite for WVU but isn't it the coaches responsibility to get their team ready.

        Coach Huggins can downplay the game all he wants but as a fan, I see no drawbacks to playing Marshall.

        The only thing I would change is to remove the game from Charleston and play it at the home campuses, at least for a few years. If attendance drops, the return it to Charleston but at least rotate Morgantown and Huntington into the equation. Other than that, I see no reason to not play the game.

        I'm curious though, do you have any logical reasons for not playing the game and if it were cancelled, who would you have WVU play in place of Marshall?

        • Justin

          Marshall hasn't been good since billy Donovan was there. Cancel this series, it's boring and pointless.

          • Aaron

            How was last nights game boring?