CHARLESTON, W.Va. — There are few sights more welcome to those broken down on a lonely West Virginia highway than the white pickup truck with the yellow flashing lights. The Courtesy Patrol marked 15 years in operation recently.

“We get letters from mothers of teenage daughters and sons going back to college and broken down and they’re thankful we were there to help them,” executive director Jennifer Douglas said on MetroNews Talkline Monday.

The Courtesy Patrol serves a variety of different situations, especially on holidays when traffic on the state’s main arteries becomes heavy. They may be giving a ride to a motorist whose car broke down or offering some gas to get them to the next station. Whatever the situation, Douglas said the patrols have become a huge positive for the state.

“They are great ambassadors for the state of West Virginia,” Douglas said. “They promote our state in such a great way.”

The patrols have 25 trucks running two shifts. Originally the patrol was a non-stop 24/7 365-day operation. Today they still run 365 days a year, but are scaled back to 16 hours operating from 3 p.m. to 7 a.m.

“When we first started I could not imagine or envision just how many people break down and truly need our services,” she said.

The patrol has not only been a huge benefit to motorists, but it’s given jobs to more than 2,000 people across the state.¬† Each driver patrols 30 to 35 miles of highway on each shift. The highways include all interstates in West Virginia plus the corridors and four-lane U.S. routes.

To contact the Courtesy Patrol call 888-359-3683 or *SP on your cell phone or simply by dialing 911.



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  • jag

    I have had one experience with them. It was negative. I was on Rt 19 in a 3/4 ton truck & had a flat on the left front. The courtesy patrol stopped as I was removing the lugnuts. He stood there with a belly so big I wondered how he got it behind the wheel. He said"Most girls don't do that", & my comment was "Real men don't stand there & let a GIRL do that". I continued to remove tire to take for repair. He asked if I wanted him to wait till he got back. I said:Nope, I don't need you to watch me put it back on".

  • Curly Joe

    Courtesy Patroller Kenny New, who patrols Rt. 119 in the Logan County area (and probably beyond), has rescued both my wife and myself on separate occasions in flat tire situations. This public servant is the most efficient and polite man you will ever meet. I can only imagine the number of out of state motorists who have passed through our state and left with wonderful feelings due to
    Kenny New!

  • WhgFeeling

    Great job for the most part!!! I would only excert the overly zealous and the lazy few that give this program a negative outlook to the public, first responders and LE. then again that is in every facet of life.

  • Joe

    Fantastic job! Have heard numerous accounts of positive experiences because the courtesy patrol was there.

    This is a program taxpayers are proud to support.

  • Jeff

    This a great program and I am sure it also keeps first responders from being tied up on non emergency calls.


    This is one of the best programs the state has ever offered. Don't ever shut it down!!

  • Bill Phillips

    The administration of Cecil Underwood started this effort while he was Governor 1997-2011.

    • Bill

      Kudos to this program, the people who work it, "are special people."