LOGAN, W.Va. — The Logan County Board of Education has released a statement in connection with the weekend arrest of longtime Logan High basketball coach Mark Hatcher, who allegedly shoved a police officer during a game.

The board said it would be working with authorities “to bring this unfortunate incident to a quick resolution.”

Hatcher was charged with battery on a police officer and assault on a police officer, both misdemeanors. He allegedly had an altercation with a Chapmanville police officer after a fight broke out between players at Friday night’s Logan-Scott game played in Chapmanville. Though the fight started in the fourth quarter, Hatcher was allowed to finish the game.

Hatcher told the Charleston Gazette he went on the floor because a new national high school rule allows him to do so in an attempt to defuse the situation. Hatcher allegedly pushed the police officer who was also on the floor.

Hatcher was taken before a Logan County magistrate and released. He’ll have to appear in court at a later date.

The full statement from the Logan County school system:

Logan County Schools believes sportsmanship and respect are important to the development of exceptional student athletes. We are uncertain at this time what led to the charges filed again Coach Mark Hatcher because he was neither penalized nor ejected from the game and continued coaching until the game’s conclusion. However, we will be working with authorities to bring this unfortunate incident to a quick resolution. At this time, we have no further comments.”

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  • Running the floor

    It is true NFHS has installed this rule this year, as a official, we are told to not get in the middle of a fight. We are to stand back and get numbers and watch to see who leaves the beach area for ejections but this year the head coach is allowed on the floor to defuse a fight

  • BH

    I've seen many altercations at high school and college sporting events. But, never have I seen a police officer get involved. Interesting.

    • Aaron

      The one time I saw police officers get involved was during the Hurricane/South Charleston playoff game a few years back that cost South Charleston a berth in the Championship game after they defeated Brooke in the semi-finals.

      In that instance, officers sprayed pepper spray on players, officials and coaches and escalated the event far more than it needed to be.

      Short of an all out brawl in which coaches and officials cannot clearly restore orders, police officers have ZERO business stepping onto the playing surface.

      I'm not sure what happened in this specific situation but knowing Chapmanville, Logan and the nature of rivalries, the charges should be dropped and the police officer reprimanded escalating the situation.

  • James Lane

    The coach and the cop behaved poorly. No matter what happens with a prosecution or lack thereof, no lessons will have been learned by either men, nor the young men playing basketball that night.


    he article states that the cop was in civillian clothes, how was the coach suppose to know he was a cop

    • Darren

      At some point Hatcher was aware he was dealing with officer/s and he still cursed at one or more. He beleives his step father, a Logan Judge, Obriant, will get him out of everything he gets into and that keeps one many busy believe me.

  • jake

    Referees and school officials should have handled the situation. The police not have been involved unless they were ask by school officials for their help.

  • Guardian

    Well, if we're going to go over the top, then why not punish both as fits the "crime".

    Break both of Hatcher's arms so he can't shove anyone for a while.

    Because the police officer likes basketball, put him to refereeing an inmate game in Mount Olive with the corrections officers removed from the compound and the cameras shut off.

    That ought to take care of the problem. :)

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    What's this so-called "national high school rule"? You mean to say that there's a national governing body whose regulations supercede a state school basketball game sanctioned by a state athletic commission?


    Common Sense 101: ever lay a hand on an officer of the law. Never.

    He had to dig deep for that "national high school rule" remark.

    • blu31

      National Organization: National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations. Located in Kansas City, I think.

    • Candy

      He got help with that one trust me. Only saying what the politicos in Logan tell him to say. A disgrace. No matter what lead to the problem, he was out of control when pushing an officer and cursing him.

    • Aaron

      The previous rule allowed for coaches to enter a basketball court once beckoned by game officials.

      The rule change, implemented this year, recognizes the presence of a coach can deflate many situations much faster than an official can and as such, removed the requirement that a coach be summoned by an official.

      Part of the reasoning behind this was that it can be difficult for an official to summon a coach if he is in the middle of an altercation.

      While I'm not trying to defend Mark Hatcher, this is a a reasonable rule and given that this is the first year of implementation, I'm sure it was a point of emphasis by the WVSSAC during their annual coaches training.

  • bald headed pig

    My brothers in law enforcement should have tazed Hatcher and kicked him in the ribs a few times.

  • William

    Police Officer should have not been on the court!
    Its a game -
    Let the people in charge take care of the game

  • Tom

    What did the coach do wrong? I would done the same.

    • Jason

      And you would have two misdemenors. You are not Hatcher so you would probably be in jail right now.

  • Jdawg

    Most police officers are hot headed, super macho, amped up, I can man handle you any way I please, you don't touch me, u sit there and take it kinda individuals!!! Seen way to many cops get rough on people for no reason, verbally and physically they think they can do whatever. You on the other hand make one wrong move or say the wrong thing, here goes a butt chewing or get ready for a shoulder separation. All I know is if one ever tries no man handle me for no reason........ I hope that Mr. Officer ate his wheaties!!!! Light weight!!!!!!

    • WhgFeeling

      Yep, you might want to eat your wheaties as well..... to fend off Bubba in prison. Because with that attitude you are heading on the right path to the Dept. of Corrections.

      • Bubba

        And I'm here waiting on you. I'll take care of you :)

    • BigFoot1970

      Chapmanville police officers are super macho. I have lived in the Chapmanville area for 20 plus years and I have heard hundreds of stories about them harassing innocent people over meaningless things. Even have taken a few to jail with no cause. The Logan county magistrate office realizes this to, that is why they throw many of these cases from Chapmanville City Police officers out the window.

  • BigFoot1970

    First the whole story is not out yet. You have to realize you are dealing with Chapmanville City Police which have been known for their false accusations. Did Mark jerk his hand from a Police officer in the heat of trying to get his players under control probably. But does this he broke any laws I dont think so. I have know Mark for a long time and I know he would not intentionally shove a police officer. If it comes out that he did then he most likely deserves the punshment. But I dont believe he intentionally did this.

    • bald headed pig

      We pigs don't lie or exaggerate. Apologize!!!

    • Hillbilly

      Videos are out, several of them. They don't lie.

  • Chris1529

    Why was the Police officer on the court?
    If there was a fight on the floor between players, thats when the officials and coaches are supposed to step in to diffuse the situation. There is no need to get police involved at that point.

    • Larry

      There was also no need for him to push the officer, regardless of why he was there, you don't put your hands on people, especially police officers.


      First of all, I support Most of the Law Enforcement community. However, the officer created the situation by his mere presence on the court. Unless the referees, coach or other school official requests their help or an obvious life or death situation is observed, they should remain in the stands especially when they are in civilian clothes. The cop exceeded his scope of authority in this situation. As for the coach, if he is out of control and wants to win, win, win, then somebody with some brains in Logan County needs to take action to have him removed.

  • Ron

    Totally agree Dave this is a man that is entrusted by parents to help mold these boys into morally sound young men. No matter how good of coach he is or well liked in the community he should resign or the school board should remove him period.

    • bald headed pig

      He needs to prison for a long time, too.

  • Dave

    he broke the law,, he should do the time and be relieved of his position.

    • Donald Powell

      Dave don't you mean "if he did the the crime" we do still live in America where he is innocent until proven guilty

      • Jason

        True, and our judicial system is set up accordingly...which it also recognizes the law is not just black and white...that is how the system is set up...so the accused can plead their case and be judged accordingly "based" on the law...I was not there..but hopefully reason and rationality will prevail...was the officer out of line...was it appropriate for the officer to be on the court at that time...was the officer not keeping a cool head...did the coach punch him in the face or did he shove him out of the way trying to get to a student...does this coach have a police record...etc. etc...a lot to weigh...if an officer of the law was to get involved every time there was a scuffle on the floor of a sporting event..I don't think hockey would even exist. Let the system do it's job...sound like just a heat of the moment ordeal for all involved and probably could have been handled better by all...maybe the best thing is for all to admit they were out of line...learn from it..and dont let it happen again.

        • Gary

          I hope they do look into Hatcher's history because its a long list. He has more enemies in Logan than friends mainly becasue hes always screwing around with married women. Amazing what you will do to get your little boy a few minutes on the basketball court.


            Wow, if that is happening, then immoral conduct should be enough to have him removed from the position. But again, somebody has to bring it forward.

      • Jason

        Well he could try to destroy all the videos then lie about it. There is no excuse for what the video shows he did. Videos back up police comments.