Cedar Lakes has more than 220 acres, a conference center, lodge and dorms along with other amenities.
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Cedar Lakes has more than 220 acres, a conference center, lodge and dorms along with other amenities.

FAIRPLAIN, W.Va. — State Superintendent of Schools Jim Phares said he’s pleased they were able to work out a deal on the Cedar Lakes Conference Center. The arrangement will have the state Department of Education gradually transfer control and operations at the resort to a private foundation over the next two years.

“Our board was charged under the audit response to privatize Cedar Lakes and get it under the control of somebody else,” said Phares.

The original plan was to close the resort, but the idea brought howls of protest from the local community. The uprising spawned the creation of a foundation which will operate the longtime meeting facility. Under the direction of the state Department of Education the resort has been a drain on finances and an area where expenditures commonly exceeded any growth or profit. Phares said partly to blame  is the state schcools budget.

“Because they are under the Department of Education they have to pay employee rates for cooks, custodians, grass cutters, etc,” he said. “That’s caused them to be above market rates on what they pay employees.”

Once in the hands of the foundation the structure of the pay scale for Cedar Lakes employees can be adjusted to a more reasonable pay scale.

The foundation has asked for a supplemental appropriation from the school board to fund the operation during the transitional period. Phares said the school board is okay with the arrangement, but the final decision lies with Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s office.


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  • Casey

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  • JacksonCountian

    Cedar Lakes is not a "resort" and the Cedar Lakes Foundation was formed years ago, not as a result of the threat of closing.

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    WVDE bureaucrats have found a way to cut Cedar Lakes loose without soiling their three-piece suits.

    Just another day in the Ivory Tower....

  • tiredintucker

    School cooks, custodians, etc. are definitely NOT overpaid in West Virginia. I feel sorry for the Cedar Lakes employees who will now be barely paid minimum wage.

  • John

    Turn out the lights, the party's over!

  • JimJim

    Yes, West Virginia is going out of business. Shut her down, & turn out the lights.

  • GregG

    I would hate to see the place close, but I do not put much faith in a "foundation" running it. More often than not these community ran foundations turn into a big power struggle. And usually end up being the next news headline of corruption and embezzlement. I really hope not, with the right leadership the place could be turned into something very big. But time will tell.

    • Larry

      I agree, and I was criticized for being negative about it in the earlier story, but there is no way a place like Cedar Lakes can operate without tax dollars, at least not what it's currently used for, just look at the state parks, they all lose money.

      • The bookman

        Spend 3 million to make 1, that sounds like government. If this facility is truly left to stand on its own, it will be closed very shortly, there is no way they can generate the kind of funds needed to keep it going without taxpayers footing the bill.
        December 12, 2013 at 7:33 am | Reply

        You agree with Greg? Reread your unsolicited comment above from the original story and compare it to Greg's...notice that Greg's comment is based on the future success of the project and the obstacles of having a foundation involved...but his comment is rooted in the desire for the project to be successful...where in your original comment do you give even a glimmer of hope? That is why people complain about negativity in your comments...it's because they aren't positive in any way...

        • Larry

          They aren't positive when there is nothing to be positive about, mark my words, Cedar Lakes will not be able to stay in business, at least in the business it is currently in, if it is not funded by taxpayers, period!

  • Gary Keiffer

    They need signs off interstate 77 exits Ripley and Fairplain. They could have flea markets on weekends. Maybe a indoor shooting range. How about a Chuck Yeager WW II Museum. How about putting out a Cedar Lakes Lottery ticket before it leaves state control. People could win money and trips to Cedar Lakes. Theirs also Bingo. Selling trays of food and those great homemade rolls during the holidays. Keep that great Christmas light show going.