CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Governor’s Commission on Military Spousal Licensure has turned in recommendations to address license portability issues.

“One of the challenges facing military families is the frequency with which service members are required to relocate across state lines,” said Governor Earl Ray Tomblin stated in a release Tuesday.

Those recommendations were turned into Governor Tomblin and First Lady Joanne Jaeger Tomblin Tuesday.

The recommendations outlined ways to better assist military families in navigating the professional licensure and certification requirements upon being assigned to West Virginia.

The Commission’s main recommendation is to provide for temporary licensure options for military spouses, with possible fee waivers for applications, so military spouses can begin working in West Virginia within a month of applying for a license, while going through the normal process to obtain a permanent state license.

“Although the State of West Virginia maintains licensing and certification requirements to ensure the safety of our citizens, we must make it our duty to help ensure our military spouses are supported in every way possible,” said Tomblin. “I’d like to thank the members of the Commission for their time and hard work throughout the past several months as well their commitment to finding new ways to support our military spouses. I look forward to reviewing their recommendations.”

Currently 17 states already have laws on the books to help military spouses get their necessary licenses as quickly as possible. West Virginia is not one of them.

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  • jm

    This does not make a lot of sense......not many of these transfers to wv even occur.

  • Woodchuck

    What about me getting my temporary license. My wife had to move here so I should qualify also.

    Oh sorry that is not politically beneficial.

  • DWL

    Soon, cousin Earl Ray won't have to worry about this issue as the fools in the Dysfunctional Capital are taking giant leaps toward the destruction of the military. Why volunteer to have their pensions played with?

  • Polly the Pundit

    Does their license lapse or expire once they move again, or do they retain that license forever?