MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia coach Bob Huggins says the door hasn’t completely shut on junior college transfer Jonathan Holton playing this season.

“No, I don’t think it’s final,” Huggins said Tuesday night while visiting with the crew on MetroNews “Statewide Sportsline.”

During preseason practice in early October, Huggins said Holton would redshirt if his eligibility issues weren’t cleared up by a reasonable juncture. With West Virginia wrapping up fall semester finals, Huggins said he is still awaiting word on whether the 6-foot-7 forward—who has been practicing with the team—receives academic clearance to play.

The Mountaineers (8-4) have two nonconference games remaining—against Purdue on Sunday and William & Mary on Dec. 29—before beginning the 18-game Big 12 schedule. At what point does it become too late for Holton to join the playing rotation?

“I think that’s something that we certainly have to evaluate,” Huggins said. “And I think we have to evaluate not just how it affects our team, but how it affects Jonathan and his future.

“I think right now, if he were able to, he’d still be able to conceivably play 25 games.”

A former Atlantic 10 all-rookie selection at Rhode Island, Holton averaged 17.5 points and 14.1 rebounds at Palm Beach (Fla.) State Community College last season and presumably would provide a rebounding and inside scoring boost for WVU.

On Oct. 18 the Dominion Post in Morgantown reported Holton had enrolled at WVU without graduating at Palm Beach State. Under the NCAA’s 4-2-4 rule, a player who begins at a four-year program and transfers to a two-year institution must graduate from the junior college before becoming eligible at another four-year school.

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  • tw eagle

    does Holton become eligible for athletics if he completes a semester satisfactorily at WVU ? if he couldn't finish at pbs and graduate , how many tutors will it take to carry him through classes at WVU ? I would have thought the aim of athletics at the university level was to aid personal growth through competition and provide young men and women with the opportunity to gain a college degree in exchange for their participation in sports . . . WVU should NEVER be the home for miscreants who need to be rehabbed for personal or antisocial behaviors . . .we as a nation are 60 years beyond forced integration . . . plenty of time for those excluded to have learned how to comport themselves in society . . . there are no mitigating circumstances anymore (other than age-under16) to give an individual another "bite" at the apple . . . WVU should be higher on the hill - not having societies rejects wind up in Morgantown - like crap rolling down hill . . .

  • madhatter

    reality is reality,,,,we do have a few good recruits, my mistake ,,in fact they look pretty darn good, and with time, will become ok players,,, but holton,,, give me a break,,this is a sicko,,,put that crap on the internet,,, what ,,two felony charges,, and Mason, bless his heart, he needs to head to div 2 where he can handle life and BB... He's already been arrested in morgantown, come on man,,,we can do better than this and at 3 million per yr. i can do better.

    • Mister Man

      That way they wouldn't play against Marshall, right?

  • William

    Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins is a piece of work!
    He has been a big failure at WVU
    Look at the record the last 6 years, its been going down hill very fast.
    But wait, WVU fans eat-it-up when they play CUP-CAKE non conf. games and win, then think their a great team.
    Huggins has not beat any top teams the past 2 years!
    How long will it be till WVU beats a good team?
    So sad WVU must schedule terrible just to pad the win column.
    Look at the home attendance -
    down, down, down
    Huggins has taken WVU to a all time low!

    • Mister Man

      Not proud of the win over lowly Marshall.

    • Allen

      William mad his herd lost to WVU again. Oh well there is always next year little fellow.

    • Hesa Duffuss

      Well since you exist in an "All time Low" you would be the expert on that.

      I hear mom calling willie, you had better sign off the computer and go back upstairs, she may want you to take the trash out and check the mail box for the government check so you can go to the bar

    • patrick

      this one of the most foolish posts i have ever read. Huggins has done better than any coach that didnt have jerry west in his lineup. You either dont know wvu bb or bb in general.....or both. I hope huggs laughs fools like you off....i wish guys like you would shut bad season, and you guys call for for blood. Huggins is a bb legend, and we are LUCKY to have him!!!!

    • Alum

      Lil' billy is a 40 year old idiot that lives in his mommy's basement.

      Ignore him.

  • madhatter

    i simply don't understand why huggins ins't getting better recruits.
    seems the new practice facility that donors shelled out millions for, is just another building to house mops , brooms and cleaning equip....I mean, as Arlo used to say, this cost 24 million big ones, and we get felons and academic disqualified recruits.

    now what's the bottom line,,,poor facilities, no,,, poor academics at wvu , no,,,,,location,, no,,,,,,,coaching,,hummm.. reputation,, hummmmm/
    someone at wvu needs to take a long look at this situation,,,having what huggins calls the best practice facility in the nation, and we can't get clean cut ,good student athletes to come to wvu....please, Luck,,, this is on you,, you gave huggie thelong term contract,,, he's your baby,

    • Rock Solid

      @madhatter: Why would you want a son to go to a school where all the coach knows is screaming and berating his players if they burp at a time the coach didn't like. Why would you let your son play for Huggins when they could go to Duke or Michigan and play for someone who teaches like John Beilien and actually has control of his blood pressure? All Huggins does is yell, yell, yell at the players the referees, and the world overall. Huggs lives in the past, because he sure can't recruit very many kids who have any quality offers from anywhere else!

      • Hesa Duffuss

        Hey Rock Solid

        Of course we have to admit that Tom Izzo at Michigan State SCREAMS and YELLS at players and refs all game long and he has won a National Championship and been to 6 or so final fours

      • Rock Solid

        Why do you amateurs at Metro news hold a blog like the one from Rock Solid which isn't one bit raunchy for moderation for almost 24 hours when I see postings from females which are answered with leud comments from male antaganizers, talking about sexual acts which are just plain crude. If you can't do better, go flip burgers, if you are even qulified for that. Maybe money wasn't the only reason WVU left Sportsline. You are very lucky you are in such a poor state where you don't have any competition or you would surely be only reading the grain report on futures in Kansas!

    • Allen

      Have you watch the team? Oh wait you are madhatter. I understand now. You are a little green.

    • J the C

      madhatter, you're an imbecile!

      • madhatter

        either you're huggins or his mother

        • Barry

          Did you notice that none of these "Huggins' Sucks" have a counter argument. It's always the same stuff, attack those who have a different view than your own.

      • Mister Man

        Actually, imbecile would be high praise.

      • madhatter

        truth hurts doesn't it..

      • Hesa Duffuss

        The Huntington retard has yet another pen name. Now he posts and answers himself as Big Larry, Larry, Richard, Big Tom and now "madhatter"

        That is an incredible amount of typing coming off that old laptop out of moms basement in downtown Huntington.

        Go Herd!!

        • Alum

          You forgot William in your list.

  • Rambling Wreck

    When a coaching staff is desparate, and recruits a very low caliber character person such as this, there will always be problems. The problem is that when the team travels, Holton cannot leave the State under his rules of probation. That ankle braclet he wears sure would look silly in a basketball uniform.

    • Mister Man

      That's funny, Wreck.

  • Gandyman

    William I get the feeling that you are that type of backward thinking, boy everything was great when Gale "Leather Coat" Catlett and Don "By Golly Gee" Nehlen were calling the shots.

  • DWL

    That's a sobering thought. Especially from Huggins.

  • DWM

    On another subject, what a fun team this is to watch. What I like most is the team work and the desire to be better. This is a team that will have a chance to be good by the end of theyear.

  • madhatter

    he certainly knows his potential more than i do, and maybe it would be worth it, but my guess and feelings are to just redshirt him and have two full yrs. giving him all that time to adjust and learn huggin's way.

    i really think this season will be a throw away season justl ike last yr. we're just not big enough to compete in the big 12,,, why hasn't huggie figured this out,, he coached there for a yr, didn't any of it sink in?

  • matt

    lol to yogi wahoo..that was hilarious yogi wahoo..I seen Holton during blue gold bball game..He seemed like a natural leader to me and would be a great addition if we get him back this year...Everyone deserves a second chance for just doing something stupid..Im sure the boy has learned through getting kicked off team he was on and legal troubles not to act so careless..

  • polarbear

    I think Big Larry and William are really Allan. That way metronews gets more comments

    • Greg

      Someone outed Big Larry a couple of weeks ago. His real name is Lawrence something and he posts from his Facebook account on the Chas Gazette sites all the time. He has a picture of Indiana Jones as himself on his account. That being said, you can rule out Allan.

    • Joe


      So are 'we' feeling today?!

  • Big Larry

    Here we go again.....

  • Ducks In A Row

    Off topic here, I know. Thoughts on the Terence Garvin block on punter Kevin Huber?

    "A punter is a defenseless player."
    Ian Rapoport, NFL Insider

    1. He was wearing the same armor as all the other players. 2. He was sprinting toward the ball carrier in an attempt to make the tackle. 3. If not blocked, he has an uncontested opportunity to make the tackle.

    My Take: It ain't table tennis. It's a football game gentleman, prepare to defend thyselves!

    • Darren

      NFL rules protect all players from hits to the helmet. If that isn't enough, punters are always considered defenseless (like QBs) unless they are the ball carrier. The hit was clearly illegal by all of these standards.

      • tw eagle

        punters are not to be hit while in the motion of kicking the ball away , after the kick they are a defender with responsibility for stopping the runner . . .if they don't want to be blocked , lay dead on the ground or run to the sidelines and hide . . . if the punter does either of the last two options , he won't have a job the next week . . . whoever thinks any player is off limits from getting hit needs to start soliciting the ncaa & nfl to stop tackling and start playing "flag" football . . . this way even women can play without fear of getting hurt . . .

      • Mark

        You better take a second look at the film

      • Mike

        You're mistaken. A kicker/ punter is only a defenseless player while in the act of kicking. Once the ball has been caught and play has been established the become just another player on the field. Subject to the same rules and legal hits as any player on the field. Also the defenseless player exemption is void if the kick is blocked. You are correct in regards to hits to the helmet no matter what it is illegal.

    • wvrefugee

      Terence made a block on a would-be tackler. If he hadn't, the play goes no where!

      Great play by a great Mountaineer!

  • Little Bill

    Frank he will be better he is just frustrated over what happened to his boys last Saturday in the Civic Center. His frustration in the color GREEN will make you see Blue&Gold. Holton shouldn't play but he can't wait for his boy Pittman to return. Encourage him to post, he is the face of Marshall. They're all that way. They have nothing to root for just something to root against. WE ARE MARSHALL!!!! That's who they are!

  • William

    He should never wear a WVU uniform.
    This is not a guy I would want to go watch play.
    The more "Sweatsuit" Huggins recruits, the more I dislike WVU basketball!

    • justin

      William since you know everything which coaches should wvu hire?

      • William

        That easy! - Hire any coach that has GREAT CHARACTER AND CLASS, then you will get better players to play for WVU!

        • Hesa Duffus

          So that rules out you or anyone associated with your low rent ass

    • james hicks

      William you would watch any player on WV team all day just hoping he would make a mistake so you would have something bad to say. It reminds me of Fox hunting for anything to say bad about Obama. Never hear you talk about the week teams the Herd plays. During the games WV played Marshall in football how many times did your team win? WV won even the years they were not to good.

    • Hesa Duffuss

      Remember if it gets to bad you can always run your moms car into a brick wall in Huntington or better still step in front of a moving semi.

      That would leave more air for folks that deserve to be breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • rob

        I don't know why ""we" give "him, them, or whatever it is" the satisfaction of having Mountaineer fans respond to his pitiful posts at all! Ignore him....them...!!!! That's the only thing that gets him off!! IGNORE!!

    • Steve

      William and big Larry are Marshall trolls. They are jealous of the fact that bob Huggins lead WVU to 5 NCAA tourneys in 6 years including a trip to the sweet 16 and Final Four.

      Then again they would be jealous of any school that has won an NCAA tourney game! Yes that's right their favorite team Marshall has never win an NCAA tourney game....Ever!

      William and big Larry are as pathetic as the school they are big fans of.

      They are Marshall

    • J the C

      Good! Let's hope that never changes. Now if you would only shut up!

    • dan

      good then don't watch them because i'm sure they could care less if you watch them and for someone that says he doesn't like them you sure talk about them alot

    • Graywv

      Boy! I sure hope they can play him just so you won't watch them play anymore and hopefully we don't have to read your anti-WVU rants!

    • wvrefugee

      While I'm not with William, I do think we need to cut our losses here and move on with Holton AND Macon! Team chemistry is everything. We have great chemistry now. Like Murray, he'll screw it up!

      • Aaron

        How do you know that? He's been practicing with the team all fall thus he's part of the team.

        • Barry

          Didn't Murray practice with the team for a year before he could play in games too?

    • Yogi Wahoo

      William you poor misguided Gomer, did you have to sneak out of the basement to "play" on the computer again? Grab a couple of your mom's cookies and go back downstairs, remember Santa is watching, so be a good boy.

    • Grant

      I get the impression you either don't watch WVU basketball anyway or that you are always cheering for the other team. So what does it matter to you?

    • Joe

      Your obsession with Coach Huggin's clothes is really creepy.

      • Greg

        Ain't that the truth! Sounds like a restraining order is in WILLIAM's future. If not already.

    • Frank

      Right back at you William,ya never have anything nice to say, Here's an idea quit posting, nobody want's to hear grumblings anyway, except for other Marsha fans,all two of them