Northeast Oklahoma A&M

Junior college cornerback Keishawn Richardson chose WVU over Wisconsn and Iowa State on Wednesday.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia, capitalizing on a late push, flipped Keishawn Richardson away from Wisconsin and landed a commitment from the Northeast Oklahoma A&M College cornerback on Wednesday—the first day Class of 2014 junior college prospects could sign with four-year schools.

A 5-foot-11, 185-pounder sophomore, Richardson told Rivals in November that Wisconsin was his leader, and as recently as last week several recruiting services still considered him Madison-bound. But with Richardson squeezed in a visit to West Virginia last weekend and changed his mind.

The two-star prospect also holds offers from Iowa State, Nebraska, Arizona State, Texas Tech, TCU, Indiana, Utah State and Memphis.

“He was pegged as a Wisconsin commitment until the Mountaineers were able to secure a late visit and pull him away,” said Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings of “Richardson is a physical cover cornerback—he has the ability to be physical at the line and displays great cover skills.

“He will have two years of eligibility at WVU and should compete for immediate playing time.”

Late Wednesday afternoon, West Virginia confirmed receiving Richardson’s signed letter of intent, as well as the LOIs from three other midyear enrollees—Riverside (Calif.) City College quarterback Skylar Howard, Coahoma (Miss.) Community College offensive lineman Sylvester Townes and Copiah-Lincoln (Miss.) Community College linebacker Edward Muldrow.

Richardson becomes the sixth junior college commitment for West Virginia’s 2014 class, which follows the Mountaineers signing nine in 2013. Among Richardson’s sophomore highlight reel are his special-teams contributions.

WVU now has 19 commitments overall for 2014, including eight on the defensive side.

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  • Mark

    For all of the star counting Mountaineer fans(?), why not take a look at the other schools that are recruting these kids as a better measure? When I look at see Wisconsin, Arizona State, Florida, etc...recruiting a kid, I get the feeling they have talent beyond a star.

    • GoEers

      Agreed! I look at the other schools WVU beat out before looking at stars.

    • Patrick

      Agree 100%. The offers mean more the the stars, especially when there are 4 major recruiting sites that have him ranked differently. Stop playing into the emotions of your audience and leave the subjective stuff out of your articles. It goes against the ethics of journalism. Or at least stop being biased towards the Rivals rankings and include Scout, ESPN, and 247Sports rankings as well.

  • Patrick

    Like how you always throw the stars in your articles to get a little drama out of the comments section, Allan. Leave the stars out of it..they mean nothing. And for the people that do make a big deal out of them, this kid is a high 3* on two of the more respected recruiting sites.

  • #WV

    Sweet...another 2 star recruit to save the defense......(sense the sarcasm)......

  • Protechcpa

    Glad to have him aboard. Regarding his opportunity to compete for playing time, when you look at our defense, there are probably some kids coming out of middle school who could compete with our players. Rumor has it that Cato has completed his degree early at Marshall and wants to play on a bigger stage next year. He has supposedly expressed his interest in coming to WVU next year. Would be hard to turn him away. And I hate Marshall. Loved that movie, though.

  • Mike

    Keep those 2 stars coming.

  • jwg66

    The JUCO players can help to spread out the classes. Don't know if anyone has noticed but quite a few recruits from the last 2-3 classes have either transferred or dropped from the program. It is also good to have the early signatures. This helps solidify who is really going to join the team and will let the coaches focus on the other positions of need. These days, with attrition, many high school players also only play for a year or two anyway. So I don't see alot of difference.

    • Charles

      It was not recruits from the last 2 or 3 classes. It wAs the recruits from 3 to 4 years ago. That would be your jr and sr classes. The previous coach never signed more than 20. So that left each class short 5. Then several of those short classes kids never qualified. Left us wAy short on upperclassmen.

    • Jtj

      Must be Stews fault

  • Ut Oh

    Just checked WVU not only school to sign JC talent! Alabama just signed two (they are four stars) recruits as of 12-18-2013. Guess that just goes to show JC talent can benefit even the better programs out there... Can you hear me?

  • Matt

    Ummmm, not too many five star recruits are going to come to the mountain state.

    • Mister Man

      Right. But, the four stars are going to WVU. That's ok. How about Marshall recruits?

  • John weaver

    Anyone else concerned with the recruiting approach of getting 15 or more junior college players in two years? Take Alford as an example, he started to excel late this year and next year I expect he will do very well but then will be gone. I would rather have freshman who start three or four years than jc players who often take a year to adjust then only one year to really contribute. I recognize that this might mean the team needs to rebuild for a year or two with freshmen and sophomores, but this is what is happening with juniors and seniors which means more rebuilding after next year.

    • GoEers

      The numbers were down from when Holgs took over. Some of that had to do with scholarship reductions from minor NCAA violations from previous coaching staffs. They need to take jucos in order to fill in the gaps.

    • Troll

      That's what we are trying to do now is rebuild and it's sounding like a pretty good mix of juco's and high school kids. This takes some of the pressure off the freshmen and sophomores and allows more time to develope. Once the number of players and depth catch up you won't need as many juco's . Not wanting to open this can of worms again but our numbers were down and this staff has had to do what they can to get them up. Seems that recruiting is going pretty good this year hopefully better days ahead.

      • Alum

        You are absolutely correct on your point about the numbers being down.

  • Chef Camille

    I heard it was Jeff Casteel.

    • hailey

      who baked me a cake?

  • Allan Taylor

    AFTERNOON UPDATE: At 5:30 p.m., West Virginia verified the LOIs from all four junior college midyear signees have arrived. The story now reflects that.

    • GoEers

      thank you for the recruiting info.

  • Mister Man

    Welcome Keishawn.

  • Terri

    I read it was Mitchell and Patterson who recruited him. Sounds like a great pick up.

  • j

    Seems like an extremely solid 2 star to have those type of offers

  • Charleston,WV

    Does anyone know who recruited him? Tony Gibson I am assuming?

    • Mtneer in Ohio

      Mitchell. Kid said Mitchell made almost weekly trips to visit him. Needed depth in our secondary for sure.

      • Truthteller

        Glad to see another Mountaineer fan in Ohio. That is a rare thing. I also live in Ohio as well. I am proud to say I am not from Ohio. I am born and raised in WV. Man I really don't like the classless Ohio State fans here. Most of them don't even know where WV is. I hope WVU gets back to the big stage very soon.
        Merry Christmas to all you Mountaineers fans!! LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!

        • Mike

          Just moved from Parkersburg WV to the west side of Columbus.

        • PC in CLE

          Add another WV transplant in Ohio. Like the state, hate the Buckeye Fans - should have buried them in the 2008(9?) BCS Championship game - instead LSU got the honors.

    • Charles