BECKLEY, W.Va. — More than a dozen employees at Raleigh General Hospital┬áhave been laid off.

Officials at the Beckley hospital announced Tuesday that 14 positions have been eliminated.

The positions were primarily non-patient care responsibilities, according to a release Tuesday.

In addition to the eliminated positions, several other positions that were vacant will not be filled in the near future. The release also stated┬áthat the hospital would not utilize employees in PRN or “as needed” positions on a regular, full time basis.

RGH President and CEO David Darden cited the ongoing challenging economic environment as the reason for the layoffs. He states the decision was hard but necessary.

“Our goal in impacting these positions is to provide the best opportunity for our full time and part-time employees to work consistent hours on a regular basis, thereby providing them with a more secure financial environment,” Darden stated in the release.

Those impacted by the plan will receive the maximum amount of financial assistance that the hospital’s policy will allow.

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  • debbie

    This is how they touch lives. Why not the ceo dave darden & kevin mcgraw take pay cuts. RGH cannot keep physicians or employees. Sounds like the "top brass" needs eliminated. I have been a patient there, trust me you are forgotten once you are in the room

    • Red Dwarf

      Debbie, there are many layers of people between you and the CEO and many points of failure. Ever consider your lack of attention is rooted somewhere lower than the CEO, or do you expect Dave and Kevin to visit you personally??