CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Fewer West Virginians are currently unemployed.

WorkForce West Virginia reported Tuesday that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined slightly to 6.1 percent in November.

The number of West Virginians without a jobĀ fell
1,400 in November to 48,200.

Total non-farm payroll employment increased 500 in November, with gains of 500 in the service-providing sector and no change in the goods-producing sector.

Within the goods-producing sector, mining and logging had the highest job increase with 500 and construction had the largest decrease with 600 jobs.

Within the service-providing sector, the highest employment gain was 700 in financial activities and the largest job loss was 800 in leisure and hospitality.

The national unemployment rate decreased three-tenths of a percentage point to 7 percentĀ in November.

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  • meltzen

    Mike,,,dont be fooled - Unemployment numbers are down because they do not calculate the people who have stopped looking for work. Fewer people looking for work + fewer jobs will make the unemployment number look like its reality there are less jobs available than when Obama entered office. His policies are to blame. Home construction may be coming a bit but is no where close to where it was thriving years ago....the stock market is up for the sole reason the Feds keep pumping money into it. (quanatative easing) Feds are just printing money (now they are just digitalizing the currency and just adding zeros to their accounts...its a house of cards....these are just a dog and pony show to make it feel like everything is back to normal but in reality....there are no real private investment in the stock market...people from the private sector are not out buying stocks or investing in construction. Many people are being laid off and some only are getting part time many people are just trying to survive....and we will see it get worse this coming year as the mandates that were delayed will go in affect and more people will lose insurance and money. Please get informed.

    • Mike

      Meltzen, please turn your channel, you're beginning to sound like Sean Hannity and the rest of the Faux news spinners. You sound like a parrot. Want a cracker?

  • Mike

    Gee. Unemployment down. Gas Prices down. Home construction up. Stock market up. Must be Obama's fault.

  • meltzen

    Fewer People looking for work + fewer jobs = lower unemployment

  • bubba

    With Raleigh General Hospital's "layoff" the unemployment numbers will go back up. The place where patients don't receive good care, where staff doesn't feel secure, & where doctors are supposed to be puppets to the ceo. You can bet he didnt get decrease in his pay.