WASHINGTON, D.C. — A subsidiary of Chesapeake Energy has agreed to pay millions of dollars to restore 27 sites in West Virginia damaged by work that didn’t have the proper federal permits.

The federal EPA announced Thursday Chesapeake Appalachia LLC will spend $6.5 million to restore sites in Boone, Kanawha, Lewis, Marshall, Mingo, Preston, Upshur and Wetzel counties where fill material was dumped into streams and wetlands. The company will also pay a $3.2 million dollar fine for violating the federal Clean Water Act.

The EPA said 16 of the sites involved fracking used in the drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale.

Under the settlement Chesapeake will fully restore the wetlands and streams where feasible and monitor the restored sites for up to 10 years.

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  • Gilbert Gnarley

    West Virginia: Open For Frackin' and Crackin'.

    Hey Gov: what's the latest on that huge half-billion, stop-the-presses fracker? Hmmm......been kinda quiet since the Grand Announcement.

  • Johnny

    Sadly another bad part is that the millions of $$$ paid will probably be recouped by passing it on to the customer. It will be for "preventative maintenance" or something like that. We will end up paying for it over a few years

  • Dave

    Sad thing is for every violation they discover, there's probably 10 they don't. Face it, when this fracking is done, our water is going to be ruined.

  • winston

    I am just saying the EPA will sink us before Chesapeake I love the state of WV I have planted 25000 trees in my life I have no way of knowing what CHK did if is was bad through the book at them but I don't trust the EPA the EPA can call a mud puddle wetland

  • winston

    the one sweet spot for the USA is the oil and gas exploration the EPA and Obama can't stand anything good for the USA the EPA thinks rain water is a pollutant. oil w jump on Chesapeake and remember when the EPA comes after you.

    • Harpers Ferry

      So...you're saying that companies like Chesapeake should be able whatever they want, when they want, in the streams and rivers of WV? That the EPA is wrong for holding companies like Chesapeake accountable for their actions? Well, that's certainly a different point of view, to say the least. You must not have any kids and/or have no regard for your own health.


    Ive worked in the oilfield for 10 years, and scum like this give the rest of us hard working oilfield workers, who do our job right and safely for the enviroment and the people, a bad reputation. Chesapeake is a joke they put a shop in Buckhannon Wv and Jane Lew Wv and then close everything and move it to Ohio and the northren panhandle way to go chesapeake thanks for caring for the enviroment and your employees, or should i say way to go to care more about your bank account.

  • Brian

    Chesapeake is probably the most unethical production company in the industry. I'm a landman, and I'd rather be unemployed than work for those mf.

    • thornton

      "Landman"....those folks do not possess the most sterling of reputations. Best clean up one's own group....first.

      As far as moving shops...reckon that some individuals lost out in the process and are disgruntled. Plus, 10 years experience is nothing.

      Hydraulic fracturing will not harm the drinking water aquifers. Obtaining water or disposing of water...might.

      Best to hold these folk's feet to the regulatory fire w/o the bad info, hatred, ignorance and jealousy which so often colors any posted view. Grow up...leave the high school level of understanding and actions behind.