ELKINS, W.Va. — A former branch manager for Huntington Bank could spend more than three years in prison for taking almost $250,000 from accounts belonging to elderly customers.

Deborah D. Radcliff, 51, of Weston, will report to federal prison in February.

Between July 2011 and November 2012, while serving as branch manager for Huntington Bank in Weston, investigators said Radcliff used her position to issue or direct to be issued cashier’s checks from funds withdrawn from customer accounts issued in the name of the customer.

According to the charges against her, Radcliff would then take the cashier’s checks, forge the name of the depositor and cash the checks for herself.

In addition to the 37 month prison sentence, Radcliff has also been ordered to repay her victims who, federal prosecutors said, Radcliff had specifically selected because of their ages.  The ages of the victims ranged from 56 to 90, but only one was under the age of 64.

“Radcliff preyed upon her most vulnerable customers at the bank in order to line her own pockets,” said Bill Ihlenfeld, U.S. Attorney for West Virginia’s Northern District.

“Anyone who targets the elderly in a scheme like this deserves a significant punishment like the one imposed by the court.”

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  • CaptainQ

    It's really, really sad when your money's not even safe in a bank anymore.......

    • Hailey

      The money is safe, the customers did not lose a penny all money was reimbursed ...the bank lost the funds to a criminal they employed and then they prosecuted the criminal

      • Mary Olly

        Not all the money was recovered. There are elderly folks in Weston that have yet to find out they were robbed. Deborah had help stealing the money. Deborah is related to a bunch of thieves. They need to start with her relatives in Jackson Mill. Deborahs sister in law had a hand in this and as of yet is still free. Look also into Agnese sister Mellissa Henline who when she worked at Dairy Mart embezzled money though lottery and got away scott free with Agnese's and Randys help. It never stops with that family.

  • Kelly

    What a waste of blood.