MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Culminating a month of rapid recruitment that he labeled “so surreal,” junior college quarterback Skyler Howard signed his letter of intent with West Virginia on Wednesday.

Howard was among four junior college players who signed with WVU as midyear enrollees, joining linebacker Edward Muldrow, offensive lineman Sylvester Townes and cornerback Keishawn Richardson.

“I’m ecstatic. I’m ready,” said Howard, who threw for 3,151 yards and 33 touchdowns in leading Riverside (Calif.) City College to a 10-2 record this fall. He ranked as’s fourth-ranked dual-threat quarterback nationally after running for 343 yards and five touchdowns.

Listed at either 6-foot tall or 5-11 by various sources, Howard doesn’t posses prototypical height, but his production in the spread attack led WVU offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson to extend Howard his first FBS offer last month. San Diego State and New Mexico State followed with offers, while Utah and Cal began showing interest also.

“(WVU’s offer) got the recruiting process on fire,” Howard said. “My phone started blowing up from all these different coaches. Just because West Virginia had offered me, they wanted to see what I had.”

Though Howard was an all-district player at Fort Worth-Brewer in 2012 and on pace to graduate early, he received scant attention coming out of high school. The lone phone calls came from Austin College, a Division III in Sherman, Texas.

“That was pretty much all I had,” Howard said. “Not to bash Austin College or the D-III level, but I knew I could play above that level.”

After spending a spring semester as a walk-on at Stephen F. Austin, where he was moved to running back, Howard began researching junior college programs in hopes of playing quarterback. Several personal connections led him to Riverside, where he won the starting job, put up big numbers and suddenly became a Division I prospect.

The last month has just been surreal,” he said. “I can’t step into a better situation, with me being from Texas and playing in the Big 12. I grew up watching the Big 12, so to be playing in it is a dream come true to me.”

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  • Champion ships

    WVU maybe do better now

  • Magic Mike

    WVU needs to fire Holgerson and hire Holliday.

  • Magic Mike

    Doc Holliday for coach.

  • Harpers Ferry

    The reliance on JC transfers shows how bad Dana is at recruiting.

  • Hesa Duffuss

    There was a lengthy article in todays Gazzette titled "Analysis: What happens now at QB for WVU?"

    This story is worth a read and really covers all possible angles of how the quarterback situation will play out in 2014.......Oh and sorry Grandpa but there is NO mention of Gregory McPherson, he is NOT a factor at Quarterback for West Virginia.

  • Big Larry

    Out of 6 quarterbacks on the roster next year, which one will rise above the cream and become the next leader of Holgorsen's "Air Afraid" offense?

    The last time I checked, they only allow one QB on the field at a time...

  • Barrett

    Good coaches take what they have and coach them up..........6 QB's???? what an idiot.

  • madhatter

    we certainly are grasping at straws, it shows the desperation dana is feeling and the pressure to produce.
    this 2014 will represent his recruits basically... it will show us how well a recruiter he is and judgement of talent.
    I sincerely believe we have very good assistants, and good recruiters..whether dana can be a leader remains to be seen.. Yes going into the big 12 is a huge step, just has TCU who is right in the center of a hotbed of football talent and they still have struggled.
    So it isn't just us,, and Kansas and iowa st. have struggled..I don't know if we will ever climb out of the bottom half it's just hard to recruit to morgantown, which has cold winters and all those good southern players want to stay where it's warm,,;

    • Will

      If cold weather keeps them away a domed stadium won't help. I hope that was sarcastic. They still have to live here for the 4-6 months it's relatively cold and there are usually only 1 or 2 games played in true cold weather in late November.

  • WVU_93

    We just need the right QB to bring it all together, maybe he just agreed to come to Morgantown. Can't wait for spring so we can find out.

  • tw eagle

    Sounds like WVU has found a player with the drive, desire , and motivation to succeed as a prior dual threat QB at WVU . . . bigger , but probably not as fast or quick , I feel he'll do just fine in Old Gold & Blue . . .

    Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !

  • kim

    hop'sHip....HOW RUDE CAN YOU BE? pretty rude i would say. i bet you're just a perfect specimen of body!!! as a woman, you are the type who make me sick. i wouldn't give you a second or 3rd look!!! lol, not even a first look. pig.

    • Hop'sHip

      Kim, Besides being rude, I admit to being fat, and old to boot. So I don't expect that second or third look, but couldn't you at least give me that first look, even if it is a look of disgust? Actually I'm a big fan of GH. I may be one of the longest ongoing subscribers to the B&G News. My comment was an attempt at humor that apparently failed. So add unfunny to my profile, too. Mea culpa.

  • Mountaineer fanatic


  • chad

    Hope your good dude, we need ya

  • Deacon

    He's not just a game changer.......He's a season/program changer, if he is true to the tape. Couldn't have arrived at a better time for the program. I guess you could say he's the missing link. If he was here a year ago, this past season could have suprised all of us! Let's Gooo Mountaineers!!! August can't get here quick enough!

  • Stan

    I believe his name was misspelled on this article. I think it's Skyler with an e not a. You may want to check on that for future articles.