CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Lottery revenues are down $44 million through November compared to the revenue fromĀ a year ago.

The state Lottery Commission received the November financial report at its meeting Thursday in Charleston.

Last year at the time the Lottery had brought in $558.1 million for the first five months of the fiscal year but this year the revenue number has dropped to $514.1 million. November’s revenue was off the previous year’s mark in nearly all revenue categories.

Lottery officials believe out-of-state gambling competition has hurt the most with new casinos opening in Ohio and Maryland.

Racetrack Video Lottery has shown the most significant drop this fiscal year where revenues are down about $23 million.

The state budget heavily depends on lottery revenues.


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  • Mr.P

    Its because the lottery has broke a lot of people.

  • David Kennedy

    In order for gambling to work anywhere, people need jobs and disposable income.
    It's cause and effect.
    If you want the gambling money, create some jobs.
    Sidebar comment:
    Much of the gambling money comes from our 'old fogies on retirement who love to hear the whistles and bells.
    They are dying off.

  • Rodney

    Gambling has broke the poor people of wv the only one making money is the state.

  • Joe

    Completely agree, Cap.

  • blugldmn

    This will be a painful addiction to get off of ...