BELLE, W.Va. – Everyone in town is wondering who the winner is. But so far the person who’s holding the $1 million Mega Millions ticket purchased in Belle at the 7-Eleven hasn’t come forward.

Employees at the Kanawha County store say they sold about $1,500 worth of Mega Millions tickets Tuesday, most of them to local residents. However, they did have a few “out-of-towners.” Their money is on someone in the community holding the winning numbers, all five, except for the Mega Ball.

Beverly Gray of Belle stopped by the store Thursday to fill up her tires. She confirmed she is not the winner.

“I bought mine in Witcher. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy it in Belle,” she sighed.

There were 20 $1 million winners across the U.S. on top of the two tickets sold with all six numbers correct. One was purchased in Georgia, the other in California.

The West Virginia Lottery has handed out several $1 million prizes in 2013 for Mega Millions and Powerball.


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