CHARLESTON, W.Va. – You may need to jingle all the way to the mall, shopping center or online, as quickly as possible.

This is the last weekend before Christmas. That means everyone from your mom to your uncle to your long lost cousin three times removed will be trying to get the best deals possible.

Lisa McCracken, the marketing director at the Town Center Mall in Charleston, is predicting big crowds.  “This is it! Game on,” said McCracken.

Whether you do your shopping at a mall, a big box store or a locally owned business, Bridget Lambert with the West Virginia Retailer’s Association said there’s still plenty of gifts to fill those stockings.

“Shopping has been very brisk this season and there are still a lot of deals to be had,” she stressed.

There are added bonuses to shopping late like longer hours, free shipping and last minute bargains.

It may seem like Christmas has come on a little fast this year, and in fact, it has. It’s the way the calendar just happened to fall.

“It’s a result of this shortened shopping season that we’ve had in 2013,” explained Lambert. “We had one less week to shop between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day this year and I think it’s put a little bit of pressure on consumers and retailers alike.”

McCracken said a lot of people will be making up for it this weekend and the weather will play a big part. Good news is we’re not expecting even one snowflake to fall.

“We are going to get a lot of rain, which for a shopping center that’s indoors, that’s good business for us,” McCracken said.

While some consider the whole shopping process a pain, McCracken has a suggestion to make it more merry.

“Bring the family. Bring your best girlfriend. Bring your best guy. Make a event out of it,” McCracken said.

And, oh, don’t forget your wallet.

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