PRINCETON, W.Va. — U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin said Friday his office is aggressively pursuing those responsible for vandalism at the Islamic Center of the Appalachian Region in Princeton.

Goodwin said in a statement that vandalism at any place of worship “violates our country’s most sacred values.”

Goodwin and the FBI have joined the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department in the probe.

Sheriff’s investigators have said anti-Islamic slurs were spray-painted on the center either Sunday or Monday.


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  • TCeer

    The local papers are saying that's what Goodwin is going for. Why is the FBI involved on a local vandalism case? Editerguy.....learn to read more than one story.....and learn to spell editor:)

  • editerguy

    Learn to read, people. The words "hate crime" do not appear in the story.

    • Beekeeper

      It was on the news last night that the perpetrators would be charged with a hate crime

  • TCeer

    I'll bet the FBI and the AG wouldn't do this if it was a Christian Church that was vandalized. I don't agree with vandalizing anyone's property but they intend to put whoever did this away for a very long time by charging them with a hate crime. We are dangerously close to becoming a totalitarian country. I hope whomever serves on the jury if they catch who done this has the good sense to convict this person or persons of vandalism and make them make restitution for what they done. Convicting anyone of a hate crime over something this petty sets a dangerous precedent.

    • Bill Hill

      Our so called AG, Patrick Morissey, is pandering for votes. He hasn't the courage to investigate wrongdoing in some of the counties by some of their elected officials, but then goes running after some people that vandalized an Islamic Center. You are right if this had been a Christian Church he nor the FBI would raise a finger.

      • Brian

        Not many Muslims in WV. He is not pandering for votes. This will lose him more votes in WV than it will gain him. I would be more inclined to believe he is doing what he thinks is right or is possibly being told by feds to do it.

        • Bill Hill

          You may be right, but, I still think he's pandering to the politically correct crowd. As far as costing him votes, I hope it does. In fact I hope it costs him the next election. So far as I'm concerned he is unfit to hold office.

  • wvajoker

    Because he is riding the FBI coattails. The FBI got involved when the Islams yelled hate crime. Wonder why it is not a hate crime when a church for Christians is vandalized. HMMM!!!

    • Shadow

      Because our pres is a muslim.....

      • Jason412

        Shadow do you really believe that? I know Ive asked you before, but I guess I gave you the benefit of the doubt and thought it was a joke at the time.

    • Brian

      I think they probably would if the vandalism contained anti-Christian slurs. Christianity is the majority religion in the US though and therefore in a position of power relative to other religions. Hate crime laws are really designed to protect minority groups who are considered more vulnerable since they occupy a position of relatively less power.

      • Jason412

        Couldnt have said it better myself, Brian. You make some good reasonable points, sadly most here dont agree with reason.

        With posts like Shadow's constant referencing to Obama being Muslim, you saying something based on facts and reason severely goes against the status quo of metronews.

  • BAC

    Why do you keep giving this guy publicity? He's running for governor.