SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. — An Alabama woman extradited from West Virginia after being charged with concealing the remains of two women while she cashed their Social Security checks is hospitalized with life-threatening conditions.

An Alabama judge released Wanda Kiser, 62, this week, allowing her to be placed in a Birmingham, Ala., hospital on a breathing machine. Her attorney, Richard Jaffe, predicted she may never be well enough to leave the hospital.

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Wanda Faye Kiser, 62, was arrested in West Virginia in August and charged with concealing human remains.

Kiser, who once lived in Nicholas County, allegedly cashed the Social Security checks of Mary Cobb, 105, and her daughter, Wynona Delvecchio, 84, both of Jasper, Ala. The women have not been seen since 2002.

Human remains, believed to be those of the two women, were found in a Summersville storage unit back in August.

While Kiser has been charged with 17 counts of forgery and with concealing the remains of the women believed to be the Cobb and Delvecchio, no one has been charged in their deaths.

Kiser was extradited to Alabama in October. She is currently being treated for pneumonia, diabetes and congestive heart failure, according to media reports.


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  • M. Stotts

    Check out Jim Wanda Kiser's Facebook page. See if the post regarding her need, or not, for the ventilator is still there. Please Wanda, what happened to my Aunt Mary Ellen (Stotts) Cobb and her daughter Wynona? Why didn't you contact her family? Please make our holiday brighter.

  • Reply

    I think her husband should be brought up on charges too!!!! He had to have known what she was doing

    • Barbara

      Oh you know he did !! He was in on it !! Why haven't they arested him ??

  • Harpers Ferry

    Now I know why that hot mama never called me back after our date, she got arrested and caught pneumonia.

  • MT

    thousands of dollars in SSI checks,
    thousands of dollars for procecution ,
    thousands of dollars to keep her in jail,
    thousands of dollars to keep her on a machine,


  • Brian

    A couple months ago she wasn't too sick to pick up the checks and cash them. This is a ploy to get out of jail. She continues to game the system. Looks like she has been collecting food stamps for about 20 people also.

    They ought to put her on a treadmill and dangle a cupcake in front of her.

  • Mr Bullsnip

    Just unhook the machine we don't need her around anyway !

  • Jason412

    Only in WV will someone do more work then a full time job would require to draw a check

    • Wow

      Jason, i believe she is from Alabama, go back to bed.

    • MoeLarryCheese

      Ole Jason is cruelly depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.........

    • rtdeco

      i need the english language version of your comments....thanks..

    • Gilbert Gnarley