CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Time is running out for those who are seeking Jan. 2014 health insurance coverage by the Affordable Care Act. Monday is the deadline to enroll in the exchange to begin receiving coverage on January 1.

“You have to be enrolled by December 23rd and you have to pay your premiums by January 10th,” said Perry Bryant of West Virginians for Affordable Health Care. “They’ll still be able to enroll all the way up to March 31st, 2014. People eligible for Medicaid can enroll anytime.”

Bryant said the website is functioning better these days and more and more are signing up for the coverage. He said selling the program to people is no longer an issue and the main concern now is how to properly enroll.

“Most of the questions we get are, ‘How do I do it?’” he said. “People understand the value of health insurance and they want to get coverage, but they’re not quite sure how.”

Bryant says calling the call center at 1-800-318-2596 or at



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  • Ray

    Mr. P Willis
    Thank you sir for a sensible answer regarding what real people are up against in terms of the health care struggle.

    Mr. Jephre
    Sir do you really want to solve the health care problem or simply try to illustrate the worse case scenario. How about a list of positive solutions to the health care problem. The right had eight years to create something of substance regarding health care, yet they failed. Yes they failed. Even now they have no real solutions; they simply come up with negative comments such as yours. The ACA may well fail, but one thing can certainly be stated, the right will fail to come forward with any real answers. The right has meaningless suggestions such as health care savings accounts or purchasing insurance across state lines.

  • P Wills

    It always seems it is people without health or health care issues that are so quick to say get rid of "ObamaCare." They do not know what it is like to not be able to get health insurance or to get it with riders that make it useless. And remember, everyone pays for those that do not have insurance because we don't want the hospitals to turn them away. Unless of course we just want to say you can go ahead and die because you do not have insurance. I just do not see how this is worse than that.

  • jephre

    The web site was never the primary problem with Obamacare. Soaring premiums, radically higher deductibles and copays, fewer doctors, hospitals opting out of participating, higher taxes for everyone to pay for subsidies, millions of policies cancelled and millions more people losing group coverage next year - those are just the beginning of the problems with this mess.

    • jephre

      And, I forgot to mention the total lack of security on the web site. Yeah, that's something we should all get on board with.

    • Jason412

      Speak for yourself, I'll be saving hundreds a month.

      • wvtd

        union waiver no doubt.

        • Jason412

          Union waiver, no. Common sense and the ability to look thru the plans and not just go by what someone on TV says while complaining about it, yes.

          Ive noticed that 90% of the people I meet complaining about Obamacare ruining they're life really know nothing about it besides what they hear. One guy was telling me how screwed he was I asked him what levels of plans he had looked at he replies "what do you mean different plans? I was told it would be the same plan and price for everyone"

          The biggest failure of Obamacare so far is the lack of education about how the program actually works.

          @Jephre How much time have you spent on

      • Jephre

        Do you like your $5000 deductible?